Did you know?

Did you know?


Did you know that the maternity ward at Victoria Hospital was sponsored by the Government of France?

The ward is named for Françoise Dolto who was a French pediatrician and psychoanalyst and was officially opened on 15th March, 1992.

Did you know that in 1954 the West Indies Broadcasting Service (WIBS) established a branch in Saint Lucia which later became Radio Saint Lucia?  Then on January 01, 1972 Radio Saint Lucia officially commenced broadcasting?

Did you know that William Peter was an Irishman who settled in Saint Lucia and built the Peter home at La Pensée?  The home was built about 1890 was called “Dunnottar”.  The Dunnottar Home now houses the school for special needs students.

Source:  Saint Lucia: Up to Now by A. L. Dawn French – 2016

           :  Saint Lucia Historic Sites by Robert J. Devaux & Saint Lucia National Trust – 1975  


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  1. Thanks for the history but you forget the William peter Boulevard better known to all which was named after him.


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