PRESS RELEASE: ‘Apologize to Vieux Fortians’ – Kenny Anthony

PRESS RELEASE: ‘Apologize to Vieux Fortians’ – Kenny Anthony
Dr. Kenny Anthony
Dr. Kenny Anthony
Dr. Kenny Anthony

Allen Chastanet must apologise to the people of Vieux Fort South for his degrading utterances at the public meeting of the United Workers Party, held on May 17, 2017, at the Vieux Fort Square.

So says the Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony.

On several occasions during his speech, Allen Chastanet told the people of Vieux Fort that they live in a “ghetto.” He went even further by asking the crowd, “Where do you want to be from, a ghetto or you want to be from the Pearl of the Caribbean?”

To add further insult to injury, he declared “I know how great they [Vieux Fortians ] are going to be in taking care of horses.”

According to the Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South,

“I resent his description of Vieux Fort as a ghetto. Further, these statements are insulting, degrading and dehumanizing. I want Chastanet to know that the people of Vieux Fort are not specially ordained to look after horses. They are capable of much more than looking after horses. Vieux Fortians are as good as any Saint Lucian elsewhere in this island.”

Dr. Anthony added,

“Vieux Fort has always been a historical problem for the United Workers Party. The thinking of the UWP towards the people of Vieux Fort has not changed. All they do is to sell or give away the lands around Vieux Fort, never caring about the quality of life of the people of Vieux Fort. That is why they allowed Vieux Fort town to be mired in poverty from 1964 to 1997.

Chastanet is merely continuing the tradition of his last candidate, Ulric Mondesir who, before the last General Election declared as his stated objective, “We want to move this Vieux Fort South forward, moving it from a smaller ghetto to a larger ghetto.

This unfair and inaccurate labeling of Vieux Fort South by the United Workers Party must end and Chastanet must apologize for his degrading comments.”


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  1. Labour Party strongholds are streaming blood. Their representatives were too busy preparing for the next elections. Generations have been sacrificed on the altar of party inanities like belly dancing and waltzing on political platforms. They sowed the wind. The children's teeth are on edge. We are reaping the whirlwind. Murder and mayhem.


  2. What is wrong with this man? After the problem you have cause to our country. You should pack your bags and leave,you do not have a say of anything!!


    • A political dinosaur that feel alienated in the 21st century. Che is dead. Fidel's revolution just like socialism is fading in the light of the 21st century. A leopard cannot change its spots. Nothing fits anymore.


  3. Okay I'm not for red nor my I for yellow but I thing they all there do in the same shit.. and at the end of the day they ain't here getting upset at one an other ..they still get together and be eating there steaks whiles u arguing like dumb ass .....
    when half of you all still be thinkof where you all next meal coming from the end of the day they cut from the same cloth jus different sides..... it's for you all Lucians too open you all eyes a see how you all as one can make the country betterrrr!! Now stop pointing fingers saying keen did that chasnet did tht....the time you all spend doing the cast the blame game get the FUCK up and make a difference you the people u put them there the pillars with out u there isn't a country or there would be no need for a government make a change not get to gather rather than complain or whining about who do make a hit happen...I rest my case


  4. I really think that Kenny should go jump a dam freaking cliff...what era is he in. he has held the island hostage for many years: meaning, zero growth, no dam jobs and the list goes on an on. He is (was) a horrible leader, I mean walking out of meetings with your lackeys.

    you are a leader...ooops sorry once a leader, not a dam child, act accordingly man. you show no respect for yourself and people you represent when you do that crap.

    you get a DAM freaking (F)


  5. Come back later in the year again to test the waters. Try again to find out whether you are as popular enough to snatch the party' leadership back from the Mutt and Jeff comical show. Then the circus will be about 'See no evil, and hear no evil, but do all evil'.


    • Imagine voting for someone who can only give you a future patched up with plywood. Those flipping degrees UWI gave out have no value whatsoever.

