Kenny Anthony to supporters: “Wipe away your tears”

Kenny Anthony to supporters: “Wipe away your tears”
Kenny Anthony

kenny (30) im not crying im not crying i have it all together im number one

Many Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) supporters are still shocked by the results of the 2016 general election, which saw their party being voted out of office after four and a half years.

But former leader of the SLP, Dr. Kenny Anthony has urged his supporters to wipe their tears away and remain hopeful that the SLP will return to office in the future.

“I ask that you wipe away your tears, dry your eyes and lift your heads. I appreciate that many of you have been distressed by the calumny, vitriol, and the threats against me. Do not react in like manner, with anger or hatred for hatred is a disease that consumes. I am at peace with myself, my country and the world. Be calm, be comforted for in the words of the song by Yolanda Adams, “This too shall pass, like every night that comes before it,” he said.

Dr. Anthony who resigned as SLP leader on Thursday has also congratulated Allen Chastanet and the United Workers Party on the victory at the polls on June 6, 2016.

“On all accounts, this was a convincing victory. It is clear there was a major national swing against the Saint Lucia Labour Party. I wish the people of Saint Lucia the very best as we embark on this new journey,” he said.

The former PM will continue to serve as the Vieux-Fort South parliamentary representative but had does not plan to serve as the opposition leader in the House of Assembly.


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  1. That is so touching. It breaks our hearts to see you weeping so openly. May God give you the courage to bear up.


  2. Agreed. Let some people take their own advice. After all, it sounds most apt in their situation. Was someone in a red kool aid outfit looking into the mirror while writing their weather advisory?


    • Again, SLP is all show. No substance. To a man they had mentally and physically left the shop as soon as they could no longer strut and peddle their stupid stuff. We got overloads of that senseless stuff in the last few days and hours as SLP spluttered and stumbled to a breakdown at the finish line. Good riddance to bad rubbish.






  4. St Lucian's have it confused. they are the arrogant ones to be honest. look at you fighting against eachother having no respect for govt / former govt.. your parents have failed you .. absolutely shameful. Its clear that majority of you will not vote for the betterment of this country on the whole and long term. you prefer to get quick fixes and now for now results , selfish thinking about your pockets only. Because of this Dr. Anthony will never be what you want.

    Dr. Anthony was and will remain the best Prime Minister this country as ever seen whether you like it or not. i know your arrogance wont allow you to accept it now but soon you will see. His honesty and integrity was remarkable. I was a proud St. Lucian watching this man represent us in the wider world.

    Good Luck to the New administration you will need it.


  5. Not ever claiming to measure up to the demands of a statesman, this statement was very unstatesman-like. But this will go over the heads of most Saint Lucians, especially those who are scarlet red to the bone marrow like pirates. Providence helped the patriots to get the courage not to vote traitors. Patriots don't vote for traitors.


  6. Ok, let's heed the call to Stop the Hatred against Dr K.D. Anthony. I agree with that! A campaign divides, but an election is a decision. The People have spoken! So, let's come back to the present which is already in progress.

    Shall we begin a Nationwide discussion on a National Museum for St. Lucia. Long overdue. Under the last Labour Party administration the Married Women's Quarters at Vigie was vested to the National Trust toward establishing a National Museum. However, most experts reasonable conclude that the best space or site to house the National Museum is the old mad house or La Toc building.
    However, the former PM insisted that it should be his Head Quarters at a tune of $50 million dollars. Money we need badly for education and health. That was communicated to the then PM, but he was hell bent on spending $50 million dollars for his office. Now that he is out of office, I am appeal to the new UWP administration and the National Trust to consider the La Toc site for the National Museum and not the Vigie Site.

    It would be cheaper to restore the La Toc site for the National Museum. The Vigie site will cost an arm and a the La Toc site is more accessible to both local and visitors alike. In addition, Vigie is a residential area and would not go well with the traffic a National Museum would generate and carry. We need to start zoning properly for sustainable development. The National Museum would fit in nicely with the proposed development for the Hospital Road - Millennium Highway project including the Bannan seascape boardwalk.

    As for the Vigie site, let's put it to another income generating use .....something that will bring more revenue than a museum would, given the vast amount of money needed to restore the Vigie building.


  7. I do not think persons should be reacting to this post with such hatred; the former Prime Minister was only demonstrating support to those who supported him and not to those who did not. He definitely had a good relationship with his supporters of his constituency, so he knows what he is referring to...

    I personally do not think we should be rejoicing his loss as we do not know what tomorrow will bring. I think we should look out for what will be shoved down our throats next.

    We as a nation should learn to be more demanding...until we haven't mastered this then we will always be disappointed by any political party who comes into power. So let us hope that this newly formed government will deliver to the benefit of us St. Lucians. #Patientlyawaiting #Stopthehate


    • yes.we learnt to be demanding on june 6th and demanded slp and kenny out of government.

      only now you want us to demand. demand from current gov't but we were to be mooks foe the past 4.5 yrs. the nerve of some of you with your convenient advises. keep it


      • ...with either party in power we will STILL it or not and persons like you will still blame the government for EVERYTHING.


    • Why are you people so consumed with such venomous hatred towards Kenny, I have never heard any negative comments about him nor his ministers involved in any shady deals, while in office,
      so relax your government is in office why some much hate. Avoid stress, high blood pressure, go watch a good movie, RELAXXXXX


  8. "On June 06 let us send a strong message to Allen Chastenent and the United Workers Party!!!!!" The message was indeed received by the St Lucia Labour Party 11-6 was the call. The leader of the UWP won by a large margin while the leader of the SLP barely surfaced. Put that in yall pipe and smoke it!!!!!!!!


