Dominican family of nine faces expulsion from Martinique

Dominican family of nine faces expulsion from Martinique

(SNO) – A Dominican family, comprising seven children and their parents, are under threat of eviction from Martinique, according to Martinique 1ere.

The family took refuge one year ago at a relative’s house in Prêcheur following the passage of Hurricane Maria that destroyed their island.

Now, the authorities have asked the family to leave the French island this Thursday (August 16).

According to the report, the family have been unable to obtain a residence permit.

Mayor Marcellin Nadeau is reportedly opposed to this expulsion, citing the historical links of the town with its neighbours from Dominica.

“Remedies are still possible but for now the family must leave Martinique on Thursday,” the report states.


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  1. The story isn’t saying much. Are the parents working and before some of y’all talk about they don’t have documentation, a lot of Caribbean people are in the US without legal papers but they have jobs. I can’t say much with the information that was given but if they’re illegal going back would be the best thing. On another note this Dominican raised is far from lazy. I’m releasing three books this month on Amazon. I’ve already got one out so support a sister...Jae John Rose. Join my Facebook group for stories. There is a hot gossip story call Jae and Lovely.


  2. I stand in opposition that Dominicans are lazy people and calling on all Lucians not to believe this lie. I am a Lucian and I can say our people are lazy too and the word lazy is too short a word to describe some of MY PEOPLE. Just look around: many come up to you and beg; even those who can work begging school children big men and women at that. Some of our people men and women alike don't want to work, don't give an honest day's pay and picking and choosing jobs and the sad thing is most of them don't have one CXC. Personally, I know a lot of Dominicans who are honest, resilient and hard working and we do have a few right here. Besides, I don't think there are many Dominicans here than there are of Guyanese, Jamaicans etc. And by the way, we have some lazy Lucians sitting in NY, Martinique, London too. By the way, what of the number of Lucian nurses and other professionals leaving for "greener pastures". Why can't they stay and build Fair Helen and keep their families together. Maybe it is the barrels we want at Christmas time. Point is the same behavioural characteristics of human beings exists in all countries and lucians are no exception. With that being said, I must add on a different note that I do not appreciate the fact that Martinicans can come here "hassle free"--no Visa; customs give them hardly or no trouble at times to pass through but on the other hand our people are not given that type of treatment on French soil. Conclusion:
    1. Lucians are just as lazy
    2. They leave in drones too


  3. It seems the french island are tired of helping their more unfortunate neighbors sad but it is within their rights


  4. As a Dominican who lived through hurricane Maria, I am yet to understand the mindset which drives people to leave their country and go and sit in another man's land. I could understand if a volcano was erupting and the hazard still exists. I can understand if there is war and persecution. But I am yet to figure out what it is about hurricane Maria that drives people to leave their country. I stayed and am working my butt off to rebuild my land. What the hell are they doing sitting in another man's land with a string of children behind them? Now is the best opportunity to teach their children values which will be of use to them in their future. They are teaching their children to run away from every difficulty which comes their way. They are teaching their children to sit and depend on others. I guess this is what their prime minister has taught them to do. I think the government of Martinique should ship them back to Dominica on the next ferry to go build their country. Dominica needs construction workers, electricians, plumbers, farmers, labourers. St. Lucia, Antigua and the other OECS islands should do the same. People build their countries for their people, not for others to attach to like leeches.

    My take.


  5. Sad to say, but Dominicans are the only people who leave their island home in droves never to return every time they have a hurricane. People from the rest of the islands remain in their islands and rebuild, they do not leave. As a matter of fact some people return to their respective island homes to help with rebuilding and then at times even stay. Again, sad to say Dominicans are a very lazy breed.
    Look at the 3,000 or so people of Barbuda who were evacuated from that little flat piece of an island to Antigua, totally devastated by the hurricane last year, defied a curfew order from the Antiguan government a couple of weeks later to return to Barbuda to start rebuilding their island. They basically had nothing to return to but they did and started to rebuild.
    Every other island people stay and rebuild, the only people who leave are the tourists. Just look at Montserrat, the people had no choice but to leave and they very reluctant to do so. Left up to them they would stay, but that is impossible with an active volcano in your back yard.
    Another sad part is that tradesmen from the other islands go over to Dominica to help them rebuild and they are not treated kindly by the Dominicans and their wages are taxed heavily as well. We still have Dominicans here from hurricane David in 1979
    Sorry to say this but Dominicans go back home, who do you expect to rebuild your country?


    • I’m sure you know every Dominicans on island to make such a brave statement about Dominicnas being a lazy “breed.” What kind of breed are you?!


    • That's nasty and rude to say Dominicans are lazy. Check the latest csec results and u will see inspite of our devastation we worked hard and succeeded. You're damn rude.


    • Dominicans are as lazy as the thing that make you. So because your place full of thieves and boggarman would you like them to say its the worst place on earth? Who topped the csec exams? You wouldnt know that because you are too busy bashing hard working people and talking about the percentage that taking you!


    • To say Dominicans are lazy proves you’re not to bright. You will find lazy people everywhere you go especially among the internet babies. Not all Dominicans are lazy. I’m sure of you look among your friends/family you will find some who are hard working, done who are lazy and others who makes excuses. Most Dominicans stayed and they have rebuild. My family started rebuilding as soon as the wind and rain stopped. That family includes children so the parents need to get off their behinds and do what they need to do for their kids.


    • Preach my brother/sister preach. Dominicans are despicable and lazy people opportunist to the max. Glad the French government ask them to go back to their birth land, nine of them that's a lot of mouths to feed. Just hoping the St.Lucia government decline their request in case they ask to move over. Their Prime Minister is loaded with money he's the richest in the entire Caribbean but he will not spend a dime to rebuild his country he's still fleecing the world. Stay away St.Lucia because I know you all are the land of who soever will may come please stop it.


      • So the Prime Minister being rich is justification that Dominicans are lazy and reason for the family to be sent away? You sound like an uneducated fool.


    • That is not keeping real, that is making a characterization of an entire population based on your skewed assumptions. Do you have any empirical evidence to back up this absurd claim?


    • Not because this family get stick that means all dominicains are thé same i leave abord and work abord .i had dominicains at m'y home m'y friends home acfter maria who went back thé there native island to rebuild there homes .all nations leave Thier country to look for better.who thé hell is you to call dominicains lazy??? .u have those who refuse to leave Thier country notre remaing a scrap over Thier head.let me tell u a thing sir or miss who lever u are shot ur fucking mouth.


    • Where you putting them Watermark? At your home? You are the same people to complain about VAT and about poor people in your own neighborhood. Let charity begin at home first. Help the people return home where they have relatives and friends, and extensive social network who can provide support to them.


  6. One of the many things I will never understand French people goes everywhere no body trouble their ass y they want to make others life a living hell my take on that is French people say in y'all county de only place y'all are welcome is in hell


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