BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: One dead following mass-casualty MVA in Micoud

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: One dead following mass-casualty MVA in Micoud
One of the victims of Wednesday's accident in Micoud
One of the victims of Wednesday’s accident in Micoud

(SNO) – Law enforcement soures have confirmed that one person has died as a result of yesterday’s (July 25) mass-casualty motor vehicle accident (MVA) in Malgretoute, Micoud.

The deceased is a male but no additional information was provided.

The accident, which occurred around 2 p.m. along the highway, involved a collision between a taxi minibus and a blue sports utility vehicle (SUV).

About 15 people were transported to St. Jude Hospital.

One of the male victims succumbed to his injuries early this morning, according to sources.

The is the second accident that occurred yesterday that resulted in a fatality.

A woman, identified as 65-year-old Sandra Sidoine, was in her yard in Monier, Gros Islet when a vehicle crashed into her. She died shortly after being transported to hospital via ambulance. The accident occurred after 10 a.m.



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  1. Oh, Dear, St Lucia, too many accidents. happening there with fatalities. Drivers observe these tips.

    Here is what the US claim that causes accidents'
    Bearing in mind that the roads in St Lucia have a lot of hills, curves, bends, hairpin bends, and potholes which I think were repaired last time I was there.
    The WHO had RTA as one of its five global targets, health for all by year 2000.

    Distracted Driving

    Distracted driving becomes a larger threat every year and has been the leading cause of car accidents for the past decades. Please pay attention to the road while you are driving. That means no calls, no texting, no eating, no reading, no grooming or application of makeup, and talking while behind the wheel.

    2. Drunk Driving

    Drunk driving is one of the most dangerous causes of accidents in the U.S. and is the most deadly. If you have had anything to drink, take a taxi or give your keys to a sober friend. It is not worth the risk.

    3. Speeding

    Although it can be tempting to push the speed limit when you are running late, speeding is the second most common cause of accidents, so you should resist the urge and stay within the legal limits.

    4. Reckless Driving

    Changing lanes too quickly, speeding well over the limit, and acting aggressive on the roads can lead to horrible accidents. It is important to take your time and remain calm while driving to avoid needless accidents caused by simple carelessness.

    5. Rain

    While you can’t always avoid driving in the rain, the slippery, treacherous road conditions caused by heavy rains should be avoided when at all possible. If visibility is too low to drive or the roads seem particularly slick, you should pull over and wait until the storm passes.

    6. Running Red Lights

    It may seem obvious, but it bears repeating. Red always means stop. Even if it seems like no other cars are coming, you can cause a serious accident by running a red light and you will be breaking the law. We’ve heard several excuses from busy entrepreneurs trying to run through red lights while thinking about work, from those legal contracts to investor relations, and at the same time literally trying to answer to work emails. Understand that life is more important than all these issues combined and it’s best to be safe than sorry.

    7. Night Driving

    Lack of visibility makes hazards more difficult to see at night. Make sure that you are extra alert on the road at night, and use your full lights when on an abandoned road without streetlights.

    8. Design Defects

    Sometimes accidents are caused by flaws in the car itself. While you cannot always avoid this, make sure to take note of any recalls in the news and take your car in for regular maintenance.

    9. Tailgating

    There is never an excuse to get too close to the car in front of you, no matter how frustratingly slow they seem to be going. Keep a safe distance from other cars so that you will have time to react to sudden turns or uses of brakes.

    10. Wrong-Way Driving/ Improper Turns

    Everyone makes mistakes, but lapses in judgement while driving a car can cause horrible accidents. Be aware of street signs warning of one-way streets or other irregularities, especially in unfamiliar areas.

    When people don’t get in the proper lane to make a turn, use signals properly, or follow traffic signals, accidents happen. Always look out for traffic signs and obey the proper right-of-way when you make a turn.

    10. Teenage Drivers

    Teens don’t have the experience to know what to do in unsafe conditions and that naïveté causes accidents. If you have teenagers, make sure that they have had a defensive driving course, do not permit cell phone use while driving, and limit the passengers they can take with them in the car.

    11. Drugs:

    While alcohol is the culprit we usually associate with DUIs, drugs, including marijuana, prescription pills and other illegal drugs also cause terrible accidents. Never drive if you are under the influence of any drug, prescribed or not.

    12. Potholes:

    Potholes are very frustrating for drivers because sometimes they can’t be avoided. Try to drive around potholes to avoid damaging your car, when you can, but do not swerve into another lane if cars are coming. Despite the fact that there are some laws that could work in your favor, don’t take chances, especially with the heartbreaking car accident statistics from previous cases.

    13. Tire Blowouts

    If you get a flat while driving, it can cause you to swerve unexpectedly. Try to stay calm and keep control of the wheel while pulling over as soon as it is safe. Call for help if you cannot change the tire yourself safely.

    14. Animal Crossings

    Anyone who has ever heard someone tell about hitting a deer knows that this is a big danger. For this reason, take extra caution when you see an animal crossing sign and always use your high beams when travelling in rural, woody areas where wild animals are common.

    15. Construction Sites

    Sometimes the way a construction zone is set up can be confusing. Follow the cones as well as possible and be aware of other drivers who may be confused. It is especially important to drive slowly in these areas to avoid even the smallest accidents from occuring.

    Before you drive, think about how wonderful life is, your loved ones (even if you’ve sorted your estate planning), your business and the other great dreams you still have to achieve in life. Be proactive by taking precaution and removing all forms of distractions that might hinder your focus along the way. Life is worth living!


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