Bushes need cutting, says Canaries resident (video)

Bushes need cutting, says Canaries resident (video)

(SNO) — A resident of Canaries is calling on the authorities to cut the bushes along the roadway in the community,

The resident pointed out that the “Belvedere Road” is like a road running through a jungle. “We tired of that,” the resident said.



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  1. Its not only in Canaries this is seen, its all over the country. Even when the grass is cut after long periods of time it is left in mounds on the road itself and sometimes takes up to 10 days for it to be picked up. Recently I saw this happen on the Old Morne Road from the entrance to the Bois Cache down to the Villa Hotel. It is disgusting and nasty.


  2. So who the Bush affecting, the residents or the government, am fed up with you'll lazy community people, isn't the community you'll own, Isn't that the road you'll use daily, because of you'll wicked hearts one not doing it for the other, where the community spirit, rather than sitting there and gossiping why don't you'll come together and clean the community you'll claim like, yes government have its part to play, but everything now st.lucians wants the government to do, pretty soon you'll will ask for government to clean you'll household too.


    • To you I tip my hat......Thanks for speaking the gospel truth. Not only will they want the Government to clean their household but their stink butts they sit on all day likewise.


    • My thoughts exactly. I believe those people are dirty people. They live with the filth and want somebody else to clean up after them? Uhn huhn? Vraiment?


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