  9. SLNO. We need to read other headline news. Get that crap off. You have this as headline news for days. Lets move on


  10. lets see what the uwp will do.This is what democracy is all about.One must win and one must lose... and in five years time we return to the polls to re - elect.


  11. lets see what the uwp will do.This is what democracy is all about.One must win and one must lose... and in five years time we return to the polls to re - elect.St.lucians the election campaign season is done so let is stand together on one single goal to build our country.


  12. waste man. You never thought you would lose. after all the negative ads and the vicious attacks on Allen and the uwp from you, jadia, clauidass and leo, you really think st.lucians would put you all back in power. You all got a shock of you all life. up to know u all in denial. one time you saying peace and another time you back to the negative and vicious talk to belitte people. even today Jadia on facebook saying lucians were on cocaine when they voted, and you expect people to ever put you all in power again.


  13. Ok, let's heed the call to Stop the Hatred against Dr K.D. Anthony. I agree with that! A campaign divides, but an election on. The People have spoken! So, let's come back to the present which is already in progress.

    Shall we begin a Nationwide discussion on a National Museum for St. Lucia. Long overdue. Under the last Labour Party administration the Married Women's Quarters at Vigie was vested to the National Trust toward establishing a National Museum. However, most experts reasonable conclude that the best space or site to house the National Museum is the old mad house or La Toc building.
    However, the former PM insisted that it should be his Head Quarters at a tune of $50 million dollars. Money we need badly for education and health. That was communicated to the then PM, but he was hell bent on spending $50 million dollars for his office. Now that he is out of office, I am appeal to the new UWP administration and the National Trust to consider the La Toc site for the National Museum and not the Vigie Site.

    It would be cheaper to restore the La Toc site for the National Museum. The Vigie site will cost an arm and a the La Toc site is more accessible to both local and visitors alike. In addition, Vigie is a residential area and would not go well with the traffic a National Museum would generate and carry. We need to start zoning properly for sustainable development. The National Museum would fit in nicely with the proposed development for the Hospital Road - Millennium Highway project including the Bannan seascape boardwalk.

    As for the Vigie site, let's put it to another income generating use .....something that will bring more revenue than a museum would, given the vast amount of money needed to restore the Vigie building.


  14. A good consolation to your supporters. Leaders should always remember to comfort and strengthen those who have supported them or have been the workers/foot soldiers on their behalf.
    Take care everyone and work with the present government for a better St. Lucia; fighting and pulling down leaves behead chaos and destruction of our society.
    Think about it, if through our undermining efforts the fabric of society is damaged or destroyed, what will we be leaving behead for our children. If St. Lucia sinks, where is the future for our off springs.

    What I see, if the government does well and the economy, healthcare, transportation, utilities etc improve, we all benefit. If, in contrast, everything goes bad, as many person are wishing for, the next government, whoever that is, has a greater quagmire to take us from.
    If all a new administration has to do is to rescue a country from near disaster, how can that country ever grow, how can the economy become robust again, how can we progress and regain our status in the region. I don't think that's what any of us want that, is it?? So let's wish and work well, for the betterment of us all. Tar tar.


    I ALSO BELIEVE THAT people have every right to celebrate .......if i WEREt slp they wUild celebrate too...stop being bias.... lets love and not I write for love of country and not party




  17. Don't know why you all hate the man so.. I just hope you all don't have to swallow your words and hide face soon.. be careful on how vocal we are..


  18. Now I am convinced that Kenny Anthony was deliberately making the poor emotionally dependent on him. In politics it is like "slavery". This is what he has done to the people of Shantytown in VFort, Cralance in Soufriere etc. Now is it obvious that they will cry. This is what happens when one is not empowered and that was deliberate with Kenny.


  19. This man spent most of his time on a 'big island'. He belongs, right where he came from. We need a small island man to run our country and put us back to where we were before he came along and caused a disaster. I don't like Chastanet as I believe it is conflict of interest him becoming elected but anyone than Kenny would do on this occasion.

    Kenny, go on hang your head in shame. We had faith in you and you did nothing.


  20. Mangal you are no expert on SLP affairs..... The so called media have not taken time off to do a comprehensive research of any elections analysis and therefore would be reporting this garbage coming out of Mangal mouth.

    After the 1982 elections it was reported in The Voice that the SLP was done and it would take like about 15 to 20 years to rebuild (UWP-14 to SLP-2 and PLP-1).

    By the elections of 1987, two of them called by PM. Compton the results were 9 to 8 for UWP.

    The SLP has always attracted the better personnel in terms of academic intellectual abilities and independence. I have no fear the team is back to the drawing board to plan a new and robust strategy.

    The election campaign must start from this very minute and there is no need for us as Labour supporters to be shame.

    Elections are won on long term planning..... I am from the school of the great Leader Michael /Norman Manley father and son. As the two would say elections are not about polling day but the effort and time used to construct a path to governance.

    As a party what we need to do is to marry politics with governance. I think to many times we were to concern about governance.

    As I look at it the SLP need to be more political in running the country and ruthless with our detractors.. We have been to nice, we have to like Compton and Girdauy when they were in power.

    The only people that got study vacation were the UWP supporters, All key jobs with investors when to UWP, the radio station were loaded with UWP..... Etc.... Etc....

    The time for being nice is over..... We must take care of our supporters first.... No more trying to help all....

    UWP is in office now let them help their people...... I have no problem with that..... Whoever they want to throw out that fine with me.....

    Labour people I am up for the undermining of UWP from this minute,,,, let no one tell you elections are over.... Polling day is over and pass......

    Let me say if you are a UWP be proud.... If you are SLP be proud.......

    The party always come first that is why you join the organization of UWP or SLP....

