Easter worship high point of year at Trinity Lutheran Church

Easter worship high point of year at Trinity Lutheran Church

170330-easter-servicesPRESS RELEASE – Trinity Lutheran Church located in beautiful Bisee will be worshiping at 9:00 AM on Easter Sunday, April 16th. Following the worship will be fellowship and activities for the children.

All are welcome to come and worship.

“Easter is the biggest celebration in the Christian church year,” says Pastor Tom Spiegelberg. “I know that Christian churches argue over the day to celebrate Easter. Bu in spite of the disagreement, a day to commemorate Jesus coming back to life is an opportunity for all Christians to remember the single most important aspect of the Christian faith.”

He continues, “If there is life after this world, then the resurrection of Christ is our hope that death is not the final chapter, but just as Jesus rose, we too will rise. It is the only reason people have hope at a funeral or when this world seems hopeless.”

He goes on to explain why Easter is so important in the Christian church. “For so many religions, there is often a list of things that one must do to please a god or gods. For instance, in reincarnation, you must do good to come back in a better form or else you will come back in a worse form. Christianity is unique among the religions of the world in the sense that God states no one can get to heaven on account of their good life, but because of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. All other religions ask, ‘What must I do?’ Christianity asks, ‘What did God do for me?’ That is what Easter is all about.”

Trinity Lutheran Church and preschool offer Christian worship, education and fellowship for those seeking to find a church home to belong.

For more information, contact Trinity Lutheran Church at 450-2244 or Pastor Spiegelberg at 287-7260. You may also visit our web site at islandlutherans.com, email us at [email protected] or like us on Facebook.


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  1. That Easter thingy could not have been intended to signify JESUS' death. It was the eve of Passover & Passover this year, was 9th April, in the evening. Easter is about a week late this year. My guess is that Easter was meant to celebrate the Spring Festival, which was once called Yostre (pronounce, "Yosh-tray"). Any thumbs up???


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