VIDEOS: Shooting on Chaussee Road, Castries

VIDEOS: Shooting on Chaussee Road, Castries

At least two people have been shot on Chaussee Road, Castries tonight (Wednesday, May 22), according to reports.(See two videos below article)

Details are sketchy at this time, but reports have alleged that a shootout between the police and individuals in a white car resulted in at least two males sustaining serious injuries.

There were reports of the sound of multiple gunshots from high-caliber weapons. Videos on social media show two police pickup vans parked near the white car, surrounded by armed officers.

The area has been cordoned off by the police as they carry out their investigations as curious onlookers converge at a distance.

An eyewitness told our newsroom that an ambulance was on the scene and at least one individual was being attended to.

The shooting occurred in the vicinity of the Anglican school around 10:30 p.m., according to reports.

We  will provide more information as it becomes available.


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  1. Let the truth be revealed. There was a shooting. Young men did shoot at police officers. However, that was not the car involved in the shoot out. The police did not retrieve any 9mm firearm from the vehicle. Let the truth be told, and for the sake of their souls, they had better begin telling the truth, if not, their lives, their children lives are at stake. God sees all things. The police had better come clean.


  2. Just listen to that jackass saying "well kill us too uh, you all only saying get back get back". A crime scene is cordoned off and moronic ghetto trash boys think it's not okay for lawmen to set a perimeter and move civilians away from what is legally the cops' territory. The fool is pissed because he wants to get pics and vids for Instagram and Facebook. The moral fabric of our society is officially decayed.


  3. they telling the IDIOT in the video to get back for his own safety but he shouting at the police to "ah get back get back well kill us to uh" more shots should have start flying and take you in your ass let me see if you would not get back. when yall hear gunshots yall want to run towards it more complicating the situation. honestly when there is a situation so and the police tell yall to move for safety in my opinion if yall dont listen they should spray yall with tear gas, yall must learn.


  4. The problem there is as plain as day, issue with authority, youre upset the police officers are telling you get back....for your own damn safety...ignorance gets you killed.

    This is the average yute in town...their attitude stinks.

    Kill us too uh...where is that mentality taking you?


  5. from the officers kill people its always they was shooting after them your'll dogs lie...hate a police


  6. Yes purge he island of these side purse Carrying, scotter ridding, Lacoste earring wearing fag boys.


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    Credit to Brother Shomrim Ben Yahshua for my reference, may God bless you my, brother.


  8. RSLPF, y’all have to target the “street bosses” get rid of a few of them. They are no good for our society. ORC!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Lets get this clear no shorts were not fired at the police they used excessive force now look an inocent young man is dead let me see what story the police will come with father put a -- hand


    • You're certainly correct in that assessment...there's no way shorts could be fired. Maybe it was shirts or dress pants...who knows....


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