SEE VIDEOS: Multiple people injured after bus overturns in Bexon

SEE VIDEOS: Multiple people injured after bus overturns in Bexon
Bexon accident on Monday

Multiple persons have sustained injuries in another motor vehicle accident in Saint Lucia. SEE VIDEOS BELOW ARTICLE

Reports are that a minibus ran off the road and overturned in Bexon, near the Cul de Sac bridge.

The accident occurred this morning, according to reports.

A video uploaded on social media shows injured passengers sitting on the grassy sidewalk, near the overturned bus.

Another video shows three ambulances and a fire truck at the scene. Reports are that at least eight people were injured.

A source told our newsroom that the vehicle is a “Dennery bus”.

A number of accidents have been recorded on the island over the past several days as the Carnival season gets into high gear.

On Sunday afternoon, two vehicles collided with one overturning and landing between two houses in Bexon.



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  1. Most dennery bus drivers are good drivers(can only talk for village) But I have had some terrifying experiences with some of them(mostly those who just show up or are not regular). One can usually tell within the first three minutes of being on the road after boarding(usually going home in the afternoon)Yes, God literally put a hand in one or two cases. Once I see these drivers I refuse to board: life is more important. I don't know the circumstances that led to the accident but the video gives a reminder of what can happen on the road. Treat the road and others with respect.


  2. I dont use public transportation, but i have stong views about the way its currently being done. Why are vehicles used in public transportation registered to private owners? Why are bus drivers allowed to have their buses on the road when they are not carrying passengers. Is it right for these vehicles to be used as personal vehicles for recreational activity? What level of mechanical inspection are these vehicles subjected to? I know we may act like chimps at times but its about time that we stop treating each others lives with such low value. Time to take a deeper more critical look at the way our public transportation system works. I know im black and slow, but this is my opinion.


  3. Dennery, Vieux Fort and Mucous drivers don't give a Sh#7 about people's lives. These fellas drive like they are on a race track. One time I was on one and I asked the driver to slow down because he is scaring me. Could you imagine the other passengers were upset that I spoke up,? Well, "is Dem to fraud". I talking when my life is on the line. I've made up my mind to never travel on these buses unless I really do not have a choice.


    • That's the truth I dont see why these ppl would accept that kind of driving mainly when the road surface is wet


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