Disturbing new dog grooming trend sees pet owners putting glitter on their pooches’ testicles

Disturbing new dog grooming trend sees pet owners putting glitter on their pooches’ testicles

(DAILY MAIL) — A disturbing new trend has overtaken the internet, and this time it involves decorating a specific area of a dog’s anatomy.

Dog owners are now covering their dog’s balls in edible glitter as an intrusive grooming statement to make when flaunting the animal in shows or on walks.

According to Distractify, the trend of glittering an animal’s balls was first spotted by Royal Paws Pet Salon in High Point, North Carolina.

‘I just thought I would let everybody know the latest creative grooming trend is glitter balls,’ the salon wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday.

‘Please know that I love doing creative but, I will NOT be doing this. Posting for your entertainment.’

For people concerned about the safety of the dogs, the glitter mixture is reportedly made out of edible glitter and corn syrup so it sticks to the surface of the animal.

The salon was not the only one sharing the latest trend for dogs.

Both Groomery Foolery, a page for professional groomers, and Groomies shared the images of dogs who were glittered in unnecessary places.

Comments poured in on the posts as people reacted to the new trend and why an owner would consider the look.

One person described the trend as ‘too funny’ while someone else said the fad could work well for Christmas to create ‘jingle balls’ for the dogs.

But a majority of commenters were upset about the new trend that subjected dogs to having something placed on their genitals.

‘I feel sorry for the dog,’ one person wrote online. ‘People will do anything to an animal and think it is funny. So bad.’

Another person named Matt felt like lecturing dog owners about how they should be treating the animals instead of subjecting them to the glittered balls.

‘This does show the level of irresponsibility pet owners use that they [would] rather have their dogs testicles dipped in glitter then have them neutered to control pet population,’ the man wrote.


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