Couple watch in disbelief as thief drives car out of their La Clery residence

Couple watch in disbelief as thief drives car out of their La Clery residence
The scrapped Lancer.

(GVD NEWS/SNO) – Another motor vehicle owner is counting losses due to theft.

On August 6, 2018, at about 10 p.m., a metallic grey Mistisubushi Lancer was stolen from the community of York Hill in La Clery, Castries.

A frantic search ensued with the owner using every possible medium – social media and traditional news outlets – to find the stolen vehicle.

On August 7, 2018, the owner received bittersweet news: the Lancer was found in Cul-de-Sac, Castries but it was scrapped – with no doors, wheels, front lights, just to name a few.

During an interview with GVD News, the owner, a female, who did not wish to be identified, said: “I got home from church, parked my car in the garage and went in. I sat watching television for a few minutes when I heard my husband calling out to me, informing me that someone is stealing my car. We got out only to see the back of my car leaving without me,” she explained.

“We called the police immediately, but only to be told that we will receive a call from CID. After 45 minutes and not receiving a call, and a no-show from the police, we called again. Only this time we were told to come to the station to make a report the following morning. I then sent out the news of a stolen car through Whatsapp and all other platforms I could use,” she told GVD News.

“On August 7th, I received calls informing me that my car was found in Cul-de-Sac, but just not the way I expected,” she said. “I feel violated and unsafe.”

The owner of the vehicle expressed disappointment with the way the matter was handled. She prays for God’s richest blessing on the person who took her car and hopes that he changes his life.


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  1. my people make me laugh...Anymnous you crack me up by saying make them go from pont A to point ?..Anymnous you should tell the ? there is drugs in the trunk..oh people not easy.what a laugh


  2. So will all the theft that going around. Persons with cars which look like vehicles most younger persons own don't realise that they should get a steering wheel lock? Like seriously. Instead of moaning about what happen let us wise, non criminal people protect ourselves. SIMPLE. What all u expect some action from the police. Like seriously or some of u blaming ........ People time to take responsibility for ourselves and well being. Your vehicle is familiar with younger drivers buy and invest what u need to avoid thieves going with your vehicle.


    • Hello whether locked or not no one had the right to take the ladies vehicle in her yard out of her garage without permission


      • Can't change the fact that the car was stolen. A lot is not right in this world, so what the commenter is saying, be more proactive, get a lock. Make it difficult for these assholes


  3. "She prays for God’s richest blessing on the person who took her car and hopes that he changes his life"

    Why does that person deserve your prayers?


  4. When is the next boat due for St. Vincent? Might be a, good idea to goods to the dock where boat comes in. In the meantime, check Rose Hill, Arundel Hill, Cedars, Lastic Hill, Leslieland, Sunbilt, Ravine Chabot. Police presence not heavy there & thieves take chances to dismantle vehiclea in these areas.


  5. Everything in St Lucia is driven by who you know, can't even get the police assistance unless u know someone on the force to call personally. Such a shame for a group of persons who don't realize that they are being paid by the public. I need a job where I don't have to pay taxes to benefit no public servant because they don't work for it.


    • John, I need to stop patronizing your workplace so that there will be no money for you to continue stealing from your boss.


    • Amen John. There are a FEW good cops who provide exemplary service. I had a recent experience dealing with one. But 99 out of 100 are useless.


  6. Mr or Ms Mweh Mem I agree with you. Not to destroy them but to have them return the stolen item asking and begging for forgiveness until you are ready to let them go.


  7. He/they will only change their lives after being electrocuted or maimed (by whatever method!)


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