BREAKING NEWS: Saint Lucia has started to bring home nationals; 8 arrived today!

BREAKING NEWS: Saint Lucia has started to bring home nationals; 8 arrived today!
Some St. Lucians who had returned earlier this year (file photo)

(St. Lucia News Online) — The Saint Lucia government is honouring its promise to return nationals home amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eight Saint Lucians arrived at the George FL Charles Airport at about 11: 30 a.m. on Tuesday, April 21 on a chartered flight from Barbados, according to government officials.

They were immediately placed in quarantine, health officials confirmed.

The eight are employees of Norwegian Cruise Line which was anchored off the Barbados coast since April 9, 2020.

The Government of Barbados was instrumental in assisting the Saint Lucian authorities to organise the repatriation of the nationals, officials said.

Saint Lucia News Online understands that the government is working to bring home more Saint Lucians in the coming days.

The Department of Health and Wellness is reportedly working with the Ministries of External Affairs and Tourism and the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority in undertaking the repatriation of citizens while adhering to health and safety protocols concerning COVID-19.



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  1. Reading some of your comments is shocking. You should be so proud of your Prime Minister. I think th stance he took to fight this pandemic should be applauded rather than condemned. Its not just a I will be returning to the UK when the flights are available and have to say i do not have the same faith in our government. Hope when i come back sometime soon the country is still in his safe hands. Thanks for keeping me safe!



    Thanks to the cruise lines for bringing their crew members home and thanks to Barbados for allowing them to dock.

    Those who from the ship are criticizing st lucians , please be understanding that locals t are just fearful given the news and all the documentaries we have seen.

    Happy everyone is home safe, let us not fight .


  3. Those from the crew ship welcome home. There is nothing to fear. WHO is the one causing fear n panic amongst people. I wash my hands when need b n I don't cover my face because oxygen is my life not carbon dioxide. I stay home but around my home n take in sunlight. I socialize with friends n family n we all good. The fear of death does more harm than good . U need to turn off the TV n some research for yourselves. If u tell a lie big enough all will start to believe it.

    Some of u say the ship is safer or was safer..Well no it wasn't. U quicker die on a boat of other things than a so call virus. If it was safe why did your handlers cry wolf? Nowhere is safe from mankind n their madness. Just be thankful u home n stop praising this one n that one.

    Mr pm congrats on the way u are handling the island under such circumstances but it's time to open country. There will b worse things when tummies growl,empty pockets,empty cupboards,bills coming n no work. Just like your garden food will run out. What was silent will become loud.


  4. Now I see y we are called Lucians. Anyway...Let me say this to user...SLP is not a party but a bunch of men n women feeding on the fears of Lucians. Ask u why u don't approve of uwp n u will so sound like the rest. U not talking about how your tomorrow will b but already u are seeing the next general elections. If I had to vote for a party it would be one with pride n not one that feeds off every problem like a tick on a dog. The united workers party has great intentions n a beautiful vision but since some of us our heads are in the ground like an ostrich we will never see such vision. Everyone is pissed because of a horse track n ubaldus exposing his private part to a professional con star or the fact that Chastnent just like Kenny carries pale skin n their descendants are slave owners or is the fact that he married a douboulay n not one of u or is it because yellow represents the sun..A bit to bright for your eyes. When I look at the st Lucia l party i see power hungry men n women..I see a bunch of cowards making j Pierre the biggest of them all. I see no vision in these men..It's like taking away bread n bringing misery. A laptop is not food if u can not put internet at everyone's home so tell them to stop complaining..Step program was a waste n honestly after 25yrs under these people it's feels good to breathe. Do your research please n stop hating because u don't understand politics. Look around u ,can u ,user not see how beautiful your island is ..Forget the Chinese cause all countries deal with Asians..n think positive. Win or lose they are the best political party so far after sir John. I'm a first time voter n I'm voting yellow. Yellow represents the sun unlike red it represents violence n negativity.. Definitely not blood although they've got a few on their hands.


  5. People, Let us thank God for his mercy so far. The Government officials have been doing their best to control the spread of the virus to ensure that the displace are taken care, to ensure that children are taken care of and the list goes on. The Government have not sat down and done nothing. We know that there are many challenges, financial, human resources and others including people that just don't want to work for their pay and this is a good opportunity for them., And that is ok, because under the current circumstance we expect these things to happen and these people to get away with it because they normally do get away with their unethical behaviours under normal circumstances.