      "Wrong. Wrong. Wrong", you say? What? We missed the significance of understanding that those were only SLP's better days. Worse still was yet to come?

      Smartly, a majority helped Saint Lucia out of SLP's continuing Hell hole. Whew! We dodged that bullet.

      Thanks. The "Maduro" imitator would today have staring down at us as poor fools.


  6. What is wrong with Kenny? Does he have a false sense of reality? Has he looked around St. Lucia? Most poor areas look like ghettos. We want more; we want better. Passing through and giving out $5 bills will not fix the problem long term. We need long term solutions to poverty. Giving out plywood to ensure a vote will not fix our poverty state. He needs to take a hard look at St. Lucia and understant the people's plight.


  7. It's really a shame too see all the comment say in the man is a ass whyn he is simply Makin a valued point...right now towards the so called prime minister who is slowly but surely causing detrimental destruction to this country ....first he sells this island piece by piece now he insults it's people....what next ?...UMMM but I'm guessing after seeing all Ural IGNORANT Lucian make some ridiculous comment on someone standing up now say it was wrong for the head of a country to make such a remark.. it's clear that you all like being put down


  8. But what is wrong with that man! He is now performing like an obnoxious desperado obsessed with wanting to be in power until HE decides otherwise. He has no respect for the will and wishes of the electorate in a democracy and is now intent on self destruction.

    He started off reasonable from 1997 and gave himself two terms in office. But quickly the obsession of power crept in and instead of relinquishing to Mario Michel, as per party regulation' he changed the regulation to be able run a third time as party leader. Going back on his word became his hall mark and he drove Mario away from the party. But Kenny did not mind. That suited him fine. Drive out any form of opposition in his party. Pip 'Baby' Pierre an unambitious sleepy 'yes man' deputy suited Kenny better. Jeff Stewart a self professed SLP supporter warned Kenny in 2006 to move on but awa he not listening.

    So he paid the price and an 80 year old retiree minced the SLP under Kenny. That should have shocked Kenny but he still did not learn. So anger and revenge overcame him to want to stay on and run yet another (4th) term. Trying to better Sir John's record. True SLP won in 2011 but remember barely. Spider and Ezekiel lost by 6 and 2 votes respectively. But 'hard head Kenny' instead of giving in he still trying to run and win in 2016. Intoxicated with power he did not learn his lesson. The actions of a selfish person prepared to put himself first, second and third before party. Prepared to let his party sink to satisfy his ego and personal ambition. With no achievements in his last term, unable to attract foreign investments in vieux fort he instead sneakily taking NIC (our) money for a building in vieux Fort, maybe to be remembered by.

    Well 11-6 again in 2016. First by a retiree in 2006 and now by a new comer. so Kenny got it good from both sides of the spectrum. But is he learning? Oh no!. Although he wave a dirty white flag of surrender into party retirement his power hungriness having him hiding in the bushes and pelting scud missiles at his own country. In the election campaign Kenny's cry was for SLP not to fight UWP but the Chastanets. Now he saying no peace in the land and rallying people to fight. But fight who? Not satisfied he attacking the Chinese investor saying the man dividing St. Lucians. Obviously Kenny has not listened to himself and his destructive talk. Now is Chastanet must apologize to Vieux Fortians

    Kenny should be aware that whatever he had in 2006 he is slowly destroying his name and whatever he did for St. Lucia. Let go with some dignity but he prefers the path of self destruction and losing whatever credibility he had. No knowing when to call it quits.


  9. Kenny you have no shame. Your statements clearly shows that you have no idea about the history of Vieux-fort. Before you involved yourself in our business Vieux Fort was a prosperous town. I can't understand why we gave you so much time.
    Maybe we believed you when you blamed your cabinet colleagues for resisting your proposals for development for Vieux Fort. Why then didn't you feel the need to represent those who put you there.
    Only now you lose you can talk on our behalf?
    Well newsflash you are talking only for yourself. Even if you won the seat your talk cannot do anything for us now.
    You're too late...ou pa mem sav cannot ou ni uh tou avec glo can entway. ..

