Babonneau Wellness Centre receives donation

Babonneau Wellness Centre receives donation

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Babonneau Wellness Centre recently received a helping hand when it accepted a donation of smart televisions by a cooperate sponsor.

On Jan. 24, Caribbean Metals Limited donated three smart TVs that will be used to educate residents and patients on health-related matters.

The Parliamentary Representative for Babonneau, Hon. Ezechiel Joseph, said the donation met one of several recommendations made by the staff of the facility.

“Sometime last year I was approached by Dr. Malaicha Fontenelle who informed me based on her responsibility for health as it pertains to the Babonneau District Council, that there was need for a walk through among the respective facilities in Babonneau to get a first-hand appreciation of the challenges they face, and to hear from the staff what their recommendations are. One of the recommendations made was that there is need to have some technology with which to educate our residents and persons coming in to the respective heath centres; and through Dr. Fontenelle’s own initiative, she was able to contact Caribbean Metals to see whether they would be willing to assist.”

Principal Nursing Officer, Kerthney Surage said the donations will be put to good use.

“These will be used for health education and health promotion, so while the nurses are attending to persons at the clinic, patients can be educated via videos, messages, and presentations on many health topics.”

Sen. Hon. Mary Isaac, Minister for Health and Wellness, applauded Caribbean Metals for its continued support.

“Most of our 33 health facilities are underfunded, so it is really encouraging when we have the private sector kicking in to take care of the needs in our communities. This donation is really greatly appreciated.”

Caribbean Metals General Manager, Karen Fontenelle-Peter said her organization is a strong believer in community development.

“These are the types of initiatives that Caribbean Metals likes to be involved with,” she said. “I am the Second Vice President of the Chamber and we often think about the cooperate society assisting government institutions where necessary, and it’s something that we are actually pushing for.”

Sen. Isaac said the government welcomes any level of support or assistance from other private sector entities.


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