178 vendors registered in Vendors’ Registration Programme

178 vendors registered in Vendors’ Registration Programme

(PRESS RELEASE) — The Office of the Mayor has officially launched the Vendors’ Registration Programme.

It was preceded by several consultations held in 2017 with merchants from the vendors arcade, provisions and craft markets and roadside traders.

The Vendors’ Registration Programme will provide significant benefits to vendors such as free access to public comfort stations, job letters identifying them as authorized vendors, ID cards, and tent packages for roadside vendors, among other benefits.

So far, 178 vendors have been registered under the programme.

Speaking at the Monday’s ceremony, His Worship, Mayor Peterson D. Francis said: “While faced with several challenges and opposition, we never allowed that to derail us as we seek to better organize and bring meaningful benefits to our vendors.”

“This is only the first phase, as the second phase will see the distribution of tents and umbrellas to improve the presentation on the sidewalks. This Vendors’ Registration Programme can now boast a mechanism to drive your agenda and success forward. It can boast a stronger relationship between you, the CCC and by extension the government. It can boast a renewed comprehensive approach to vending. And it can boast that you are now finally reaping the rewards of your daily taxes. The success of major companies has proven that it starts with you. Your trade, your commitment, your network and your forward thinking,” said Mayor Francis.

Applauding the programme through her endorsement remarks, was Miss Adalia James, executive member of the Vendor’s Association, who stated that the programme was a good one for vendors.

The programme was launched formally at the Castries City Hall on Monday, January 14, 2019.


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  1. My dear Vendors, you are the salt of the earth, and I applaud you. You work so hard to make
    an honest living. Day in and day out you try. In hurricane season, you worry. Long days of
    rain and strong wind, you worry. Provisions spoil, kids first communion and confirmation coming
    and you worry about the cost of this and the cost of that. I heard you and my mother talking
    I was too young to understand the stress in the heart, but I do remember the sad, sad faces
    that haunt me after all these years. My parents too were poor, having been raised that way
    and couldn't afford a Bicycle; I gather strength in the fact that I loved and still love them for
    having done so much for me when I was sick, by the grace of God we pulled through; and now
    they're looking down at you all and myself and seeking the Lord's blessings for us all and St.Lucia.


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