    Let no one tell you country first...... If you and your organization (UWP SLP) have any respect it will automatically follow...

    I know I will get heat for this write up but this the truth......


    • What rubbish! still in la la land! People such as yourself are yet to realise a salient fact; the power REALLY is in the hands of the people. So continue putting yourself first and your party second and the people last. Let's see how far it gets you on the road towards nowhere...


  21. Kenny do not tell me that you do not read the comments, listen to the talk shows etc. Come on Kenny as SIR JOHN GEORGE MELVILLE COMPTON rightfully put it. You have to listen and know the mood of the people. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Did you not see what SIR JOHN did? He stepped down and allowed Vaughn Lewis to take the fall. That way he never lost. Take a page from his book.
    Another thing, as if every time a dance is involved you lose your seat. Kenny dance now champion. Paw jab na helay bow.


  22. It's interesting Kenny's boys and girls are no where to defend him on this platform. Same happened to him in 2006. He didn't learn. He kicked aside and treated badly well-intentioned persons from his party like Dr. Ubaldus Raymond, Dr. Long, Timothy Mangal and others who worked hard to have him win the 2011 elections. This is the legacy Kenny worked for--a sorry one. His inner click(Fletcher, Montrope, LaCorbinierre, etc) made him look bad. I was appalled at how Kenny and his team victimized Dr. Raymond and his wife (another Dr). This lady worked hard in the SLP campaign of 2011 but was never consulted after their 2011 win. Kenny you made your bed sleep well in it. This election should serve as a humbling experience for you and your crew. HOPE THE UWP GOVERNMENT TAKE NOTE.


    • You are a sick holdover from our slave past. Why the hell do you think that in a complex world like ours, Saint Lucians today, unless most of us are pure jackasses, should elect a king or PM before even going to the polls?

      With no realistic controls or restraint whatsoever, you childishly place your future and your fate into the hands of just one person, be he a genius or an complete idiot.

      Kenny did what you fools signaled to him to do. He was Massa even before a single vote was cast. Jackass people vote jackass governments into office. We always get the government we deserve.

      We are not England. We have few natural resources. So why must we keep on selecting narcissists with no knowledge of management, economics, financial management, public finance nor accounting, to routinely make HUGE decisions involving tens of thousands, and hundreds of millions of dollars, Frenwell, Black Bay, Grynberg etc, with professionals who routinely sign such contracts perhaps even on a weekly basis?

      You pit our economic pigmies and stooges against those. Then you turn around and place your confidence in such novices, who have shown that they are totally incapable of learning on the job to make decisions on budgets totaling BILLIONS? This nation is sick, sick, sick.

      We are going to pay for these years of unbridled crap for years to come, and in many ways.


  23. Special invitation for Ken-Jad You are invited to witness the swearing ceremony at Vieux Fort on Tuesday, be on time Ken Ken


  24. St lucians have spoken and have decisively taken out the SLP. I believe that this result was forseen by most even KDA. Kenny's performance over the last 5 years has been lackluster.

    Many of my SLP colleagues argue that austerity means to forego prosperity but I point to St. Kitts and Nevis who have cut thier debt by absolutely impressive amounts WHILE maintaining one of the highest growth rates on this side of the planet and lowering the rates on VAT and customs duties! Fiscal prudence and graceful management of thier CIP programme allowed this.

    There is no reason we could not emulate this. The SLP was sluggish, cumbersome, clumbsy and all around clueless as to how to get the country back on track. They also seemed to be quite fond of alienating the private sector.

    I wish Allen luck in his 5 years and ask only that he reconsider removing VAT. He should lower it definitely but to remove VAT would be going backwards.


  25. People seriously.. What can Kenny say or do that isn't evaluated as ARROGANCE.. We tend to see others with the eyes of negativity only when we are coming from a place of infiority... Certainly he has his plus's and Minus's this is what makes him human..please evaluate and feel good about You..and stop consuming Hate...please leave my Former Prime Minister alone..Shalom..One Love


    • There is no one who is more arrogant and advocates more hatred in politics than Kenny Anthony. You don’t have to go far just look at his protege Jadia election 2011 and election 2016


  26. Really people what can he do that can be possible right..all you'll see is arrogance.... Sometimes others self esteem allows his eyes to see only arrogance in one..examine you..and leave My X Prime Minister alone.....seriously... Certainly he made good and bad decisions.. Which is what sums up life which is called balance. Shalom..One Love


  27. ST LUCIANS STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elections and campaign is now over. Stop the hatred against Dr Anthony. We are all St Lucians, regardless of political affiliation . It is now time to move on. Dr Anthony was not a perfect man, then again who is. Who ever is without sin cast a stone. We need to welcome Mr Chastanet and hope that he delivers on his promises. Be minded he is not perfect either and as a leader he will have to make and take some unpopular decisions. STOP THE HATE. it is heart breaking to read some to the comments posted. PEOPLE I BEG YOU STOP THE 6TH OF JUNE IS GONE. the people have spoken .. ONWARD FORWARD


    • SMH! Imagine this! ABC has provided one of most positive contributions on this blog, urging ALL St. Lucians to stop the hate, welcome Mr. Chastanet, wish him well and urge us all to forget about elections and move forward and onward. Still more than 40 of you DISLIKE his comments? Wow! Amazing. I am beginning to believe what they have been saying about Lucians all along. My God man! SMH


  28. St Lucians STOP!!!! Election and campaign is over... STOP THE HATRED against doctor Anthony, like all of us he is not perfect ,, Just as Sir John was not or now the current Prime Minister will not be, Mr Chastanet will make some mistakes as well and as a leader he will have to make and take unpopular decisions. It is time to move on as St Lucians, forgetting political affiliation or attacking anyone personally. I BEG YOU TO STOP AND LOOK FORWARD TO WHAT IS COMING!!!!!


