Castries student killed by police identified

Castries student killed by police identified
Arnold Joseph

The 17-year-old male who was fatally shot by police during an alleged confrontation with the lawmen on Wednesday night, May 22, has been identified as Arnold Joseph of Babonneau.

Joseph was a fifth-form student of the Entrepot Secondary School, located in Castries city.

Reports are that Joseph was scheduled to sit CSEC exams.

(Below is a press release from the police about the incident)

On Wednesday, May 22, 2019, about 10:30 p.m., officers attached to the Special Services Unit, whilst on mobile patrol, received information regarding a suspicious motor vehicle, at Reclamation Grounds, Castries.

The responding officers made attempts to stop a white Toyota Lancer, registration number PE3191, but to no avail. The motor vehicle in question failed to stop, venturing through one-way streets about the city, contravening traffic regulations.

During an attempt to apprehend the individuals, one individual was fatally shot, whilst a second was non-fatally injured. A third male was arrested without injury.

One nine millimeter (9mm) firearm was recovered by officers from the said individuals.

Investigations into the circumstances surrounding this incident are ongoing. Anyone with information regarding this matter is asked to contact the Major Crimes Unit at 456 3754.


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  1. strange now that the news outlets will place the images of the young men up for ignorant st.lucians to stigmatize,,, however when the police is doing nonsense it is not highlighted,

    Was any effort made to follow up on the headlines to now state that the so-called perpetrators were released with NO CHARGES except for driving without a license and insurance.


    However a single 9mm firearm strangely appears in the so called criminals possession...... c'mon people don't be so blind..... Recognise a cover up when its right in front of your'll .....



  2. true dat. sometimes when u see the murder rate spike just so look at them very closely.


  3. Every statement that some of you out there are making is so true, but what you are not saying is that police in the USA are being prosecuted and sent to prison for their actions while in St. Lucia police are being praised for their actions all the time. They are never wrong and always wright that is the difference and that makes them very corrupt. Police men and women are being paid to do a job and the result of a case should not matter to them. At the end of each month there is a pay check It is the justice department that has the final say not them. The police should not be a judge jury and executioner.


  4. What we need is better relationship between the public and the police, and the police must stop their corruption practices, and only then we will see a reduction in crime and crime solving in St.lucia.I have been a private investigator for over 30 years who has conducted investigations through out the U S A and several countries including the Middle East and Africa and it is very bad and dangerous in St. Lucia at this time. I am St. Lucian ex police officer who has reached out to the security minister's office but has not been given an audience. So sad.


    • My question to you sir,with much respect,do you think only in st lucia,cops are corrupt ? .if it's Like you said,you should know here in the us in most police departments there are crooked cops,i that should be no excuse why law and order should not be the norm,you should also know if every state when you are asked to stop by the police.for any or no reason you must comply,you should also.know that if the percive a threat the will take action,and you should also if they are fired upon,the will return fire.and it should be no diffrent .in gangsters paradise.


  5. What is the problem for some people to cooperate with the police ? If you have nothing to hide where is the problem to cooperate with the police.



    Been following with a sense of keenness, the spike in violent crime in this tiny island-nation. Have also followed that which had forced the United States to,

    (a) ...Cancelled issued Visas to certain high-ranked officers and cutting back on professional training and technical assistance to the Police Service; and

    (b) ...that which had forced the '...Kenny Anthony administration' into causing an inquiry into the operations of the police service.' These are irrefutable facts.

    This incident could now revive public animosity against an agency that not only has responsibility for the '...Rule of Law,' but also '...To protect life and safeguard property.'

    When the Kenny Anthony administration made public revelations of the findings of the inquirers, and gave the impression that those identified with '...Extra-judicial Killings,' and decisive action had been taken, even now with '...sorrow, grief and mourning,' such decisive action may have eased the citizen's wrath against their police service.

    History shall never be allowed to repeat itself.

    One may now wonder why those seen as,

    (i) ...Acting with impunity;

    (ii) ...Staging criminal acts and reporting falsely; and

    (iii) ...showing reckless disregard to the sanctity of life,' under the guise of '...fighting crime, were
    never brought to justice.

    In the instant incident, until the true facts are known, it might be too early to '...Apportion Blame,' whether on the part of the deceased student or the police.'

    Waiting could be very painful to a '...grieving family and anxious and angry citizens,' but other than '...previous indecisiveness in judicially addressing unearthed trigger-happiness,' we shall all wait until the truth is revealed, tested and proved where it may.