    You never cared about VFort. This was just your sure seat to the prime minister's chair. That's all we were worth.

    Everytime you open your mouth its to say something negative. We had placed so much faith in you kenny....such hope....but awa you're a disappointment.

    Don't speak for us Kenny.'re just using us to push your dirty agenda.

    By the way we think you should RESIGN!!!!


  10. SLP is a ghetto builder. JC wanted to clean up the Conway ghetto. Who stubbornly opposed that? OddLamb.
    When SLP made its move on that problem the miscreants created Egard. Then Bois Patat. Then the Grave Yard. Then Grass Street.

    Vieux Fort did not come out unscathed. SLP put its ghetto stamp there too. It created Brockville.


    • Ghetto SLP created Bruceville. Yes. That is all they know. Right now, Marchand is covered all over in red.

      En rouge means human sacrifice on the alter of STEP. It is en rouge alright. But it is blood.

      Blood is on their hands for the neglect of those who trusted them and voted for them. They got plywood for housing. Good God! How awful these people are!

      SLP for plywood. Country bucks have a plywood mentality. They cannot rise above that. It is what's in them.


      • Do You know how much SLP termites love plywood? It is no joke.

        Did you not know that they live in it. You knew that.

        They eat it.

        They **** in it, and then **** it out.

        SLPs love plywood. SLP for plywood.


  11. I been said kenny is not a good leader. I can't understand who are these people voting for mate. Even a blind man can see this guy is not worthy of a vote.

    Never develop view fort !! Zero rated politician !!


  12. Man give your mouth a break!! We need Jobs... everywhere is closing down. Your brother business was the first to close down in Vieux Fort. You used to send list and notes to give people groceries and "YOU" never paid the bills for Your brother to replenish the supermarket. You run it down. Your brother was doing a service to us in Vieux Fort, he had many workers at that place through you that supermarket closed down.
    Mr. Brian Bernard thank you for our service and employment to us.


    • U donot the he'll u talking about they are all the same but Allan say the horse tracker will no make money so Celo how can u get jobs .jobs .after joy come sorrow for that jobs business.


      • Shirley, you seem to have missed the school class on grammar and spelling, or, more likely, there were not enough classrooms at the time because perhaps Kenny Anthony and his SLP government were too busy show-boating offshore and ignoring the fundamental needs of their constituents?


  13. Kenny Anthony was the worst thing to ever happen to st. lucia. his legacy lives in the in what vf has become. the truth about Kenny is portrayed everyday in the ghost town of vieux fort.


  14. Kenny you should be ashame of you self. Think its from mere shame you are brsgging and think VFortians can be fooled by you and your team. VFortians open your eyes most of the ppl in the narch are ppl who were they hv no gain they are angry like wolves and the poor was suffers.
    I hv been in and out of VF for 43 yrs....since SLP came in VF is on the decline. Cloudness , Il Parata ,Saphire, Book Nook,Marlin gone . Even under him BJB gone.
    If Lucians are not bias in their sight and mind what can one point out that Kenny has done? All what is there were done by the late Sir John.
    Last 10 yrs when VAT dollars role...what is there to show he did with the mo ey, than fatten the pockets of some of tbose in the march.
    No one heard Kenny utter a wird about St Jude in the house nor in his campaign as a PM and rep....what a shame.
    Your vision Kenny was to build a business building on the highway that would employ how many persons moreso, the NIC building is empty in the heart of town...thats the vision you hv?
    I am very much in support of the DSH project cause the ppl of will rise up and stop depending on you for the little $20 you normally bribe them with. And you know as well if they raise up from DSH you and your team FINISH..bury your head...No respect for VFortians.


