BREAKING NEWS: Man burnt to death in Babonneau fire

BREAKING NEWS: Man burnt to death in Babonneau fire
The Woolsey Fire raced west into coastal communities, including Malibu
This pic is for dramatization purposes only, and not related to the wooden structure mentioned in the article below.

Two days after a fire destroyed a wooden structure in Talvern, Babonneau, police are reporting that the charred remains of a man were discovered in the rubble.

Police said the remains have been identified as that of Steve Bernard, popularly known as “Bico’.

According to police, a foul smell from the rubble led to neighbours to investigate. The body was discovered around close to 10 a.m. under the rubble.

Initially, emergency officials reported that the 16x20ft structure was unoccupied at the time of the fire.

Officials responded to the report at 2:36 a.m. Tuesday.


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  1. I just heard something on the news which got to me. A fire burnt a small house, firefighters extinguished the fire and two days later a burnt body was found in the rabble? Are you kidding me? Why didn't the search was done to ascertain whether anyone was in the burning house? Why did both the police and fire department reported two days before the body was found that there was no one in the house? Did they just took the word of someone who told them there was no one residing there? Isn't it protocol immediately after extinguishing the fire that a fire investigator would go in to ascertain the cause of the fire? This situation has created an embarrassment for both the police and the fire department. This is highly ridiculous.


    • I get what you're saying but a more critical concern for me is why didn't close relatives, neighbors, etc. file a missing person report. Did no one notice this person missing? Was the victim a resident in that structure? Where did this person come from and how di they end up there? This should be treated as a possible homecide. Why isn't it being investigated in that manner?


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