  29. Soon he's going to put the old Rav4 back on the road and wear the shabby suits for people to feel sorry for him. Wait for it people, wait for it...


  30. Why this just leave us alone! You have outstayed your welcome. Why are you loitering in the media? What sensible thing can bring your obviously frayed nerves to do? It is past June 6th and you have given up any pretense at being a leader since your party did not win. We do not have kingdom nor kings in Saint Lucia. Never ever.
    Go away! Allez vous en! Move on! Sorti la! Ban ous la pay!


  31. Kenny don't worry with no one cries. trust me they are not crying if one comes complaining to u about sadness pretend u didn't hear because it was the same labor ppl who voted you out. they are the ones who voted flambeau in. so just sit and watch what flambeau can bring to the country. life goes on. 98% of st. Lucians said you did wrong so lets see.


  32. Mate is not the Opposition Leader. Mate is not party leader. So why are such egotists still believe that in the grief of the all the dupes who believed that SLP's CIIP/second-class citizenship SLAVERY, they have anything left to say. Eh, eh, den so missing the spotlight? Are they trying to have their cake and eat it too?

    Poor SNO Labourites! Are you all suffering from deep self-pity and a horrible depression?


  33. Mate is not the Opposition Leader. Mate is not party leader. So why are such egotists still believe that in the grief of the all the dupes who believed that SLP's CIIP/second-class citizenship SLAVERY, they have anything left to say. Eh, eh, den so missing the spotlight? Are they trying to have their cake and eat it too?


  34. Until SLP is rid of Leo Clarke, Jadia and that inner circle SLP will never win an election again. NEVER


    • True dat. They must get rid of Leo Clarke. The man had his whole family in big positions in the government wife and child and other friends, but those facts will not be published by SNO. And Hilaire too must go no matter what seat he barely win. but those facts too will not be on the comments section.


      • The party hacks are the culprits who cause the slp to loose the elections i was tired of hearing them on talk shows in the media because they was get a fat pay packet for doing no work at all when i watch the ministry's in the phone directory some are positions are just jobs for the party hacks that must stop.


  35. Look how arrogance cant take and accept being led........He resigned the same night he realized he cannot lead and control any more.........I suppose that is what you can do best, lead and control.....
    but to be in the back seat and have someone else take the batton and lead you, give you directions and order you what you should and should not do.......smh.........that is not for you, right?? Come on man, did you ever think for a moment that seasons change and one day you would be in the back seat and have someone else apart from "YOU" take control?? Your season is over,,accept it and move on............


  36. I strongly believe in the will of God, and many can agree that this is the will of God.......
    For all those small minds saying Chastenet can't speak really??
    When he goes out to represent St Lucia around the world, does he need the "patois"
    to communicate efficiently?? Would him not being able to communicate and properly articulate the "patois" be a barrier and hinderance to being understood and not receiving the assistance
    and aid to better St Lucia ??Come on people, it's 2016, How many countries around the world
    speak "patois" and is it mandatory that "patois" is needed by this PM as he goes out to represent you
    and to bring required change and betterment to this country??


    • Reading the article on Chastanet not needing to speak patois is like you saying a man should not know his history or a man should throw away his history and even his culture too. It is backward thinking and you remind me of colonization. What is patois to you? Is it something that dropped from the sky or a language that originated from former colonization from the French and English. Who uses patois? Whoever you are, all politics is local. I am not going to politicize this but I ask you a simply question. If your were raised for most of your life in an island and you cannot speak the language of the people, have you ever cared to associate with these people? He made a conscious effort not to learn the language so he could communicate with the people who spoke patois because in his mind they were inferior to him. You will also agree with me that many of our people cannot communicate in English, so how does he communicate with those people that he chose to represent? Let me remind you that sometimes we make decision in life that we live to regret. I am sure that our new Prime Minister Chastanet, has privately regretted not learning patois. So please reel and come again with the nonsense talk that he does not need to speak patois when he goes and negotiate on behalf of St. Lucia.
      Whoever you are, I am sure that you enjoy speaking patois to your elderly parents, family and friends that cannot speak English. Hush!

      I also wish to remind you that we globally advertise Creole Day in St. Lucia. I wonder why we put so much effort into it to ensure its success? Tell Chastanet that it would be wise to be able to communicate with all of the people not just some of the people. Hush!


  37. It baffles me as to how suprised the slp candidates were of their lost & st. Lucians opinion of their governance. They must have not been frequent readers of the slu news online website, although they frequently bombarded us with press releases on a daily basis during their campaign.




  39. Dear Kenny,

    We had lots of love for you in VF but after you feel in love with True Value we started getting concerned. Then you took on Otto who has never sponsored anything in VF for the last five years. Them you took on Brice. My my how we lost our PM to those self concerned people.

    I am very sad to loose you but I had to vote against you this one time. You $3000 football sponsorship you can take that back and come pick up your clothes and other supplies from VF because we don't want you anymore. PS. Go with your henchmen and when True Value gives you the next top of the line vehicle on behalf of VP people just know I and 99.9% of people from VF did not contribute.

    They just doing that to pull the wool over your eyes.

    Go bed and stay asleep.

    From Me to you Kenny.

    Oh where is the Mayor of VF?


  40. Can you idiot red Kool aid drinkers see what he is doing with his hands symbolically? Vieux Fort idiots, look at them carefully. He is symbolically washing his hands like Pontius Pilate off the whole thing.

