Bisee resident fined for illegal possession of sea turtle meat

Bisee resident fined for illegal possession of sea turtle meat
A sea turtle
A sea turtle

(PRESS RELEASE) – On Tuesday September 12, 2017, staff of the Department of Fisheries along with Police Officers from the Criminal Investigations Department conducted a search of a residence in Bisee, Castries on suspicion of possession of sea turtle meat.

The search revealed a total of seven pounds of sea turtle which was confiscated and the offender was fined one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500.00).

The public is reminded that the sea turtle fishery is closed. When the fishery is closed no one should fish for, sell, expose for sale or have in their possession sea turtle meat, eggs or any part of any sea turtle. Anyone who fails to comply with the provisions of the Fisheries Regulations shall be liable to a fine of up to five thousand dollars ($5,000.00).

For additional information contact the Department of Fisheries at telephone numbers, 468 4135 or 468 4141.
Please be guided accordingly.



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  1. Yes they right finally they got some one but I am sure he knows where he got that meat .So my question is again since you got the person, took the meat and charge them, what is going to happen to the turtle meat? Is it going to be thrown away? Is it going to be Confiscated as evidence? Or is it somehow going to be shared among​ the police so they can eat it cause they are seeing that is good meat that is going to waste.


  2. I do not have any problems with the law indeed if they don't try to preserve them somehow the next generation won't even know what a turtle is the way people are eating them, but my question is what if I bought the turtle meat during open season and just had it in my fridge am I breaking the law even if I bought it in open season. What ways does the law have to determine how long the person had the meat.


    • Simple... You are not allowed to have the meat in your possession during the closed season. Regardless when you may have obtained it. makes it easier for them


  3. Well done Fisheries Dept! Enforcing the laws is the way to deal with lawlessness.
    It makes no sense to have Fisheries laws if people are allowed to get away after breaking those laws.


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