    Some of us are behaving as if nothing is happening. we need to look around us to see what is happening in the rest of the world to understanding that St. Lucia is doing their best. We recognize there is room for improvement and there will always be.

    there is no country no business entity with an unlimited source of business. We must work together to achieve as a country in these trying times. It is not a bout UWP or SLP at this time. It is about us as a people. If this is the only way party or the other can win an election then shame on them. they are not ready yet.

    People if we cannot say a nice word or an encouraging word Let us say nothing.

    I pray that God continue to bless us and strengthen us as people. Make us stronger every day. Make our leaders on both side of the divide strong enough so that they can go beyond their own personal interests for the betterment of their country.


  6. Don't worry with the Phillip J. Pierre's of the work and his cronies. Do what you'll have to d when you'll must do it. Because you'll must think of the greater good and not phillip J. Pierre trying to gain political mileage.


  7. Can't wait for PJ Pierre my leader in waiting statement on this piece of news. Always refreshing when he says some something.


    • Who ever is neutral we are not afraid of quarantine cause we are used to it been in quarantine on the ship from March 15th not like u who can’t even do 2 weeks y’all bawling. and we know we safe and clean unlike


      • Well said stocky they talking like we sick or something the ship is safer than the country cuz most of yoll can't leave yoll buttocks at home while we on water 2months + quarantine is easy to go through ?


        • Exactly that's if some of them wash their hands today... Seafers since March we in quarantine nothing new it's no big deal for us we not refusing. We just wanna be home with our family is such a pandemic.


      • Wow,mama...i didnt think anyone was speaking directly to anyone..its just people want to make sure everything is done right to keep the island safe..yes you have been in quarentine on the boat and meals come to you, because you were left without a choice knowing how staff rooms are micro sized on the ship..if you had your way you wouldnt..its different for people in quarentine on land cause they need to leave their houses to buy food. If you were to leave an unanchored ship you would obviously drown..And if you were to leave an anchored ship in any harbour in this crisis you would have been stoned, by citizens..
        So i dont think NEUTRAL made it seem like you guys are unwell..Everyone is on edge and there is alot of news around the world about the virus on cruise keep calm,you will join your family in two weeks time...then to join us as well continue our lock down with the aim of kicking out this virus..God Bless and welcome home.


    • wow.......You said it your leader is a coward and a you need help also.I know you are not the brightest bulb in the barn. I know it will be refreshing when he say some something like you write to his base makak. Let me refresh your mind Phillip J Pierre will NEVER NEVER be Prime Minister of St.Lucia the SLP party is dead and buried,we are not going backward we moving forward to bigger, brighter and better things thank you.


        • We are not afraid of quarantine. All of us are perfectly healthy.worry about yourself and your family, such a simple thing as social distancing and wash hands it's a big issue among citizens. We maybe in cluster but we are doing what is the right thing to prevent the spread of the virus. So let us all watch each other as if they have the virus and protect yourself and your love ones.


        • Thank [email protected]
          Do you in st lucia who is really behind getting the st Lucians onboard ships hime? It is not the St Lucia government

          Did you all see the news, ask the real players in this all the question, they have more than you can ever imagine

          The 8 nationals that was on a chartered flight to St Lucia yesterday,
          Have you ever thought that they nearly did not touch Down on St Lucia? Ask Dominic fedee or Chastanet

          St Lucia government do not care about the people on ships, don’t
          Jube fooled


          • Please , just tell me how my VAT money is being applied! Please, just tell me where the international aid money we're receiving is going! Please, I need to know why talkers can't see how the shady deals other Islands and African countries are reeling from making with the Chinese who needs us more than we need them to release their over populating and polluting habits.! (Excuse me I forgot we share this one in common )! Deals both parties make to lease out priceless properties clearly to put citizenship investment money (loan) in their own pockets. If not true, then please outline the use or allocation of those funds that the Chinese lent us so that we can give them the right to build things that they and our leaders alone can personally benefit from , while our grandchildren will be owned by these Chinese debts! All the while quietly populating the country with unwarranted immigrants who will be occupying development positions that we have neglected our own qualified workers for. I could go on and on . There's no good politics or politicians that anyone , anywhere in the world are comfortable voting in. People admire pimps and pandering more than the pious and piety . We are all in a state of confusion , and Devine Intervention is proving to be our only hope . "We will all submit to the Will of the Reckonor by choice, or the force of nature ". I believe that we are simply here for a short time , to see how we treat each other and our environment, to be graded for the eternity of our energy and efforts. Remember, we are dancing on a sleeping dragon in the path of winds of retribution! And be honest to yourself ; how much of our own stolen resources have wealthy white men given back to robbed brown people ? Just be honest to yourself as a start, what white ruled or any other nationality country do brown people rule in. I understand that we don't like our ownselves



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