    • It's better to teach the people how to fish than to give them fish stop holding the people back. Stop them little tricks "divide and conquer"


  15. If you want improvements and better way of life we must be able to admit where we are in life ie: our current status . Ask those tough questions like why are we still living in poverty ? and why where you reside is labelled as a ghetto . Sometimes the truth hurts and sometimes giving situtations their correct headline is the only way to start the process of changing your reality .
    You easily become a target for pointing out what a problem is . 2017 we cannot pretend that we are living in paradise .. Better standards for everybody is the wish and want of every Saint lucia .
    Sacrifices has to be made for the better and yes sometimes we will not always get what we want but we must take chances .Believe in something


    • Gave you a thumbs up because this is how Kenny left the whole of VFort. Under social, legal, or economic pressure.


  16. KENNY REALLY HAS NO SHAME. I have never seen such anti development behavior like this before. You have been the rep there for decades and you have not seen it fit to develop your people, provide descent housing for bruce ville nor enhance the town of vieux fort. As to why they keep voting for you down there, God alone knows, but maybe just one day your followers will see past the red shirt.


    • "God alone knows, but maybe just one day your followers will see past the red shirt"

      Good sentence but I would have stated red or yellow shirt. I want VFortians to be empowered to decide on who they want to vote for, with not party string around their neck like Kenny had them. I am hoping that with DSH most will have an opportunity to work for or be self-employed hence being empowered.


  17. Guess Kenny wanted to make Vieux Fort South just like Vieux Fort North ............................... THE LOST CONSTITUENCY OF ST. LUCIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think he, Kenny Anthony owes the people of the entire south an apology for doing nothing for us after bribing us to have confidence in him. I must admit I am deeply ashamed of his performance!


  18. Why should he apologize. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he. If the people of Vieux Fort believe they live in a ghetto then...


  19. Oh Kenny Oh Kenny Oh Kenny. You have so many apologies to do first to Vieux Fort and the whole of Saint Lucia. You have no shame I can see that. You like to see people living in squalor cuz you can give them STEP money once a year and get their vote. Give the people real jobs Allen and move them out of the ghetto. Prime Minister Allen just do your work. You are on teh right side of history dont let them take you eye off the goal.


  20. Why should he apologize? As a man thinketh in his heart so is he. If the people of Vieux Fort believe they live in a ghetto then...


  21. Remember the great sir John Compton? Well he represented micoud all his political life what did he do for that place who never failed to elect him. The idea Kenny never done anything for vf is too cheap. UWP is lucky to find dsh to talk about. We all know why UWP is the one talking loud about dsh and not SLP. Anyone they don't know are enemies of themselves. Chastanet has proved to be a liar and not very straightforward. Listen very carefully as this dsh thing unfolds.


    • You, just like your leader have no respect for farming and farmers. the great leader Sir John made Micoud a farming community. Micoud was so rich and empowered that Barclays Bank so the need for a bank in Micoud. From 1997 all that went down the drain with Kenny Anthony. I am from Vfort and can tell you that Micoud have had some brilliant people.


  22. Awa for mate oui! Will turn a good comment to look bad ON BEHALF of the vf ppl. My word. Have a seat kenny and stay on your seat


  23. Yay I respect the former prime minister Kenny, but for real leave politics out of it, search Vfort for 20yrs of Kenny and Tony 15 yrs as prime minister not even could repair st judes hospital. I believe this man has a spirit of manipulation and he is good at it and he keep using the same old tactics to his own people poor. Always trying to use that old spirit of witchcraft to disrupt what is good and thing people are blind, some people always believe they can't disrupt to gain power. St lucians am not speaking politics but see through this man, this man just like power and do anything to gain. I believe Vfort is moving in the right direction .It time the people raise up and see through Kenny voodoo. St lucians and Vfortains needs to pray and stand up against that old Kenny manipulation and witchcraft. I believe prime minister has St lucians at heart and trying to move St Lucia in a dependable place. Kenny use that nice program to keep people in one place. St lucians should be tied with this man. What was vision Kenny had for St Lucia? None!


