Caribbean E-Sports Alliance formed

Caribbean E-Sports Alliance formed
Donnelly John, St. Lucia (Chief Communications Officer).
Donnelly John, St. Lucia (Chief Communications Officer).

PRESS RELEASE – In December 2014 the leaders of the Caribbean islands in the sectors of Tech, eSports & Gaming came together to form a body to govern and direct the very popular and quickly growing industry of eSports within the Caribbean.

The aim of this entity called CEA would be to unify all of the Caribbean islands participating in eSports working towards growth and becoming a recognized international body.

The CEA includes islands which both have a strong eSports presence and those which are still developing or have potential to develop strategically.

It is part of our mandate to find out more about each islands gaming scenes and to share information about the industry with each other to engender growth within these islands.

On the 17th of December 2014 the islands nominated an interim board of founding members as follows:

-Valdez Franklin, St. Lucia (President)

-Riyadh Bakshi, Trinidad (Vice President)

-Donnelly John, St. Lucia (Chief Communications Officer)

-Erskin Hansen, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands (Chief Media Officer)

-Andrew Johnson, Jamaica – (Executive Secretary)

-Omar Squires, Barbados (Finance Controller)

-Rolando Brison, St. Maarten (Permanent Secretary)

In 2015 the CEA hopes to create the exposure and structures needed for Caribbean to become a highly visible and active eSports Commonwealth.

The immediate and long term economic rewards of combining efforts via the CEA will provide exponential benefits for each member state.

Boosting tourism activity between all of the islands, exposing corporate entities to aspiring and professional players who are looking to make a commitment to the industry in the areas of competitiveness and it’s organization a well.

There are a total of 17 Islands who are currently recognized members of the CEA each island having 2 representatives who sit on the general council.

The CEA recognizes the following 6 major regional tournaments for the YEAR of 2015 in chronological order:

DPGL (Dominican Republic) – April

VXG (St. Maarten) – July

AnimeKon/Final Stand (Barbados) – August

SauceKon (St. Lucia) – August

Giga-Games (Guadeloupe) – October

VS TNT (Trinidad & Tobago) – December

It is safe to say that the gaming community of the Caribbean will never be quite the same. With the boost in confidence provided by the Caribbean eSports Alliance we think the world will begin to open its eyes to the dawn of a new giant in the arena of the professional gaming.

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  1. We Try bro.... We try.... it's about bringing the gaming community together locally and internationally turning gaming into a viable economic and tourism product.


  2. Good job Sauce krew! Don and're living the dream. Great to see you guys have brought gaming so far.


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