    He is saying one thing and his body language is saying quite and the very opposite. That is what the gullible Vieux Fortians swallowed like foolish fish, hook line and sinker. You always get the government you deserve. You voted for that simpletons.

    If he had lost the seat, he would have not only abandoned the foolish senile, doting grey hairs in the SLP since Monday. He would not only have mentally, but long ago bodily left the island too.


  41. Your circle of friends in VF almost cost you your job in Vieux Fort. They failed you badly Otto!!!! They knew the medical doctor was creeping up on you but they, Mr. Brice kept quiet because they are yes, yes men. Jones bar is laughing at you and True Value still selling plywood like nothing happened.

    We the youths of VF try telling you but you choose not to listen. Shame on your boys and gal they failed you big time.


  42. I've always said education without a social conscience is worst than no education at all. An educated crook will just use his smarts to get his hands in your pocket to satisfy there narcissistic needs. Look to further than KDA and his gang for confirmation.


  43. Not to sure why you are still in St Lucia. You have taken us to absolutely no where the last 4.5 years. Really not interested in anything you have to say.


  44. we will keep switching parties every election blaming them for not cleaning an inherited mess fast enough then nothing will get done. we brought back a party with the same members as when they were voted out, just under the leadership of a rich white man. I wonder what they will do?


  45. It just seems that people wait for any article based on KDA to attack the man. No amount of hate speech can erase the fact that he was the pm for3 terms.His record of achievement speaks for itself. We can disagree respectfully and not descend into the gutters. On the other side, the silence from the new pm is deafening. Winning is easy, governing is the real challenge. The new pm said that the uwp doesn't gloat but explain to me how having a massive celebration 6 days after the fact is not taunting stlucians who didn't support you. I thought you meant business: getting down to the job of running the country.


    • Simeon. What has the SLP done for this country? You must be still unemployed. You sound so bitter, Why can the UWP government thank their people through a thank you rally? The SLP government is known for gloating. I remember when SLP won prior to this one, Every single SLP worker came to work with a red attire. This time around no one came with a yellow attire when it was well known that they had abandoned the SLP. It is true that UWP don't gloat. However, this is a time to celebrate since our country will be moving to great progress by the United Workers Party. By the way, feel free to join us. After all, you're St. Lucian, I hope!!


  46. I agree Kenny, similar to the leaders before him made mistakes. However, managing our small Caribbean economies is not a bed of roses as we will find out in the months and years ahead.

    I don't blame the population for demanding more, simply because the politicians never tell them the truth. e.g. why can't politicians explain to the people that until there is economic growth, the country cannot afford to give a salary increase? To give a salary increase when there is no economic growth means that the government has to tax the population to generate more revenue to facilitate that salary increase. In essence they tax the poor to give those with better salaries a salary increase, how unfair!

    Our nationals go out to study at various levels, the majority of them upon return to SLU cannot adapt the knowledge that have been acquired. Consequently, there are no improvements and our country remains stagnated and the government of the day gets blamed. It is important that we understand the politicians are a microcosm of our population.

    There are a few people (very few) who understand how this country should be developed, again they are not always understood because the vast majority do not have a clue.

    The solution I believe is to find an innovative method of gathering information from the population on all aspects of the economy, that would be reviewed by a committee of objective indeviduals in the formulation of policies.


  47. But Kenny eyes looks very puffy. It look like he wiped his tears several times already. Then again he is to be blamed for losing this elections. He needed to listen to the cries of the people. He paid no attention to what affected the people. So cry as much as you all want, and take time to get over this loss. I feel your pains. But be comforted by his words "this too shall pass." By the way, where is Jadia?


  48. Please leaveKenny alone who without sin case the first stone we all are sinners Kenny did his best for the country what more you.'ll expected from him? God bless you my pm we all will see the five to stay alive if it is good


  49. You need to do you your math because it was more than 25%. Bear in mind that the voters list is not accurate. Numbers on list do not reflect population.


  50. Sigh. We need to teach our people to accept defeat, and stop trying to look for excuses and sympathy. Election time is over. Come on people. None of us should expect to win every time. If so, the olympic would have no athletes.

    Failure and defeat are normal and essential parts of life. It simply shows that the democratic system is working, and this is a lesson to many politicians and supporters. One big flaw in your campaign (SLP) was your communications person/ or then press secretary; a very articulate lady, but a big turn off on social media. As a young person, I look and listen to decide where I want to put my "x", and, unfortunately, her attitude sealed the deal for me. Get over it guys. The UWP had to swallow their pride and deal with defeat last elections. Don't be sore losers. Someone has to be in opposition. My sympathies. Life goes on...


  51. It's as if SLP and labour supporters think country is theirs. The people elected you and now they want someone else. Stop behaving like SLP was the best thing since sliced bread because that's not the case. What yall really thought that St. Lucians would believe all the propaganda about Mr. Chastanet and risk keeping a failed Gov't on these grounds. So yes dry your tears and embrace the change.


  52. Kenny, only now you realize "that this too shall past"?

    To be so reminded, you need to go back to all the videos from the house and the market stepts with you in action.

    Indeed, you are really a controdictory individual of immense surprises, alas, only to your supporters.

    Kenny/Tony, go take a very, very far hike!


  53. Why are the UWP supporters still trolling news websites posting even though they've won?

    Are they scared of our imminent return? Lol, Trust me it will sooner, than you think. Move on UWP trolls. It's your time to mess-up as usual. So do what you do best.


