Agriculture industry investments bear fruit

Agriculture industry investments bear fruit

(PRESS RELEASE) – The agriculture economy is expected to reap the fruits of investments made in the industry in 2019, as the ministry continues to improve the efficiency and safety of local food systems, and the sustainability and resilience of rural livelihoods amidst an ever-changing global agriculture trade environment.

Agriculture Minister Hon. Ezechiel Joseph, lauded the efforts of the ministry in successfully implementing several activities under priority projects in 2019.

Speaking at the first meeting for agriculture project leaders, this year, Minister Joseph underscored the need to maintain momentum, and for all departments to work progressively to meet targets set out in the work plan for 2020.

Steady strides in responding to the needs of the agri-food sector, and proactive investments in the infrastructure and support systems remain the focus for Minister Joseph. He said the current approach to agri-development supports the Government of Saint Lucia’s goal of addressing major trends and challenges that may impact the future of Saint Lucia’s food security, rural agricultural modernization and livelihoods, and a diversified agricultural economy.


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