Church’s and Rituals make sport donation

Church’s and Rituals make sport donation


PRESS RELEASE – On Saturday 10th December the Gros Islet Football League was on site at Church’s Chicken/Rituals Diner to accept two new football kits for its female team.

The Gros Islet Female team placed 2nd in the national U15 competition which was held earlier this year by the SLFA. The girls were on hand to receive their brand new kits after making use of team GMC United kit for their entire season.


With this new kit from Church’s Chicken and Rituals we at the Gros Islet Football League believes this will give the girls a better sense of identity which will foster unity within the team. The girls can’t wait to wear this kit and have already preparing for the 2017 season with their first competition being in February 2017.

We at the Gros Islet Football League thank our sponsors Church’s Chicken and Rituals for their generous donation and promised them that this will go a long way in making the girls team great again.

Special thanks goes out to Roberta Polius for going out of her way to make this possible for the girls. We also thank coach Dermot Chris Binghinio Monrose for taking the girls on such a journey.



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