Eight to contest Saint Lucia’s first ever Mr. Independence Pageant tonight (Feb. 9)

Eight to contest Saint Lucia’s first ever Mr. Independence Pageant tonight (Feb. 9)

(SNO) — Eight young men from across Saint Lucia will be taking the stage to compete in the first ever Mr. Independence Youth Development Pageant.

It forms part of the calendar of events as the island celebrates its 40th anniversary of independence, and will take place on February 9.

Mervin Joseph, coordinator of the event, said preparation for the show has been exciting and is promising a night of explosive talent and showmanship.

“Eight young men representing various districts will compete for the title of the first ever Mr. Independence Saint Lucia and so far we are encouraged by the response from the general public,” he said.

The contestants are Jamieson Edward – Castries South/East, Treasure Actille – Castries North, Brendon Joseph – Castries South, Jamal Springer – Castries Central, Cardious Constantin – Dennery, Sherquil Florence – Micoud, Franeil Charlery – Gros Islet and Deshawn Augustine – Vieux Fort.

The contestants will appear in four segments: ambassadorial speech, sport wear, talent and evening wear, to be followed by interviews.

The pageant will be held under the theme “Embracing Diversity, the Key to Unity”.

Organizers say it is intended to deepen the understanding and consciousness of young men on the need to make informed decisions that will positively impact their lives.

The pageant will be held at the National Cultural Center, Barnard Hill, Castries from 7 p.m.


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  1. Leave the bullars alone let them do their thing they are not hurting anyone matter of fact the are quite entertaining. It each one and each own that will answer to God. I believe he loves all his children stop huffing and puffing at each other life us too short, what about the people who was born with both organs? I know a kid from Vieuxfort who had both they took ou f the Male organ so she can be a girl how she is gay do you chase her out of society? Just wandering.


  2. The bullahs out in force on this message board. American influence. All of you batty men have nothing of substance to offer society; except emotional and physical baggage and garbage. i not even paying attention to mr. bulling independence. go and take your men if thats what you all sickos want. we cant promote indiscrete trash like this in the land. getting your dipstick stuck in shit is not normal and natural. rather it is abhorrent. it is against natural law. sick! sick!


    • Ou pay hailai epi toufé tout sa ou vlai! ? gay men, lesbians and the whole crew are here to stay honey. Deal with it. You don't like it? Not our problem, mind your business. Blacklivesmatter just as much as LGBTQlivesmatter too!


  3. Straight-acting is a misidentification borne of fear and ignorance, and possibly self-preservation.

    Strength can only be expressed with it’s corresponding or opposite feminine characteristic, flexibility. You are in your strength as a gay man if you are naturally masculine — if that’s how others see you and who you are without thought — without having to act or force yourself to be that way.

    ”But I’m a guy and I like guys!”
    Good for you. So am I, but I’m not an asshole about it. I’m not ignorant of the pain false masculinity causes other men who have grown up ashamed for being more naturally feminine. Saying that out loud hurts because by saying it you disqualify another human being.

    No one is forcing you to be attracted to something that you’re not. Why do you hate being gay so much you call yourself straight-acting?


  4. That’s so stupid it’s biblical!

    “You’re either a man or a woman and nothing in between!”
    Can you see how that enables violence in hyper-masculine straight men with a limited understanding of the diversity of masculinity? These are the men who fear homosexuality and cause the greatest harm, verbal or physical, to both women and “gay” men. Hello? #MeToo!

    These hyper-masculine men FEAR gay men… oh the irony. This only goes to show the fragility of gender as a construct. Going too far to one extreme induces the possibility of violence to prove one’s gender.


  5. They falsely believe that as gay people we’re the problem, because we talk about oppression. They think we don’t have thick enough skins. How ignorant! My skins is hard as fuck from years of feeling stigmatized and less than. Many of us have far deeper, physical wounds that prove the violence of homophobia. Many of us are not alive today because of homophobic bigotry.


