Castries South is overflowing with talent, says Hilaire

Castries South is overflowing with talent, says Hilaire
Dr. Ernest Hilaire

PRESS RELEASE – Dr. Ernest Hilaire was officially presented as the Saint Lucia Labour Party’s (SLP) candidate for Castries South, at a Press Conference held today, May 24, 2016. With less than two weeks until election day, the SLP candidate line-up marks an exciting time for Team Labour 2016.

From his childhood spent listening to the past champions of Labour speaking on the Castries Market Steps, to his nomination as representative for this constituency, Ernest Hilaire is a man born in, and shaped by Castries South.

At the press conference today, Hilaire described his dream to be the best political representative Castries South has ever had, and expressed his determination to create opportunities for young people to enable them to realize their potential.

As a founding member and Vice President of the National Youth Council, and President of the Caribbean Federation of Youth, Ernest spent his young years in the arena of community service and activism. Ernest described how his consciousness “was shaped by upbringing and dedication to serving my community”. His hard work and tireless devotion to Saint Lucia led to his appointment as CEO of the West Indies Cricket Board and later, Saint Lucia’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.

Addressing his most profound values, he told the conference, “I believe that we need to build a more equal and meritocratic society where everyone, regardless of place of birth, family background or political affiliation, has an equal chance to succeed in life. I hold firm to the belief that public life is about service to the people and not a favour to the people. The Labour Party has best offered me the chance to live that philosophy”.

Hilaire explained that Castries South is overflowing with talent, opportunity and expectation, despite poor conditions in some parts of the constituency. He expressed his enthusiasm for working with young people in Castries South, to offer them the space to realise their aspirations. He added, “I intend to serve Castries South with the same hard work, dedication and commitment which have thus far guided me throughout my time as a student leader, youth leader, student and in my professional life.”

The SLP looks forward to Hilaire’s official launch on Sunday 29th May at the Hot Grounds, in Cul de Sac. It will be exciting day, during which voters will have the opportunity to hear more about the candidate for Castries South and about our 15 key pledges to the people of Saint Lucia.


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  1. If you are not from Castries South your comment doesn't SAVE IT!!!!!!!! Mr. Hilare Castries South youth have your back 100% because we know what you are capable of and we are willing to give you a chance...Mary is a good person but not strong enough to represent us. #wevotingErnest


  2. Hilaire now you want votes you will say anything. You feel you better than people. You r feet walking in all the places you would never walk before. After elections these people would never see you again. You one of the big not fooling me.


  3. Of course Castries South has talent, but you are sure not one of them.

    The people of the constituency need to ask Sir Vivian Richards to tell them what your talent is


  4. Harvey! What you trying????

    Lot kotay uncle! We don't want you in any government capacity. We know for years you have been Kenny's top adviser. We see what you can do. We don't need you to show us again. I'm not ready for your scandals. Sir Vivian had it right, whatever you touch turns to rubbish. I safe on you!


  5. There might be no doubt that castries south is full of talent.
    But let's look at Dr. Hilaire's talent in so far as what is important to a voter.

    He lost a golden opportunity to show good faith, accountability and stewardship when you heard the people of St. Lucia crying out for the correct details of the Juffali appointment and for which he must have known the answers. But he preferred instead silence and prevented us from knowing the truth about matters of state which rightly concern us. We were not interested or asking of his personal or private affairs.
    To date elections are with us and Hilaire probably feel happy that he was able to successfully avoid our requests and instead hold tight to his chest the darkness and mess surrounding Juffali's appointment. That was the test Dr. Hilaire failed but the judge gave us an insight. Not that many citizens had not suspected.

    Now if Dr. Hilaire as a government employee, as high commissioner, felt too big and no need to responds to us the tax payers, who paid his salary, am I to believe that if he is a government minister he will ever willingly want to account to us who he may likely deem his subjects.

    It is such arrogance and bombastic demeanor which overflows from his face and the no need to account, that will craft hilaire's political downfall.


  6. The questions are:
    (1)Before you decided to enter into politics, when you had the ability to do so, what was your contribution to Castries South especially in your adult years ?

    (2) Did you realize prior to becoming the candidate, that Castries South had immense talent, and did you voluntarily offer your expertise to your SLP government and Robert Lewis on how the constituents of Castries South talents could be harnessed?

    (3) How frequently were you visiting Castries South to engage the people prior to your decision to run. No not as a potential candidate but out of genuine concern for the persons who equally traverse the pathways, and alleys of Castries South just like you in your early days.

    You have presented a resume which appears impressive, and you conveniently remind Castries South and the nation by extension that you spent your early years roaming the pathways, alleys and steps of Hospital Road, Faux a Chaux, and Bananes as if to strike some sort of balance and down to earth persona "he is one of us" mentality in the constituents and nation.

    It appears the people who tag along with you are very close friends, members of Red International. One just have to look at CIP. Should people expect the same if the SLP remains in power and you are elected, that your close friends will be getting the opportunities?

    Politicians have a knack for trying to identify with the disadvantaged among us, work on the psychology of these individuals and yet we the people can't seem to realize that at the end of the day, is it not really our interest they have at hand but rather their own. So while they attempt to get to the grass root level, all they are really asking is can you vote for me so that I can get bigger loans to build the massive houses, that i can travel freely, that me and my family have a better way of life.

    One has to critically look at all those presenting themselves to manage this land (i say manage because i have yet to see anyone display any leadership qualities).
    We need to really ask our selves whether these people want to serve country or self. Some persons have the need for power, that is their driving force, not necessarily the betterment of the fellowman. Get the power first and all else later.


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