  24. D S H may be good for vieux fortians but i still feel that the people of vieux fort should look into this matter very closely . do not let them bring in their own labour force and skill workers because we have that too. When they take your land . home and live stock away , who will you blame.? ==PLEASE PEOPLE THINK== Make certain you are not holding the blade when they strike.


  25. Tell you what, when you are country buck real crap always flows from your mouth. Horse-racing is a game of Kings. Yes. It is game of royalty.

    It is a substitute for the jousting that used to take place in the Medieval times. Knights in shining armour used to joust for the hands of hands of fair maidens. Then and now, there had to be someone to take care of these fine animals.

    We did not benefit from any deep penetration of English culture in Saint Lucia. Yes, we have some conflicting laws in the courts of law. We also have a few Anglican and Methodist churches. Of course, the RC priests were forced to teach us English. They were mainly FMIs, generally from the very backward French provinces. This explains partially why this country is not more advanced.

    Now you know why the Anglican Primary School always outperformed the rival RC Boys School. Some things really do matter. But alas! I digress.

    Never mind the idiocy that flows from the mouths of babes, doing their baby babble. Even before DSH, the great horse-racing initiative in the South needed persons to love and to take care of these noble features. Beane Field in a sense, served as a nursery.

    Taking care of horses is not a degrading activity. Besides, the job has now attracted a great deal of technology regarding feeding, housing and ambient temperature control for these creatures. It is now very sophisticated work, something that country bucks may not be acquainted with, or know very little about. They should really stop embarrassing themselves in the media.


  26. perhaps it is Kenny Anthony that should be apologizing to his constituents and to our nation's people.

    Interestingly, and quite disappointedly, it would appear that Kenny Anthony appears to be trying to re-write his past for nationally disruptive purposes and perhaps a selfish last grasp at re-creating what he would like his legacy as a former head of state to be.

    Unfortunately, it's probably too little too late when, instead, he could have concentrated his efforts on other portfolio's and built his legacy in the longer term as a statesman, similar to many other former heads of state in other western countries.

    As for the attempt to re-write history and disrupt present progress --- let's rewind back to September 2012.

    At that time, the North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA), a respected, independent, nonprofit organization founded in 1966, published an article related to the Prime Minister Anthony and his arguably cuddle-up-cozy approach with both China and Taiwan.

    We can each judge for ourselves, excerpts as follows:

    --- "... it was Dr. Kenny Anthony’s Labour Party (SLP) administration that broke off relations with Taiwan in 1997, shifting diplomatic relations to the People’s Republic of China."

    --- "In regards to thinking and acting differently, St. Lucia seems like it is embarking on a risky strategy that few others have undertaken. At the same time Prime Minister Anthony publicized the island’s ties with Taiwan—St. Lucian Foreign Minister Alva Baptiste was visiting China at the request of the Communist Party, with a delegation of SLP officials to China to “discuss issues of mutual interest to both parties.”

    --- "...Anthony remained hopeful, stating that “It would be both historic and helpful—indeed it would be perfect—if Saint Lucia could find a way to benefit from ties with both China and Taiwan, however defined. This is a dream many countries share and there has been no better time than now to engage China and Taiwan..."

    Did the people of Vieux Fort and the south in general see any measurable, substantive economic development despite his government's cozying up with China and Taiwan and his talk of "...this is a dream...".?

    Absolutely not. And that's truly sad. It really is.

    And that was nearly 5 years ago.

    The area languished. The area's economy stagnated. The area's people saw no growth in the possibility of jobs, advancement, pride in self-sufficiency, and the hope of a brighter future for their children.

    Full article at:


  27. I live in the area near the VFort catholic church which was not know for violence. It was the most peaceful place in VFort town. Now it's populated with unemployed youth especially women. This is very sad. Including Dr. Mondesir campaign statement in this release is lame. It is a fact that VFort has changed from very small ghettos prior to 1997 to just a big ghetto in 2017.

