Banana farmers and their families need to claim OKEU – Raise Your Voice

Banana farmers and their families need to claim OKEU – Raise Your Voice

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The Owen King EU Hospital was built on the blood, sweat and tears of banana farmers, (The Green Gold Generation) who deprived their children of going to school two days per week, to assist in carrying bananas from plantations to boxing plants; the many women who carried bunches and then boxes of bananas weekly up the Geest Boats gangway, to generate foreign exchange which built this country from scratch.

The Owen King EU Hospital was constructed with funds from the European Union under funds derived from Article 186 of the Lome´ Convention which provided compensation for loss of export earnings, from banana exports which was being affected by fluctuations in price and/or quantities. St. Lucia qualified for assistance under the STABEX mechanism. Since 1995, a significant portion of the STABEX allocations has been operated by direct transfer to the budgets of the Government, under the Special Framework of Assistance (SFA), to enhance competitiveness, diversify the agricultural sector and upgrade human resources to create social safety nets.

The Government of Saint Lucia in an effort to isolate and disenfranchise the banana farmers, their families and communities never explained the rational for funding from the European Union, then handed the hospital to the upper class by virtue of its name, meanwhile, this vulnerable and marginalized community is further ostracized by the proposed privatization of a hospital built to provide improved health care for aging banana farmers, their families and communities.

We call on banana farmers, their children and their families to claim what is rightfully theirs and demand the renaming and the non-privatization of the EU Funded Hospital.

Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc continues to advocate for the nonprivatization of the public health system, transition from Victoria to the EU Funded Hospital and completion of St. Jude’s Hospital in its original location.


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  1. Only now those labors have information as to the funding from the EU how come when they were in office they did not ask for farmers to rise up and take over their property. As they not in charge now farmers need education,how about the forty million dollars given to pat to clear the farmers debt no answer to these issues who named the hospital and drink all the whisky u all believe is calabash in Lucian's head oh gods help those haters and give them clean heart. AMEN.


  2. We all do what we can for this country in our various sectors. The doctors and lawyers were important as well and some of them financed the banana farmers. So despite all your perceived knowledge you are as ignorant as ever in your rational.


  3. If the people of St. Lucia, young and old are educated in both English and Patois, {please find someone who can really speak Patois} about how these funds were allocated, how they have been used, and how they were supposed to be used. I strongly believe that with very strong advocates that the people trust, they will "Raise their voices" and claim the healthcare from this institution that they rightfully deserve. It is about time that this "class system" is brought to a halt. This European Union Funded Hospital should not be a private hospital. It should be for all citizens of St. Lucia.
    Our young people need to learn more about these things in order to create a safety net for some of our older very hard working families, who tend to think with their heart and most of the time not with their head because they are so trusting, thus allowing the government to keep them stagnant in too many ways. Get a few free minutes of " Flow". Either before or after the death announcements which we know most older folks listen to. Enlighten our citizens of EU Funding Projects and any Foreign Funding Projects, {Free Money} that has been awarded/granted/allocated, to the government on behaving of bettering the lives of the people of St. Lucia and the Island at large. The key to this will be finding someone who is "Party Neutral" and is only vested in uplifting all citizens, no matter what their political affiliation may be.


  4. Banana Farmers will never forget the destruction done to banana farmers and their families, by the Salvation committee. No farmer is stupid anymore to follow any grouping trying to claim they're doing anything in the name of banana farmers. All my families shades were burnt down. My cousin was stoned in a bus he was driving to the Vieux Fort port with bananas.
    Today every St. Lucian is paying for the SINS of the wicked people who destroyed the banana industry. we are paying for the Bananas we cut down, the shades we burnt down, the people we injured, God's children we denied a proper meal, the children we left hungry without food and monies for school.
    St. Lucian lets stop the wickedness, humble ourselves or we will pay the consequences.


  5. The renaming is not an issue but I would like to know how will farmers pay for this health insurance.


  6. Everything now is turning to a ROW ROW, where is this coming from, hatred, attacks, why is only NOW everyone wants to take action for this and action for that is it because you have something in your pockets now and rose to a higher level in society.


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