Canadian tourists robbed in Castries vow never to return to Saint Lucia

Canadian tourists robbed in Castries vow never to return to Saint Lucia
Castries. * Photo by Dani Devaux
Castries. * Photo by Dani Devaux

(SNO) — Two Canadian tourists were robbed in Castries on Saturday morning, on their very first visit to the island, and as such, have vowed never return, according to a tourism official.

The official said David and Carol Goss, who are in their 60s, were attacked by a young male just before midday as they walked along Crick Road, Castries, in search of the local museum.

“The attacker grabbed the wife’s bag which contained all personal items, ID cards, bank cards, and cash. He ran away,” the tourism official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“This is very bad for the country and is eroding all the hard work we are doing to bring visitors here,” the official added.

Except for a scratch to the wife’s face, as the assailant grabbed her bag, the visitors were not harmed, however the incident has left them “shocked” and ashamed, the official reported.

According to the official, the tourists, who were staying in Soufriere, had visited Castries for the day to see the museum.

“They were scheduled to stay another week or two but they are ready to leave. We are trying our best to work with the authorities to locate their ID cards and to ensure they’re well taken care of before they leave. We hope this will not deter other visitors from coming here, as this is not a frequent occurrence. Saint Lucia is still safe,” the official added.

The tourists said they have been enjoying the beauty of the island and the friendliness of the natives until this incident and vow not to return, the official disclosed.

“It’s a shame. Saint Lucians should not know they when we rob and harm our tourists we are shooting ourselves in the foot,” the official added.

Police are investigating.


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  1. Its high time they bring the micro chip down here, this will permanantly stop crime an is the only effective solution to deter crime,lucians hv to knw tht is bcause they frsake the father thts y they r reprobate an accept all demons tht come into their minds to mke them sin an blind thus hash punnishment is needed to mke them check themselves so i myself cant wait fr it to come.


  2. These POS that are nothing more than rogues and scoundrels are "good boys" for present-day Saint Lucian parents. Our standards from the politicians down have gone to the dogs. We have sown the wind. We should have expected as now to reap the whirlwind.

    About 20 percent of the population are dogs on two feet. But they to their parents they are "good children". We pay huge price for burying our heads in the sand, as these perps terrorize the rest of population and continue threaten our economy.

    Like maggots feasting on the gangrened parts of our rotting body politic, our many politicians, encourage and create conditions and places for the situation to continue to fester. Those bastards do know themselves. If the cap fits, wear it.


  3. Can the police do their jobs right? If they do it will be extra judicial killing. St.Lucians like to see innocent people die and criminals roam the streets. The criminals know that they will always get away with these activities. Lock them up for a few months they come out and do worse.

    Only God can help our beautiful island so let us pray and be each others keepers.


    • Sorry to read the news but this happens in all countries even here in a small village in the middle of the UK. However it still hasn't put my wife and I from coming out at the end of the month for our Wedding Anniversary. We got married on Vigie Beach 30 years ago and everyone was great I'm sure things wont have changed that much and are counting down the days till we arrive.

      If you could be kind enough to let us win the one day and 20;20 cricket games it would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!


  4. where is crick road? isnt that all the way up by the darling close to the entrance of where the folk research center is? i believe that people should be able to go where ever they want and not be afraid but if these people had taken a taxi especially since they not local this would not have happened to them.


  5. It’s time we give some black water mercenaries a job here to ex out them criminals and go into hiding once the talk starts to run about O.R.C 2.0 and come back after 3 months to handle the rest. This shit is getting out of hand and if we don’t do something drastic we’ll lose all what we hold dear to us. Visitors are getting robbed, locals are getting robbed and murdered, poor people as well as the rich are suffering and you have a side of youth who seem to believe that all for of criminal acts performed by them is a joke and they have the right to perform theses criminals acts whenever they feel like. If we don’t stop this sooner or later we won’t have an island to call our home. People are actually living like prisoners in their own homes because of a minority of bad people. I say kill them all and done.


  6. shut up! its not about people anymore its about horses.horses, dont get robed that why my government is focusing on the south of the island as you can see we have beautiful unfinished structures with medical professional stadiums a citizen by investment program that funds the poor and many more dressed in yellow screaming fire! fire! fire! flame.


  7. Shut up its not about people anymore its about horses. horses, don't get robed. That's why my government is focusing on the south sorry next time bring a horse when you coming to saint Lucia. And please don't worry about getting sick here our professional medical stadium is fully equipped to handle all races


  8. Shit happens every where but I must say, for an Island that depends so much on Tourism
    we can do without this sort of publicity. The thing is, we are too soft on crime. Jail is not
    the answer to this kind of shit, it happens too much too often to locals too. I have an answer
    petty thieves like that should only be punished where it hurts. 20 Lolo-beff lashes on the ass, each time.


  9. How dare you say our island is safe, don't you see what's going on around you each day. Stop manipulating people and get those thugs off the streets once and for all. And please don't Compare what happens in other countries as we do here. Saint Lucia ?? is supposed to be on of the most loved ?. It hurts my heart when I see and hear the nonsense that is taking over our lovely islands.My heart goes out to All those negative vibes that goes around. I mean All.