  54. AFTER READING ALL THE COMMENTS..its rather strange that that certain writers could dwell on labour party's defeat so much...Now it is time to put money in u all pockets and wait for CHAS to remove VAT...AND ADD NO MORE TAXES....DREAM ON VOTERS DREAM ON..U ALL BETTER TIE U ALL WAISTE AFTER THE CALM THERE WILL BE A HIGH TAX STORM....NOTE WELL AM NOT REFERRING TO THE HURRICANE SEASON....BON NAVIGER....TANTO TANTO


  55. I definitely won’t miss you. Arrogance has no place in politics. You were the reason I first started voting. From your second term in office your arrogance had become unbearable. I have only voted in the last 3 elections although I could have voted in the last 5. I hope our country does not have an arrogant leader like you ever again. Although there are other reasons why I should not vote from you, your arrogance was more than enough.
    One of the more notable one this election cycle is “THIS ELECTION IS BETWEEN THE SLP AND THE CHASTANETS”. Stupid, foolishness.
    I’m just wondering whether I will vote next election since you are no more.


  56. Mr allen cried during his swearing in ceremony i havent heard any negative comments from slp supporters. What baffles me is uwp has won the elections and it's like their suuporters are not even aware of it because negativity is embedded in their blood. One thing i know for sure is that st lucians have no sides once you wont do as you promised you're out. So to all the UWP supporters focus on that cause what ever happens to this country both slp and uwp supporters will feel it the only difference is slp supporters has already brace themselves for the impact of an econmic chaos by the uwp administration.


  57. Just the kind of crap one would expect from a bar stool in one of our rum shops or many watering holes. But what should one expect from a bag of coals? Anything different?


  58. I want to feel sorry for Kenny but am having great difficulty. Today he is tAlking but she. We wanted him to he gave us silence, disrespect, arrogance, victimization and saddled the country with alvina and la corbinere. Two failed ministers.
    But if Kenny really loved his party before himself he would have understood the signs long ago and stood down. But it was all about himself and was prepared to stretch SLP to the limit to remain as prime minister. Well it back fired.
    Is that Mario Michel had long ago seen and left Kenny and SLP in their mess.


    • So true. I often wonder what would have happened if Mario has been given a chance to lead.


  59. Kenny Anthony is An utterly self centered narcissist. The type of Caribbean politician only concerned with his own self aggrandizement and not his people.

    In his quest for power and wealth he has sucked off the teat of the St Lucian and Caribbean taxpayer at UWI, CARICOM and as an MP and as PM. He has never created any wealth in St Lucia as he has always assumed that once he got rich that taxes and borrowing equated to wealth.

    He leaves a bitter man and a dysfunctional party filled with avaricious arrogant moochers unhappy that the taxpayers spigot has been turned off.

    His faux concern for the rank and file of the SLP is a nauseating spectacle and he tried to stir up trouble
    and resentment.

    Kenny and Tony - both pathetic little men whose deviousness and a kleptocratic set of henchmen kept them in power for too long.
    Good by to bad rubbish. May we never see you again in the seat of power.


  60. Seriously after all this disrespect, from 6/6/16 and CXC, Jufalli, CIP, IMPACS together with all the comments on social media and radio, you people still thought you all would win an election! that just goes to show the arrogance of the SLP and their delusions! look within your own ranks now and accept what went wrong and who did what. chastanet is a smart man, he sat back realised what was wrong with UWP AND fixed it! like a man! all you people in SLP do is hide each other and remain silent when your members do underhanded things to the very country they supposed to represent. man up! and deal with the wrecks inside you all party! stop telling your supporters to wipe away tears! in fact i even shame after all that you all have supporters! clearly my thinking and that of the majority of lucians different because we put country first before party!


    • Hold on! BRAKKEESSS! So UWP is without blemish? Spotless? Blameless? Really? Is only SLP has stuff in the media? As the opposition UWP had soooooo much to say and find fault with for 4 1/2 years. NOTHING Kenny and SLP did was good! Nothing! And what is your point about 6/6/16? IF you are even thinking that 6/6/16 is the same as "666" and that either of them has ANYTHING to do with the "devil" or the "antichrist" my dear friend YOU are the one that is delusional. Moving on... What is the big deal about Juffalli? Did we give him money? Did we give him land? He claimed diplomatic immunity as a diplomat representing St. Lucia at the IMO, ( DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THE IMO DOES? and google it). What did Kenny do? What did he do? He give the man a diplomatic appointment and a passport... WOW! How did THAT affect your everyday life? NOT ONE IOTA so enough of Juffalli! Find something else that is REALLY relevant! Moving on again,,, IMPACS! YOU BLAMING KENNY FOR NOT REVEALING WHAT WAS IN THE REPORT? You serious? Isn't the report centered around certain "operations" and issues that stemmed/occurred WHEN UWP was in office? Kenny stood up to tremendous international pressure to protect St. Lucians instead of selling them out and further damaging the public's "confidence" in regards to law enforcement and national security for "30 pieces of silver". Let us see what will happen in the "first 100 days" as PROMISED by UWP. BON!..Moving on About remaining SILENT... WHY NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THE $32 Million PLUS in contracts that a certain UWP politician gave to companies that he and other family member had vested interest in? CONTRACTS THAT WERE NEVER TENDERED! DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THAT MEANS? $32 MILLION of THE PEOPLE'S MONEY! OUR TAXES! (How much we give the BILLIONAIRE Juffalli again?... okay then!) And who ask yopu to be shame for our supporters? Why not just be PROUD of YOUR supporters and stop letting OUR SHAME bother you. We may not fully understand or agree with every decision made, policy created/implemented or position taken by Kenny and the SLP but rest assured WE ARE NOT ASHAMED OF KENNY and the SLP! As for putting country first... smh! Again I refer to a company called A&M (asphalt and mining) owned by a member of the UWP that received contracts totaling more than $32 Million in 34 months... Yeah COUNTRY FIRST! (wait let me full my pockets first). As for the thinking of the MAJORITY of Lucians... lowest voter turn out...about 25% of the VOTING population and YOU think you share the thoughts/views of the majority? Ok


      • The comment really burn you, Surely you are one of the major wrecks inside that party. Go ask Jufaalli what money was paid? Ask the Judge in england about the sham appointment. go google what sham means so u will get a clue. underhanded narcisstic set of people , thought st lucians could be fooled! who is laughing now! certainly not you! ha! ha! delusional hack!!