    What Kenny Anthony did to VFort and VFortian is not a mistake. It was deliberate. Can I say that to the Bruceville people. Unfortunately, "No". He did walkway for them. At least that's all they will tell me. They once boasted of having the largest road in a residential area in Vfort. The road never ended.

    The formation of the VFCCCC was to get rid of Kenny Anthony for the next election. They all have admitted that the MP did nothing for VFort.

    For a clear conscience Dr Kenny Anthony need to apologize to VFortians


  28. it is convinient now for chastenet to describe the place as ghetto u no,, playing on you all emotions.i.m sorry hie is not sincere

    callin places ghetto ,, conviniently i.m sorry mr chastenet u are not sincere


  29. A ghetto is a part of a city in which members of a minority group live, typically as a result of social, legal, or economic pressure.

    So what am I missing here? Many parts of St. Lucia can be referred to as "ghetto"!
    Once again the politicians are preying on the ignorance of the people, keeping them "uneducated" simply because they fear that once the people "know" then the tables would be truly turned, leaving politicians to live in fear of the masses.


  30. Kenny was in power for many years and he never made any real effort to develop VF much less create permanent jobs for the south other than giving them a concrete road and pavement whereas he could have used that money to better use. VF south check yourself.....Kenny has invest more in the north than in the south despite the promises he gave you....the man was only out to get what he could from the people of st. Lucia. I wonder if he is up set cause Allen is focusing on VF south more than he did and that's getting up his nose and therefore is being petty. I really don't care who is ruling the country as long as they think about what the people need and want cause really and truly I don't think any of them are doing that and further more when it come to doing things for the country that do what they like and not what the people want.


  31. I don't think the PM needs to apologize to us VF people for being truthful about our current existence. Kenny needs to apologize for the hate talk he and the SLP is promoting. He needs to apologize for statements where he asked investors not to come to StLucia and for that I can start thinking different about him.

    We are hungry for opportunities in VF. You only look out for your boys and girl. (Otto, Debra, Jones and Brice) Everyone else could suck salt. Sorry papi we the VF youths tired and we are ready to accept what's on the table with this government. Nobody invest to fail. If the investors and UWP Government try to change the plan on us after buildings are in place we the young people will deal with them just like we dealt with you.


  32. Kenny sorry you don't speak on my behalf. Most of VF is a ghetto and you allowed it to stay that way for your own benefit.

    Let's be fair if someone come up to me and offered me Car, house and land and some other person keeps telling me not to take it. Trust me I'm expecting more than just car house and land from the person who is asking me not to take the offer. (Car, house and land is used as an example it could be education, health and security).

    Kenny and the SLP please tell us the youngsters of VF what are you proposing that's better than DSH, the Black Bay Project and New Airport?

    With all you did when in power, what's going to be different? Will the same engineer get all the jobs and we get the crumbs?


    • And therein lies the problem with you people. You're expecting someone to just offer you things. Why not get you'll backsides up and go make things happen yourselves.


  33. Give me a break!

    Roll back the tapes to 1997 when unfortunately Kenny Davis Anthony got involved in our politics and you must hear him reffering to many other parts of our country as ghettos.

    Kenny of all persobs is asking the PM to appologize.

    Has he ever appologized to Tim when he called him a media terrorist in the presence of Tim at a public meeting on the Castries Market Stepts?

    Has Kenny ever appologized to Andrea Paul, when he stood on the Market Stepts shouting; "Andrea you know what makes me mad" he was responding to a comment made by Andrea on his programme - what makes me made.

    Has Kenny ever appologized to Julian Hunt, George Odlum, Dr. Vaughn Lewis and his new found friend Richard Federick when he described all of them as the worst things in our country?

    Kenny is carrying some very serious and angry baggage knowing from whence he came.

    Thank God, our current PM is not carrying that kind of baggage, so he has nothing to be ashamed of.