  10. Shame
    im disappointed this is getting worst
    Tryna steal from ppl nd urll not working hard for wat urll want
    Easy life urll want free life


  11. I don't support this type of behavior however even in Canada people get robbed so they need to stop behaving like babies I think there will always be bad seeds amongst us to classify the entire country as bad speaks volume on their character and having worked in the hospitality industry those are the type of guest that give the most trouble and don't tip


    • Right. "Stop behaving like babies": start being a good robbery, mugging victim. Book a trip for next year. SMH. Lunatic logic.


  12. The Castries Central MP sara Flood has turned out to be a fraud.
    A dead end plan called synergy with no hope of creating jobs. The mayor is doing A better job than her. She does everything as if it is about her and with no results. She blames everything for crime then dies nothing.
    She is the foreign minister with no plan but what the little man Chas tells her to do.
    She says we must not talk about Ubaldus even as she is holding Chas hand. Hypocrite!
    And she is getting mire ugly every day. The outside is showing what she has become inside. A pretend holy person who has left God to do what the devil tells her to do for herself.
    She is a foolish woman. Politiricks


  13. Where is crick road on the map of Castries. I guess now they will station a police there. But for how long too. I guess a lesson learnt, never drop your guard anywhere you go. It's just not safe anywhere you go.


  14. I believe if we had more police officers patrolling the WHOLE of Castries town and not just Wilton’s yard, by the market area or in the William peter blvd, a lot of those robberies cldve been stopped...those thieves are gettin smarter day by day and they realize weh all the police officers are assembled, so dey go to places weh bearly any officers wld think of ..for Christ sake ul knw how white ppl are,Well not white ppl alone but sum tourist ppl are,they like to explore,u tell dem avoid that street, the same street u tell them to avoid is the same street Dey choose,anmost times dey don’t have anyone to tell them which streets dey shld I mean on days there are boats in the harbour why not have at least two officers on patrol in almost every section around town since ul want the country to make money,and ul care so much more about ul tourist then ul own citizens. I blame ul police officers,get up n get moving, weh all the CITY police ul hired,ul have them deh for style?mayb ul shld move the CITY in front of their police because it contradicting their title...I don’t care who doesn’t agree with me but as city girl dats my view...


  15. Really ppl they say that but their country worse the amount of guests that come to saint lucia and go places you as a Lucian don't go cheers,them ppl hard not saying that I don't fill bad but they full of shirt


  16. Stop making excuses for St. Lucia. No one should be violated. We need to think critically about the place that is only 14 miles x 17 miles. Tourists are generally given publicity when they are assaulted, however, locals suffer even more.
    The government is busy borrowing money trying to improve its tourism product. They seem oblivious to the fact that they must secure their investments. Essentially, whistling in the dark. The emphasis seem to be on denying that the place is unsafe. It's just a matter of time before reality hit them in the buttocks. Even Stevie Wonder can see it coming. The answer to crisis is not calling all the police from vacation. It's like treating the heart attack victim with a pinch of salt to stop nausea.
    A comprehensive security plan is needed that addresses serious crime in all it's facets... including guns.
    There is an air of lawlessness on the island. I am still awaiting the great leap from the Crime Symposium held almost a year and a half ago. My deepest sympathies to locals and tourists who have been violated by this wave of crime. Correction, exclude one local and she knows herself.


  17. Crime happens everywhere and Saint Lucia is no different...but these ghettos in the surrounding city gots to go!! The city is surrounded by ghettos. They even building ghettos in cemeteries... nah we could do better!


  18. I can understand that this is indeed a terrible experience for anyone to go through. Yes, the issue has to be dressed and be dealt with. I am a St. Lucian living in Germany, which is considered one of safest countries in the world and yet still I can’t walk into all areas and be safe. Reality is, one chances of being a victim of a crime will increase according to where and when you are in a certain area regardless of country. According to statistics, about 1.2 million tourists visited the Island last year. I believe that if this statistics is used to examine the ratio of crime against tourists a more objective representation of our island would be made.


    • You do not have to go down the wrong road or at the wrong time of day to be victimised and robbed. It is not difficult to tell a visitor from a local even before they speak. A local behaves like a blinkered horse looking straight ahead and walking at great speed, whilst the visitor has the alertness of a meerkat surveying the sites. Visitors want to get closer to the locals to get a flavour of St Lucia. They want much more than making acquaintance with the local maids or other catering staff. Who would expect that whilst relieving yourself in a public convenience that you can be accosted and robbed? Even a guy needs a buddy to keep an eye on his back whilst peeing! The privy is too private a place for CCTV to intrude. There are organised groups that single out visitors to victimise. And that must stop otherwise places like Castries and the island as a whole will get the reputation of emptiness, empty of hospitality, empty of culture - not worthy seeing or experiencing. When people recount their experience of St Lucia it is never about museums or culture but how hospitable the people are. It is that quality that is being undermined by a few.


  19. ST. lucia needs to clean up its act...but is crime fighting a priority? is healthcare a priority? is poverty alleviation a priority?only priority is lining pockets obviously


  20. Notice how they refer to them as the natives. All the s== that happens to other people here in Canada including me I have never heard anyone say im never coming back. So stay away then. ---outta here!!


  21. We are becoming a sh*thole country because of these idiots in Castries and lazy police force. This occurred in broad daylight for heaven's sake!


  22. some years ago I was robbed and beaten in Miami Florida, how come I didn't say I would never return to Florida or the United States? Why the double standard?


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