  61. Retire already dude, give up your seat and call a bi-election. The longer you stay, the worse it gets for you.


  62. Misplaced hate.... as if loosing the election was not enough. Chanel these negative energies to somthing worthwhile contribute to rebuilding lucia. Or you might be ask to throw the first stone if you have no wrong in you...


    • You can sense the seething hatred boiling up in him behind those words. He has disrespected the current PM and government by not even official congratulating them and wishing them well. And no facebook does not count. I know that's where much of the propaganda was spread by your minions, but that is not where government business is conducted. Disgrace after disgrace. That same arrogance is what got you to where you are and shall forever remain, the DOLDRUMS of St. Lucian and Caribbean politics and history. Such a promise you were in 1997 that I too supported you, but you became petty, vindictive, disloyal, a bold faced liar, and an academic devoid of any humanity or feasible ideas.


  63. "This too shall pass" What exactly shall pass? Almost seems like Dr. Anthony and the Labour party feels that the governance of St. Lucia is their birth-right. It's an elections, one party won the other lost. Move on! It HAS passed.


  64. Do St. Lucians a favour and call a by election. That would be the best thing you ever did for the nation. Your legacy will be division and destruction of families.Nothing else hence there is no need to thank you.


  65. This obscene participation of Political parties of other countries such as the Barbados Labour Party interfering in the the Internal affairs of other sovereign nations especially at general election time must be brought up as an agenda item at the next Caricom heads of Govt. meeting.

    It is undermining the democracies of Island nations.

    St. Lucians went to the polls on Monday believing that they were making a difference, not realising that they were manipulated and lead in a particular direction by an army of Barbados Labour Party operatives entrenched at UWP headquarters.

    The people of St. Lucia were misled into voting for the UWP by these Barbados Labour Party operatives. No doubt loads of money were spent to buy votes as was done in Barbados in 2013 general elections by the Barbados Labour Party. It failed then so the Barbados Labour Party has given it another try in a foreign jurisdiction to see if the strategy is still a valid one.


    • Little boy, grow up and pack your A square sauce and your brass bowl in a rum shop wid all that shate. Jackass, why sign Carifta, Caricom, CCJ and CSME? You CAPITAL educated half-fast idiot!


    • This is utter rubbish! The thousands of St. Lucians who made a difference are persons who engage in critical thinking. Money cannot buy their vote. They do not classify themselves as UWP or SLP. They are independent thinkers. They put country first and it matters to them how the government manages the country and what the government does with the taxes that they pay. It is a mistake to believe that every St. Lucian follows a party blindly.


    • If so buddy, at least Chastenet was clever enough to seek advice from his fellow regional leaders. Sorry you are so bitter. A glass of cold coconut water can help your election hangover!


    • Hey skerrit was on labour party platform but you kind of conveniently forgot that lol......strange how these labour dudes have selective memory


    • Cadogan youbare insulting the combined intelligence if the St Lucian electorate. His dare you, a foreigner no doubt dare suggest that the BLP paid voters in return for their franchise. You obviously don't know jack about St Lucia. I and my entire family voted for UWP and we number in the 50's. We did it for free. Can you pay 20000 people to vote idiot? Look here bajan don't let me insult you for putting back freundel an second time. Did you not vote for him? Noe he popular opinion is against him. Man you are out of place and disrespectful. Mind your business.


    • Wow. Are these not the same Barbadian who worked with kenny in 1997 and 2001 and 2006 as well. My my how the tables have turned


    • Why don't you respect the decision of St Lucians. No amount of money could have bought this election. My family numbered in the 50s and we all voted SLP out for free and I suggest you focus on Fruendel's performance instead.


  66. just leave Kenny alone....nothing positive to say........the change is coming for yall.


  67. Hear who's talking. This is the guy who spoke badly about Ubaldus and Belrose stirring up so much hatred and vitriol, and today he is mahatma Ghandi. Smfh


  68. Only someone who is blind could not have seen this coming, did Kenny really believe that St. Lucians were happy with his policies?


  69. If "anger or hatred for hatred is a disease that consumes" then you must be very sick and spent for we have never seen or met someone like you who is so full of anger and hatred. You have indeed been communed by the two that you no longer know the difference between an enemy or an opponent. Besides with your advent into politics you brought with you the very essence of divisiveness and hate which has seriously polarized poor Helen. Good riddance.


  70. Kenny I could not agree with you more, now that you have dried your tears it is time to console your supporters, now that you have awaken from your slumber, you will realize that the election was not between the SLP and the Chastanet, but between the people of St. Lucia, and the failed policies of you and your team, you did not listen to our cries so we had to get rid of you once and for all. One thing I know UWP will be in power for a long long time so SLP will have to remain in their slumber like Rip Van Winkle


    • Tell me something please. For 5 years..4 1/2 rather, all that Kenny has produced has been failed policies? So there isn't ONE (1) thing he has done, idea he has come up with/introduced, policy he has created/implemented that has been good or to the benefit of the people? I am not saying the man is GOD or that he is perfect or without sin...who is? But NOTHING he has done has been good? NOTHING? WOW! WOW!... saving the country from The IMF? Standing up to pressures of foreign governments regarding the IMPACS...(and please remember who was in "power" when whole "operation" took place)? Providing much needed home help/care for elderly & disabled persons? Over 6,000 jobs provided through programs like ...NICE, SMILE, STEP etc? YES VAT high but taxation is a must! just ask all the "AMERI-LUCIANS" who live up there. EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD HAS TAXES! You definitely cannot please everyone eh. SMH. SO PLEASE educate me by listing YOUR top 5 failed policies that you are referring to.

