‘Visa Application Centre for Canada’ opens in Saint Lucia: PM Chastanet

‘Visa Application Centre for Canada’ opens in Saint Lucia: PM Chastanet
PM Chastanet

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet on Thursday evening announced that “a new Visa Application Centre for Canada has opened in Saint Lucia”.

Chastanet made the announcement via his official Facebook page just after 5:30 p.m.

The prime minister said the centre is located at the Leverage Business Group office at the bottom of Mongiraud Hill, with “hours of operation from 07:30 to 16:00”.

PM Chastanet

He said the centre will provide visa services and biometric collection for persons who require a visa or work/student permit for Canada.

It means travellers no longer have to go to Barbados or Trinidad to have the process done, Chastanet said.

However, he said, “it does not change the process for Canadian citizens who need to apply for passports or other travel documents”.

Please click this link to access the website: https://www.vfsglobal.ca/Canada/Saint-Lucia/


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  1. Good news indeed, however what about the broken election promise, no visa's for Lucians to visit the USA, now if that promise which I knew at the time was farcical was kept there would be no need for a visa application centre for the USA would there?

    However, as i said, this is great news for those that wish to visit Canada.


    • What is wonderful?
      We used to travel to Canada without a VISA before.
      Do you think that's moving in the right direction?

      The PM also promised that we would be able to travel to the US without a visa.


      • Well well st lucians can be ignorant weee. one office open in the island to take more money from those who already don't have much is something good done by the government. We should be more intelligent than that. Our healthcare and condition of schools are not so important.
        People stop behaving like ignorant and start being more high minded. Everything is a colour thong.


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