  7. There is no way the police could have subdued the kid without killing him??SMH this is very sad and disturbing to hear happening in Lucia. I don't care what no one says nothing warranted being gun down like that, better protocols should be in place for situations like this. I pray that the family seek full justice for this boy. Condolences to his family.


    • We are yet to know exactly what took place, they wouldn’t just kill this young man or anyone unless threatened and provoked in some way.


    • Quick question,should the police wait to be gunned down.some stlucians need to be educated above primary school level.and have a willingness to further themselves,owning unlicensed firearms is stluca,yet on a weekly basis gun,crimes are occurring, I happen to live in a state in the us.and have been stopped by police,and I may say I own a number of firearms, in a state where I don't need a licence,but when stopped the first words to the police is ,sir i have a loaded gun in my care and a permit.and if i dont stop ,do you know i can be must follow police orders,or suffer the actions,its sad what this island is coming too,respect the law.


  8. uhhhhmmm......only a dumb ass will believe that story this is just not true an needs judgement



      • were you there to know that they shot @ the police?

        smh jumping to conclusions foolish human?


      • Do u believe everything that the police says now! Wow confidence restored right! Smh
        I need to see the shells of the fired shots we! The police will say anything to save deh ass from anything! Moi mem


  9. Imagine this I'm reading where without condolences to the family and without proper evidence people are already passing death sentences on the Children.

    The report didn't give indications of any engagement between the police and the Children, they said a call of suspicion, death, wounding, arrest and a gun found.

    None of these warrants a person being KILLED BY THE POLICE.


  10. Alleged Human Rights Abuse Conspiracy

    The Saint Lucia police have been accused of keeping death lists and carrying out extrajudicial killings of suspected criminals in an attempt to make St Lucia more attractive to tourists.[10] Shootings by police took place in 2010 and 2011 during a security drive called Operation Restore Confidence, which was aimed at reducing violent crime and boosting tourism following the murder of a British tourist.[10]

    A report by independent investigators from the Jamaica Constabulary Force in 2015 claimed that officers from the Royal St. Lucia Police Force staged a dozen killings of suspected criminals.[10] The police then reported the killings as murders committed by unknown assailants, planting weapons at the scene.[10] In August 2013 the US government suspended assistance to the Saint Lucia police in light of rumours of the extrajudicial killings.[10]


  11. Usually they also give an account of the ammunition found in the gun or if non was found.....this story sounds like its gonna be fabricated more and more.


  12. A bunch of teens have turned to criminality. Some have to kill to be accepted. I don't know of this one who met his demise but nothing is a surprise these days. Trust no one.


  13. The initial story suggested that the police was fired upon. It seems like the story is changing. There is no mention of shots fired by the victims in this updated report.


  14. Will some one shed some light on this story.One kid shot to death and another one also got shot, and one firearm recovered. Is this a repeat of police killings.


    • Some of the officers putting the guns,bullets n drugs back on the streets so who are the real criminals? Don't come for me! Sadly i don't believe nothing dem police officers say! Does that mean that i support crime hell no! I pray for the day we can walk on our streets without wondering where the next bullet will come from! For the day we will respect each other cause if we love and respect each other we won't kill, steal or hurt them in no way! So sad this young man had to lose his life i could say wrong place wrong time but i won't cause it's the way his story was written! Maybe other young men can learn from this but hey let me wake up! Until then am just a single person praying for a better tomorrow!


    • If they can't get the model of vehicle correct, what else IS correct? One time they were shot at, another time they were not...


  15. Why identify the school the young man attended? Sometimes I believe the media house should be more responsible in the way they report their story. Come on man.


    • Nothing wrong about it. That doesn't make the school a sight of negativity. He however chose his destiny. It never transpired on the school property. I went to Entrepot secondary and I must commend it's a great school. With the level of crimes in st.lucia I believe the country needs curfew. at least a good 3 months of curfew. And let's see how it aids minimizing crimes.


      • Yes slim ,you are spot on,I did attend entrepot sec.class of 87,little criminals,running the streets,li was born with a copper spoon ,did not know where my next meal was coming from,yet with one parent,I took the right path,because I knew right from wrong, lost 2 family members to criminals robbing and killing,them,and they worked hard all their lives,what they need is ,stronger punishment, and stiffer fines.have a leader like durtate.of the Philippines, reform the justice system,15 to 20 mandatory when caught with a firearm. 20 to 50 armed robbery resulting in death,deportation of none stlucian criminals and their families, a prison system ,that seperates low level inmates from seasoned criminals.a re introduction of hanging.the chair,or lethal injection,,and the willingness to hold politicians accountable at the poles,and put party politics aside,or else you wont be safe in your own home.


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