Did you know that in 1929 a Child Welfare Association was formed in Castries?

Did you know government scholarships to St. Mary’s College commenced in 1906?

Did you know on February 16, 1906 that a severe earthquake was felt throughout St. Lucia? It was strongest in the northern section of the island and there was a considerable amount of damage.

Did you know an Ordinance to provide for the establishment of an island scholarship was brought in on January 11, 1918?

Did you know in 1929 the coastal motor-boat service run by the government was handed over to the St. Lucia Navigation Company, which brought out the M.L. “Soufriѐre” from England? During that year also, two Air Services between the United States and South America received permission to make St. Lucia a refueling station and port of call.

Source: Outlines of St. Lucia’s History by Rev. Fr. Charles Jesse – 1994

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