318 Saint Lucians overstayed in U.S. from October 2017 – September 2018

318 Saint Lucians overstayed in U.S. from October 2017 – September 2018

A total of 318 Saint Lucians overstayed their United States (US) non-immigrant tourism/business B1/B2 visas between October 1, 2017 and September 30, 2018, according to the US Department of Homeland Security’s Fiscal Year 2018 Entry/Exit Overstay Report.

For that period, 15,780 Saint Lucians were granted entry to the US and were expected to leave during that time.

However, the Report stated that it has no departure records for 293 Saint Lucians — now classified as suspected in-country overstays.

Twenty-five Saint Lucians left the US after their authorised period of admission expired. This is classified as out-of-country overstays, according to the report.

Saint Lucia has a total overstay rate of 2.02 per cent and a suspected in-country overstay rate of 1.86 per cent, based on those figures.

This is a slight decrease when compared to the corresponding period the previous year.

For the 2017 reporting year, Saint Lucia had a total overstay rate of 2.20 per cent and a suspected in-country overstay rate of 2.00 per cent.



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  1. Returnees with the intention to settle in St Lucia with spouses who are not St Lucians, their spouses are seen as over-stayers. Their spouses must report to the police on a monthly basis and pay a substantial fee until they sort out their papers to be residents. They pay $200(EC) a month for many months or years! It seems to be at the whim of officials how long the process will take - like how long is a piece of string! St Lucian over-stayers in US are not paying a cent.

    Returnees with foreign spouses be warn; it is expensive, frustrating, humiliating for your foreign spouses– sort out paper work in advance to make them feel welcome. It may stop yourselves from doing an about turn before you are milked dry of money or your marriages break under the strain!


  2. Well I suppose, whether life in the US is harder of easier, the average person just wants to try to see if they can be successfull in buidling a life else where. Its a chance because each country has its pros and cons. My thing is before you decide to overstay, have a solid plan. Dont just overstay on a whim with no plan A, B, or C and next thing you know immigration is hunting you. So plan first then execute if necessary.


  3. A visa is a visa .before you left st.Lucia make sure you know where you are going and up for a job.your time is 6 month do it and back.it surley a waste of time to go somewhere for so long burn your visa and when they hold you .you don't even have a house yet in st.Lucia or business .what since that make to live your country and go and see mistrey in the USA.number 1.you must pay rent .must buy everything you need and more add to your self.


  4. zor ni vieux mess wi. come back at yall homes.

    come home, come home, come homeeee, all who illegal come homeeee
    if you in US saint lucia is calling , calling for you to come home.
    ohh shalabalahhh


  5. For those who leave and dont come back but receive green card citizenship after overstaying only says one thing...THEY KNOW HOW TO USE THEIR BRAIN but for the others on here that deh watching dem beating their mouth saying oh they making it hard for others...NOOOOOO thats not the situation...its really a sacrifice and a big risk ... And you know what they say, no risk, no reward


    • what you saying there dont really make much sense. it dont have nothing to do with using their brain. most of theses people know people that know people and also if they have a little job their employers filing for them so thats just how they get it easy but at the same time its not easy


      • Employers only file for people with high degrees where the company cannot afford to loose the talent. Now what percentage of overstays meet that criteria..


  6. Just my take on this. Politicians are unprofessional and so are the business people here. and for educated people at least, they will not put up with it. so u have a brain drain of young educated people in their 20's and 30's who leave and never care to return. Its not because they dont like the life here, but the lack of professionalism, management issues and the who know who , plus who you sleep with, who envy who, will continue to be the death knell of our small societies. unless there is a change in mentality, this place will never develop because it eats its very own over and over. and the clueless who can't do any better will stay behind, practicing the every day mediocrity that we see day in day out. and i have got news for you, people will not spend the next 20 odd years of their life hoping that small minded people in the islands get it right. they will leave. there needs to be serious thought about how we do "business" here and play politics if we are to succeed with human talent like other countries have done. otherwise, there will always be migration to greener pastures. and our country will lose over and over... a never ending cycle...


  7. We get too involved with what is going on abroad especially the USA, is it because some of us are not fortunate enough to migrate any where because of the Small mind. We have enough on our plate. STOP BOMBARDING US WITH THE BS. "CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!!!!"


      • By that you mean everybody else who is looking to escape Lucia and overstay too right?
        Plzzzz..... you are crying only cause your opportunity to escape mizeh (misery) got a bit more difficult to execute because those who already escaped, made it a bit harder for you to escape too.


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