BREAKING NEWS: Two dead in motor vehicle accident

BREAKING NEWS: Two dead in motor vehicle accident

Two persons have died as a result of a motor vehicle accident on the Vide Boutielle Highway, near the Vigie roundabout, early Saturday, Jan. 20, law enforcement officials have confirmed.

The driver of the vehiclem died on the spot and the passenger succumbed to his injuries at the hospital, officials said.

The victims have been identified as the driver Bradley Cyril, 19, Beausejour, Gros Islet, and 18-year-old Brandon St. Omer.

Emergency officials received the report at 12:33 a.m. that a Toyota Axio motor car crashed into the median barriers and overturned.

More details later


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  1. Mysterious death of St.lucian in Hartford, CT of St.lucian training police officer.


  2. Drivers please drive safer on the road, st.Lucia has no roads to speed, those roads the authority said was build for speeds of 40 mph , so take it easy, remember vehicles don't go on hospital beds, life is precious, speeding useless, overtaking useless, drunk driving, happening to often drivers, be more cautious. Condolences to families on such a lost.


  3. Why were you racing. You and your other friends pass my vehicle like a bullet.. said I'll see or meet you'll down the road and BOOM.. there you were in front of condolences to your family.. and young drivers.please take it easy on the road. Gain experience first


  4. Take your focking time when driving on the road. Just yesterday a gros islet driver was saying somebody will die on that stretch from vide bouteille to John Compton Highway. And his prediction was so right!! Two people died. Smh. Why you rushing? You’ll reach where you’re going eventually!


  5. Ive said it before and ill say it again...having the ends of those barriers just exposed and blunt without some sort of lift or deflector piece in front of it is deadly...observe the lift infront of halcyon and by JQ...its a gradual piece of concrete that meets the height of the barrier...this will allow a vehicle to climb over and fall on its roof...a deflector sends the car away from the actual blunt piece of concrete where median ends...there are deflectors on the poles on the john Compton highway... To the families so sorry for your loss...young men too..RIP


    • Response. Drive within the speed limit. Simple. If the speed limit there was 80+ I would agree with you.


  6. Young lives lost so early ,,may their souls rest in peace with the lord condolences to the families of these young men....


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