DID YOU KNOW 26 St. Lucians died when HMS Good Hope was sunk in battle in 1914?

DID YOU KNOW 26 St. Lucians died when HMS Good Hope was sunk in battle in 1914?
HMS Good Hope

Editor’s note: The information for this article was gathered from multiple sources. However, the article was originally published on St. Lucia News Online on Jan. 9, 2014 and is being republished by popular request.

Did you know that when the HMS Good Hope sunk in the Battle of Coronel on November 1, 1914, off the Chilean coast 26 St. Lucian seamen were among the crew members who lost their lives?

The ship was sunk along with HMS Monmouth by the German armoured cruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau under Admiral Graf Maximilian von Spee with the loss of her entire complement of 900 hands, including Craddock.

Did you know the first airplane to arrive in St. Lucia with mails was a Pan American Airline piloted by Colonel Lindbergh?

Did you know that on February 25, 1935, when the ML George overturned between Laborie and Choiseul 41 people drowned?  However, Leo Bousquet courageously saved 24 lives, and for his bravery, he was awarded the Royal Humane Society Bronze Medal and Certificate.

Did you know in October 1901 an agricultural school was opened at Union?

Did you know the first motor car to be imported into St. Lucia arrived on the island on July 19, 1914?

Did you know the Choc Bridge (the bridge across the Choc River on the Castries-Gros Islet Highway) that we traverse almost on a daily basis was constructed in 1972?

St. Lucia News Online welcomes our readers to this feature which will run every Tuesday and Thursday. It is written by daughter of the soil Anselma Aimable, a former agricultural officer and former correspondent for Caribbean Net News, who has a deep interest in local culture and history. Send some ideas and tips to [email protected]


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  1. Anselma, I would like to acknowledge your good work. It is something the young and the not so young can appreciate. While it seems unlikely that the schools will teach our history, it might be useful to have a true and false quiz for elementary schools around St. Lucia with the winner getting a t-shirt from your organization.

    If you can, please provide us with more information about the individuals who started the Union Agricultural Station and the issues that generated it.


  2. My heart is over welhmed that I want to cry. This is what we need. We are a people and we have a history. Tell it on the mountains, the roof tops, the schools. Let our children know who we are. Take a page from the american book and the isreali book. Teach who we are, where we from and what we've been through as a people to our people. Great work merrick and the right person for the job. Keep it coming anselma. SNO I see u going places.


  3. "ma aubert" (mrs aubert joyeux of laborie) was on that vessel but swam to shore whilst pregnant with gaulbert joyeux (he was the uwp candidate who ran against allan louisy.

    courageous woman...matriach of the joyeaux family of laborie.


  4. Well done. If you don't know your history how can you decide what path to take to better your future. I love this feature. This island is to rich historically to ignore it.


  5. Anselma
    Thanks for your efforts. I enjoy reading about the history of home. Over the last few years I have been buying and reading material from St. Lucia; trying to piece together my own roots. Also, thanks to Merrick and staff, without whose approval this project would never come to light.


  6. My grandfather who was from Choiseul, always told us he had two brothers who drowned when the M.L George overturned many years ago.



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