Courts fully furnishes newly constructed home for family of eight in Soufriere

Courts fully furnishes newly constructed home for family of eight in Soufriere

PRESS RELEASE – Saint Lucia and the Caribbean’s leading electrical, furniture and appliance superstore, Courts, embarked on yet another philanthropic initiative on Thursday, April 10, geared at improving the current living conditions of Soufriere resident Mariana Butcher and her family of eight.

Earlier this year, a request was sent in to Courts on behalf of the Butcher family by a few concerned citizens, pleading for some urgent recourse to what was becoming a very dire situation.

Butcher, a 45-year-old single mother, had been struggling to raise her eight children on her own whilst living in the most adverse conditions. Her children, all attending the infant, primary and secondary schools in the community, are between the ages of four to 18 years old.

Although resilient in their quest for some level of normalcy, the Butcher family could hardly afford the basic necessities necessary to survive. The interminable efforts of the Soufriere Regional Development Foundation (SRDF) and the St. Lucia Social Development Fund (SSDF) led to the construction of a four-bedroom house for the family as a means to an end to their hardships.

At Courts, we make it our responsibility to do what we can to benefit the communities we serve, targeting education and health and community development; this ties in nicely with our corporate social responsibility.

Using this as our mandate to continue ‘Bringing Value Home’, we welcomed the opportunity to be a part of the hand-over to the Butcher Family, by way of completely furnishing their home with brand new furniture, appliances and electronics. The donation from the company included a 32” television, a three-piece sofa set, three mattresses with matching bases, a stove, a refrigerator and $1,000 worth of grocery vouchers.

The keys to the Butcher family’s brand new home, completely furnished with Courts products,  was handed to the family by Harold Dalsan, Minister for Social Transformation, Local Government and Community Empowerment and Parliamentary Representative for Soufriere/ Fond St. Jacques, in the presence of Courts representatives, the SRDF, SSDF, members of the press and residents of Soufriere.

The donation to the Butcher family came on the heels of significant donations to the St. Lucia Renal Association and the St. Lucia Autistic Resource Centre, all geared towards improving the lives of those in need.


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  1. Kudos to Courts. Keep up the philanthropic work. Hope other business houses/organizations follow your example.


  2. So happy for the Mum but especially the children. Good job Courts St.Lucia fully appreciates good and positive things in our communities.


  3. De ghetto youths homeless who to be blame we need more of them generous ventures not form courts but from our own people where are the volunteer groups and all the other organization perfect example for them

    An for that mother and she Pickney member education is the key so send the youths every dame day even Sunday school

    An for them father them fire must burn you ah your pickney them and you did not handle your business


  4. Finally some great news coming from st.lucia. Big up to everyone who assisted this family. More things like this need to be done.


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