  6. They falsely believe that as gay people we’re the problem, because we talk about oppression. They think we don’t have thick enough skins. How ignorant! My skins is hard as fuck from years of feeling stigmatized and less than. Many of us have far deeper, physical wounds that prove the violence of homophobia. Many of us are not alive today because of homophobic bigotry.


  7. So what if a rapist say he doesnt have an on/off button then a murdererer said the same, the a racist said the same what kind of world will we have


    • Babes you're mixing two different things as one. It's like saying what if rapist say they don't have an off/on button and what if Black people say they don't have an on/off button for thier race? You understand your erroneous analogy? Gay is genetic and secondly, causes ZERO harm to YOU. You can NEVER persuade anyone to be straight anymore than you can persuade straight to be gay. Therefore if you as a straight are willing to say you can become gay, then YES, GAY IS A CHOISE. BUT IF YOU as a straight can chose to be gay, then no, it's not a choice. It's thag simple. A rapist is harming someone bro... And murderer is harming somone bro.... And pedo is harming somone bro... A gay is sleeping...with a man not harming anyone. You've selected and extremely antagonistic example and put it next to homosexuals, but unfortunately those are two separate things. Being gay is as natural as your eye color.. Which has not on/off button, as your hair type, as your bone structure etc. Know the difference 🙂


        • I think the way forward is having an intelligent conversation from both sides. Just sprouting out infantile remarks hets us nowhere. Please be a bit more tactful and focused for this argument. Having given you facts and standard proof in examples, I suppose your puerile cognitive abilities were unable to understand its value, so I forgive you. 🙂


  8. Mr Independence Pageant? I am looking for the Misters and wondering what going on...cuz half of dem men are homos...choops tun


  9. WE don't choose to be gay anymore, than you choose to be straight. We gay men can't help but, love men, anymore than you choose to love women. Can you imagine a world where gays were normal and straight men were looked down upon? You rather die right? Welcome, this is what gays feel like. We are not sick or defect Ed anymore than straight men are sick or defected. If there was a gay button, trust me, most of us would have already turnt it off so we can fit into what society thinks is Ćacceptable", however gay, has no off/on button anymore distinctive than straight has an off/on button, otherwise a straight person could choose to be gay any day... If a straight person can't choose to be gay, please understand that gay people don't choose to be gay DELIBERATELY to upset you. We are humans, afraid and confused trying to understand WHAT'S going ON, against the odds of biblical and social antagonism. Please accept us. iinhods


    • Move for here with that shate. Doh come and try that inverted pervert logic them LGBT groups and American funded activist teaching yall in pushing ya'll nasty agenda. The pedofiles say the same damn thing, they can't help their perversion and yet it remains illegal and treated as it right should, as a perversion. The only difference between ya'll and them is that yall have bigger numbers, more money, and people in influential places who want to come out of the closet to practice their nastiness. Be a pirate all you want, but you cyah try and force people to believe or accept ya nastiness.


      • Unfortunately, we have no agenda. We fight and stand up against the world because, we can no longer deny ourselves. We are the product of this earth, an emerging diversity. Generalising all gays as perverse is the equivalence of generalising all straights as pedophiles and rapist. It lacks for sight, and is a marvelously myopic. You are fighting, but a losing battle my friend. We have always been amongst you, only ashamed and overwhelmed, confused and scared because we did not understand. The time has come for us to reveal ourselves and live in peace. Most of us do not harm anyone, some of, do. In the same extent most straight people do not harm anyone, but some, do. It's two sided my love. 🙂 #lovewins :p


    • Sorry son, can't accept that. by nature is it easier for us to do wrong, lie, cheat, steal, etc... we make an effort not to these things cause it does not make us dwell in unity and in peace. you can try not to be these things, not trying is wrong.
      i have cheated , lied, steal, procrastinate, back talk, gossiped all my life,, because it is easy to do and think i get away with it. but! daily i practise not to do those things because they are wrong. right is always be right, wrong will always be wrong, tomorrow it cannot and will not change, even if the laws of man changes it, nature doesn't and God doesn't..
      please try to change. i cannot accept the things that are wrong.


