Coconut Bay holds the baton for school sports in the south issues invitation for culinary fair

Coconut Bay holds the baton for school sports in the south issues invitation for culinary fair


(PRESS RELEASE) – Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa will be staging a first ever Culinary Fair on 19th, February, 2018.

The fair is targeted mainly at Secondary School students as well as members of the public. The deadline for registration of persons interested in participating in this event is, Wednesday 14th, February, 2018.

The objective of the Coconut Bay Culinary Fair is: “Identifying hidden and quality talent who may become prospects future employment and to provide a platform for exposure. The venue for the Culinary Fair will be Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa.

The attached flier provides details relevant to the upcoming Culinary Fair. runnings the distance with four schools in the support by providing financial support for their respective Sports Meets all scheduled within the current school term. At time of year, the Resort receives dozens of sponsorship request from just about all schools in the south soliciting assistance towards their planned Sports Meets.

This year the resort has passed the baton of sponsorship to four schools in the south of the island. The schools which have been identified for financial support are: Laborie RC Girls Primary School, Vieux Fort Primary School, Choiseul Secondary School and Pierrot Combined School. The beneficiary schools are each receiving EC $500.00 each that will go towards offsetting the expenditure associated with staging their respective sports meets.

The schools receiving support from Coconut Bay to assist with their Annual School Sports Meets are all located within the hotels zone of support which stretches from Choiseul along the west coast to the east coast district of Dennery.

Hotel General Manager who is an avid sports enthusiast commented: “we are pleased to have the opportunity to contribute towards future sports development by the contribution which we can make towards the success of these schools sports programmes. These sporting events help to nurture future Olympians and we are proud to be part of that effort”.

The first Sports Meet which was held by the Vieux Fort Primary School will be staged on February 7th, 2018. The other sports meets will be held over the coming weeks through to the month of March. Coconut Bay extend best wishes to these schools for successful staging of their upcoming Sports Meets.

We are committed to running the distance with you.


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