BREAKING NEWS: Two men shot in Castries, police investigating

BREAKING NEWS: Two men shot in Castries, police investigating

(SNO) — Saint Lucia police are investigating the shooting of two men in separate incidents in the Castries area, according to reliable sources.

The first incident occurred at Cul De Sac, Castries on Thursday, September 27 while the island was under a ‘tropical storm warning’, as a result of the passage of Tropical Storm Kirk. Emergency services responded at 11:48 p.m.

The injured man, identified as Kyle Clement, 22, was transported by a Castries ambulance to Victoria Hospital with a gunshot wound to his neck.

He is currently in critical condition at hospital.

It is alleged that the shooting occurred when three males broke into a “cold storage container” and a security guard fired shots in their direction.

The second incident occurred at New Village, Castries on Friday, September 28.

A source said the victim has been identified as Levis Vital, who was transported to Victoria Hospital by a Castries ambulance with a “gunshot wound to his body”.

His medical status is not known at this time.

Emergency services responded to the incident at 11:43 p.m.


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  1. Where are all these guns coming from and why? Such a small island why the need for such weapons? Perhaps these white saviors/religious leaders are really doing more harm than good. Stay woke people and uprise.


  2. The only time three black man working hard. 100 mph winds but you still find the time to cooperate and organize a party to go and to break into a container to go and steal. I swear, we work harder in this country if we know it is wrong than if it is right.


    • It is one of those times you wish a piece of galvanise would be swirling around their heads. Dam thieves.


    • How do you know the three males were black? Yet another example of you denigrating black people without no cause. Just say how you really feel


      • How I feel is that I should make them my human resource advisors. It's hard enough getting staff to come to work on time on a rainy day. These guys are hustling hard to steal another man's bread during a full blown tropical storm!


      • Zeigy’s has low opinion of Blacks and he adds his negativity liberally on issues like salt and pepper on a plate of food. His insidious poison will not slip unaware into the psyche of conscious Black people. "The only time three black man working hard", that kind of writing seems to be the kind of word selection which is generated by a robot - not a sentient being!


        • All right. I was wrong to say that about black people. I do know hard working black people. But sometimes it feels like I know many more lazy black people because I enter a place of business and the workers are always complaining about overtime, their lunch hour and watching the clock for when it's time to leave work. I have yet to figure out Regal Foods closing time because they seem to close five minutes before the hour on random days. i have to pump my own gas at gas stations because the attendant is struggling to write a bill for another customer and by the time I finish putting $200 in my tank she walks up to me and says, "Can I help you?"

          And please don't dismiss my criticism as poison because as black people we need to be mindful of our shortcomings so we can guard against it. Only then can we start to get the respect we seek. Malcolm X did a service to foster pride in black people. He and Martin Luther King Jr. delivered similar messages but King also had this to say, "Do you know that Negroes are 10 percent of the population of St. Louis and are responsible for 58% of its crimes? We’ve got to face that. And we’ve got to do something about our moral standards. We know that there are many things wrong in the white world, but there are many things wrong in the black world, too. We can’t keep on blaming the white man. There are things we must do for ourselves."


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