      I await your response. Thanks


    • congrats to the new elected party,st.lucians stop slp is out lets hope for the best ,
      because nun of us don`t know what is to come .
      let`s hope for the best ,love St.Lucia.


  71. Die hard SLP supporters need to reevaluate their allegiance. Your allegiance should be to your country not a party. I understand when someone says they are a democrat e or a republican its because of established policies in the US. We dont have that, every 5 years we hear a different set of promiese. There is not set trend. They say any thing to get them into offfice. so stop the nonsense. One party dont deliver you vote them out simple. If you'll were not stuck worshiping and fantasizing about Kenny Anthony you'll would see the change was necessary. choopz


    • Ok fair enough. I'll even agree with you. So tell me...what do YOU have to say to the "die hard" UWP supporters? Should they also re-evaluate their allegiance? You talk about US politics and policies etc...what is SO different here?

      Politics is politics is politics! The ONLY difference between the US and our country is the government AKA "the people".

      In 2006 the people wanted "change"...5 years later in 2011 they wanted "change" and now in 2016 they wanted and they got a "change" in "government". But let's look at the REAL ISSUE... The REAL government. That has not changed and will not likely change in the near future.

      We The people are the real government. Kenny Anthony, Allen Chastanet, SLP,UWP are simply POLITICAL PARTIES and REPRESENTATIVES that we HIRE to WORK FOR US! When we STOP begging for favors and hand outs for PERSONAL GAINS and START understanding that they are ACCOUNTABLE and ANSWERABLE to WE THE PEOPLE then we will start to see real change.

      When the "swing" is from RED, YELLOW and what ever other party color, to BLUE & YELLOW, BLACK & WHITE, then we will start to see real change. When we start to hold them accountable and answerable from the start of a situation

      AND educate ourselves as to the real, long term effects of policies and "behaviors"/choices of ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES, instead of waiting 5 years to react EMOTI0NALLY rather than of from an INFORMED stand point then we will see change... and the list can go on and on.

      Rest assured UNTIL WE wake up and start to WORK TOGETHER for OUR COUNTRY, OUR children and OUR LIVES/FUTURE...change will not come.

      Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. We have 5 years until "time for change" again.


      • Very well said. In the main we have two sets of hacks and one outshines the other every time General Elections are held.

        I see voters not being blindly loyal to any party as mature thinkers, who would put the interest of the country aheah of political parties. Yet some supposedly bright people would go at length to chastise others who switch from one political party to another.

        I really thought after elections that the winning side would be happy and celebrating. However, this is not what I see happening. If the vitriol and negative energy continues, i see a very unpleasant term aheah.


      • The article spoke about the emotional slp supporter, hence the comment was directed at the same slp supporters. Y do you'll always have to make it into a red vs yellow thing. (I read you other defensive comments) Emotional much?


      • Remind them of the time st.lucians wanted a change so bad that we voted UWP out with SLP 16 seats and UWP 1 seat.


  72. I'm still waiting for you to assume responsibility for the loss, instead you have leo clarke and Tennyson making excuses for you. Doc la your political career in St.Lucia is over. It was your arrogance and lack of respect for us st. lucians that caused you to lose but you already know that so man-up and take full responsibility for your loss. Please do that.


    • Ohhh so its not his policies you have issues with...its his arrogance and lack of respect? Please explain/embellish if possible. I am honestly interested in understanding your position. I really am...


      • Please stop saying us or we, plzzzz speak for yourself say I. Doctor Kenny Anthony never disrespected my family members, friends or myself.


    • If Allen and the UWP has already won the elections why can't their supporters accept this as well? Why is Kenny still an issue for ya'll? Hardly, barely has there been a negative post/comments by SLP supporters in any article concerning Allen and the UWP SINCE Monday night. Not sure if ya'll know but..Ya'll WON!


    • What a difference a day makes. Man Kenny looks like he just stopped crying. You almost beat Lucia too death and now you crying. Well it's too late now to say sorry! Just give up the seat and leave Lucia too heal completely.


  73. I guess every body is busy except you. it looks like you were just waiting to hear something from kenny. choops. Get a life.


  74. How can hundreds of st Lucian are shock by the results when in thousands they voted SLP Out.


    • EASY... only 25% of the voting population came out to vote. Do the math. I know you're sharp enough but if you need it translated/broken down let me know.


      • You doing a Kenny? Lying when the facts are clear and hoping to spin them? IIn every constituency the about 51% and in many cases overwhelming better. Basic Math and law of averages would hold that the voter turnout was about 50% or more islandwide. Check the electoral department's stats per constituency before you make yourself look like a foolish liar.


      • Hello, I know you're a SLP supporter but to reply to everyone making their right to express their opinion is annoying. Accept your party lost fair and square


    • Maybe so...but the band just setting up, they sound checking. The dance ain't start yet. LOL. Hold on...just hold on. First laugh is NO laugh. Like my darling Juliana would say "blag se blag epi tout blag pa blag"...
      to be continued...


      • Who are you, a spokes person for the SLP, you litter the blog with your unpopular rhetoric. Your thumbs down is visible that nobody gives a sh**t about your opinion.

        ALAN F**K UP HE GET's KICKED OUT JUST LIKE HIS PREDECESSOR . So your point is? .... Get LOST !


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