  34. From the time you entered the political arena you divided our country with you seeds of hatred. Stop spreading your seeds. I am a Vieux-fortian. I remembered when politician use to laugh and drink together but you stop all that when you came.


  35. I have no political affiliation but kenny needs to shut up. You are defending Vieux Fort now but what did you do for them when you had the opportunity?


    • I so agree with you. Considering he's for VF south I would have thought his first priority would have been to work on the hospital in the south. He came and left and nothing was done. Now all he does is criticise what this government is doing.


  36. From the time you came into politics you divided our country and spread you seed of hate.


  37. i dont understand why is it when people say the word ghetto that they feel so insulted. a ghetto is what it is stop trying to polish it up. the people that live there need to rise from it and make it better cause also GOOD things and people do come from the ghetto.


  38. St Lucian's are so hypocrite the are two face people and will never vet better in life.


  39. Kenny pey chou dont cease to take any opportunity to criticize the current gov't ,u're also putting the nails in your coffin saying that vfortians are better than minding that worst than cutting grass behind the grass?i agree with shass when he said in 20 yrs there was no investment in also doesnt cease to amaze me how you are the representative for this place and hasnt put your interest in their well sorry for seeing vfortians as gullible and ignorant for not seeing through kenny and still gave him the opportunity to represent them....ive said that already and il say it again...a hospital is the most dependable institute in any society,why did u halay kasay for all this time and still couldnt reward vfort with the st.judes want to be PM and finance minister at the same time...all your interest is the wealthy benifits.ou la ka macko every cent how in come and go...where is the JUFFALIE money?ohhhh jufallie is gonna build a diabetes center to take care of st.lucias most prolific disease.all you do is shoot shit from your ass and it comes out fru your actually take the majority of the st.lucian public for ILLITERATES very uneducated especially get the notion that we are blinded by some high red colour and some doctorates...u still havent come to terms that you are actually in the opposition us all a favour and are trully a disgrace to the upliftment of this country.


  40. This is so funny because the PM must have been referring to Bruceville but not the wider district but I do not like the idea that all st lucians are considered to be low skilled and all we good for is hotel work or horse work. I want to see other investors come in to help improve our skills, e.g. like making apps or programming or even skilled yacht makers but both parties playing politics and games with us.

    Two gifts destroyed and no one is telling us where it will be rebuilt - stadium (china) and abattoir (Taiwan)


  41. Kenny Anthony needs to get over himself and let the people speak for themselves. Maybe if he'd staged a protest ABOUT Vieux-Fort IN Vieux-Fort itself, he would see that there are actually plenty of sections of Vieux-Fort that can be called ghetto. I would know, I live in one of them. I'm not saying the PM should go about calling everywhere ghetto, but it seems really petty for him to be focusing on that.


    • "Let the people speak for themselves" am I missing somenthing here? Did'nt the people of Vieux-Fort South
      Elect Dr. Anthony to represent them and by extension speak on their behalf


      • Personally I did not vote for him, and are you trying to say that because some voted for him, they personally agree with every single thing that falls from his mouth? Because if you can't see how backwards that is, I feel sorry for you.


  42. Kenny u is a real scumbag,why dont you donate 80 percent of your real bank account to helping vieux fortians,but wait... u dont want to reveal the tief money u have stored up for retirement n good living


      • he is doin it by pulling investers in st lucia, tryin to undo kenny work by askin ppl not to invest in st lucia. how damn is dat if you care so much about this country.


        • U are so dumb because if were smart you wouldn't sprew that same crap Chastanet is saying. How the hell will Kenny tell investors not to invest here? You see that sounding right. Dumb ass


          • He said it when king was in power!!!! and when he came in no one came to invest. so he paid for his dirty statements.


      • Well let's see what the rich has to offer. Give the man his damn time. It's only one yr but already yall want to see miracles.


  43. The audacity of Kenny Anthony. Shame on you old geezer your stupidity is immeasurable and immense.


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