Canaries youth charged for fatal stabbing

Canaries youth charged for fatal stabbing
Flermius (left) has been charged with causing the death of Joseph

A man has been charged in connection with the April 29, 2019 killing of a former youth leader in Canaries.

Christo Ethan Flermius, 20, of Floravilla, Canaries was arrested and charged on Thursday, May 2 for causing the death of 24-year-old Kadeem Joseph, also a resident of Floravilla, Canaries, who was stabbed during an altercation on April 29, about 6 p.m., on Dix Street, Canaries, police said in a news release on Monday.


Joseph was later pronounced dead on arrival at the Soufriere Hospital, police said.

A brief video of the aftermath of the stabbing went viral. It shows a motionless and bleeding Joseph being attended to by residents.

Joseph was known for his involvement in community activities in Canaries, particularly among the youth.

In 2016, he was elected president of ProjectCan Reloaded, a youth organization in Canaries.

Joseph in this 2016 Facebook photo

Meanwhile, the release said Flermius was remanded in custody after he appeared at the First District Court.

He is scheduled to reappear in court on June 19, 2019, police said.


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