French delegation explores potential investment interests in Saint Lucia

French delegation explores potential investment interests in Saint Lucia

(SNO) — A delegation from France is presently in Saint Lucia exploring potential investment and partnership opportunities on the island.

The delegation is from the French company Éthic Étapes and is being hosted by Invest Saint Lucia (ISL) as part of its promotional effort to diversify the island’s offerings.

The company was created in 1979 and held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) from January 22-26 in Martinique.

As part of its week-long AGM, Éthic Étapes, having expressed an interest in discovering Saint Lucia, hence the delegation’s presence on the island as part of a familiarisation tour to discuss potential investment and partnership opportunities, and the diversification of Saint Lucia’s tourism product.

Since its inception, Éthic Étapes has built a network of accommodation, welcoming young people in France, encouraging cultural exchanges as another form of tourism, ISL said in a statement.

The hostels have over the years increased to over 40 across France, in addition to more than 20 partners in Belgium and Spain, with one centre in Martinique.

“Invest Saint Lucia will brief the 60-member delegation on the noteworthy features of Saint Lucia as an investment location, the overall business climate and regulatory procedures,” the ISL said in its statement.

CEO of Invest Saint Lucia, Roderick Cherry, recognising the potential synergies that can be derived between Martinique/France and Saint Lucia, thanked the delegation for their interest in the island, and pledged Invest Saint Lucia’s readiness to further explore those investment opportunities


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