Costa Ricans held in major ganja bust

Costa Ricans held in major ganja bust

(CMC) – Three Costa Rican are in police custody following a major ganja bust earlier this week by members of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) Coast Guard.

A Jamaican is also in custody.

The JDF, in a statement, said they seized 70 pounds of the drug after a boat with four men capsized south of the Pedro Banks on Tuesday.

The JDF reports that a small boat was dispatched to rescue the men who were seen waving their hands in distress.

They say en route to rescuing the men knitted bags were seen afloat near the capsized vessel.

The men were held in connection with the seizure.

According to the JDF, several items were also found inside a container.

They include a satellite phone, a cellular phone connected to a Costa Rican telecommunications company, batteries and an additional amount of marijuana believed to be for personal use.


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