$16,800 paid out in Big 4 draw last evening

$16,800 paid out in Big 4 draw last evening
Gerald Frederick
Gerald Frederick won over $15,000 in last evening’s draw.

PRESS RELEASE – Big 4 is delivering as promised: many winners, many betting options, more draws, and not forgetting,many convenient locations from which to play.

Last weekend, Big 4 gave some easy scores to some lucky players. Backup, Inline and Pairs bets dominated the winnings on Friday and Saturday. Remember Big 4 is as easy as Lucky 3, just one more digit to play with.

Big 4 is now part of our lunch-time draws. Now you can play at 1:30 p.m. and 9 p.m., same as Lucky 3 and Double Daily Grand.

Double your chances when you play Big 4 twice a day with your next favourite game, Lucky 3.

We told you we would continue to make it exciting for you when we brought you pair bets and first 3/last 3, and now a second draw for Big 4. How cool is that?

The numbers 6-7-2-6 were by all means lucky numbers, at least to those who played it.

Gerald Frederick walked away with $15,400 from last evening’s draw.  You too can be a winner, just purchase your tickets and increase your chances of winning.  SNL we’re changing lives.


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