Gunmen attack, rob bar manager in Jetrine, Saltibus

Gunmen attack, rob bar manager in Jetrine, Saltibus
The victim's car was damaged during the attack.
The victim’s car was damaged during the attack.

A bar manager narrowly escaped death after he came under attack by gunmen in Jetrine, Saltibus early Saturday morning, November 9.

Sanderson Serville, 29, manager of Anchor Bar, told St. Lucia News Online that he was driving home when three gunshots were fired at his vehicle, at around 3 a.m.

In a bid to escape, Serville said his car rolled down a “valley”.

He managed to get out of the vehicle and away from his attackers who eventually stole monies from his damaged car.

He is currently receiving treatment at St. Jude Hospital for minor injuries. He said an x-ray revealed that he tore tissues in his “ribs area”. He also received cuts and bruises.

The manager further explained what happened in detail this morning.

“The guys blocked the road with logs on my way down. I couldn’t cross the bridge. I tried reversing but they end up coming down behind me and started firing gunshots at me,” he explained.

At this point, Serville said he panicked and drove into a muddy area where he got stuck.

“I tried going forward which led me down a valley. My car flipped twice and landed in the valley.”

He said he “burst” through the car window, sustaining cuts to his hands in the process “while they were still firing shots”.

“I made my way through a bush to get home, leaving the monies and everything behind,” he told St. Lucia News Online.

Serville said he is “clueless” as to why someone would want to hurt him. He believes the motive was robbery.

“Most likely is for money,” he told St. Lucia News Online.

“I have no problem with anyone,” he said, adding that this was the first time he experienced such a situation.

The Laborie Police Station is investigating the incident, a police official has confirmed.


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  1. Police doing their job, lucians complaining. Criminals getting more bold because it appears lucians on their side and they crying. The public more interested in criticizing police than stopping crime. This is karma in the making. If police come and search vieux negs on the block, you'll making more noise. Same thing with operation restore confidence. You'll crying too much crime, police took action, did some about it and before 2 years pass toll already against the same police. If you offended by this post, call the criminals when you'll a** burst.


  2. Sometimes i wonder if there is a police force .everyday a robbery in st.lucia ,no police patrol .their patrol is either sitted at a bar or with some woman somewhere.At nights you dont see no police walking on the streets especially in vfort


    • Everything police do, lucians complaining. The other police stopped a bus to search a man and the ppl on the bus giving the police more pawol. Is civilians just like you'll who gave police info. I wonder if they would ha e complained if the officers found a gun on the person.


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