      • Lol @Sorry, agreed! However sir/madame, when you lied, cheated, stole, gossiped your rascal actions effected someone else. However, a gay man walking down the road minding his business does not effect YOU negatively anyway, except for the fact that you're away this that he sleeps with another man. You bible considers it wrong, but there plentiful religions out there, and so you are never entitled to impress upon anyone, your religious doctrines in the sort of machiavellian attitude which you come off ass. Let's be clear tho, the gay attraction is natural, who we "chose" to sleep with is a choice. However, with no other natural attraction choice, gays must go for men. I think we exist as a sort of temporary slow down for overpopulation actually. 🙂


        • yep you're right about natural attraction and behaviour. it still remains as wrong. Their are actions do affect me and others. it hurts. the sad thinig is that some of them hide by sleeping with women, side chick, who then sleep with you, men and could lead to STDs, which are more prevalent amongst gay men and bisexual.

          As to my religious belief, I really have none to claim as in a denomination. Cause sadly there are too many who take the good stuff and truth to make God look bad and make science look real and truthful.. I can say to you that science always changes God doesn't. step back and examine both truths. (seems like science is "truth"). Even the evil one from the begin wants control, who doesn't? :). Religion as politics, the means for state to control and suppress the poeple. I have none, never voted that's a false sense of ????? it's deceptive way of evil one. God is straight forward.. Read the older or oldest versions of the bible, any. not them new versions, that's contaminated stuff! :((


          • Stds can be lowered with education on safe sex simple as that. We are more than just disease carrying vessels, by the way, of which is only a very small percentage of the gay population. And you say some hide and infect women right? They hide because society couldn't accept them in the first place! Haha the irony right? "be yourself, but your self must only be something we accept as yourself." lol


        • If being gay is so right why are you hiding? Why are gays looking for right? Leaving bible and religion out of this.. If your father was gay, you wont be here today. Only humans will do such abominations. I've never Seen two Male dogs having sex because, this is not natural. Seek God Not Religion and repent!


          • You poor thing. We hide because we are persecuted and our lives are threatened daily by you people who ask us, to be ourselves. We are more than aware of the horrendous consequences should everyone in the world suddenly "become gay", however this isn't reality. For your information gay sex is very common in the animal kingdom, as such also is the case with dog. Surely you don't parade St Lucia in sex of gay dogs so why wud you see on... Lol. Easily demonstrated in this link. 🙂 https://www.google.com/search?q=male+dogs+having+sex&oq=male+dogs+having+sex&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i65l2j69i60l3.3310j0j7&client=ms-android-xiaomi-rev1&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8
            . Lastly, I AM THE GOD THAT I SEEK. that is all


  10. Where are these young "men" you speak of? Was fully in support of this and was about to bash the homophobia until the image loaded. These are full time 100% queers! Don't push your agenda under false pretenses "gentlemen's pageant" "embarrassing diversity" if you're having a gay pageant call it a gay pageant, we can smell the bullshit from a mile away.


    • I personally know one of the guys there and he is not gay from what i can tell. His girlfriend is quite attractive actually. There are male pageants all the time , remember "island hunk" it was the same thing except with a bunch of buff dudes. Stop being so small-minded


    • "The pageant will be held under the theme “Embracing Diversity, the Key to Unity”.
      Organizers say it is intended to deepen the understanding and consciousness of young men on the need to make informed decisions that will positively impact their lives".

      what a shame!! pushing nasty agenda.. call me homophobic is fine, still my right to speak out against what is wrong! just like adultry and coverting.


  11. You all azz holes who give you all the right to tarnish ones good name? How do you all know they are gay? I pity you all stupid island mentality pea brains,you all get a life.Some of you all talking are just cheap buffets,go figure that out. Oh by the way I am a mother of three and married to a wonderful man thanks.


  12. "Embracing diversity"? If this is supposedly just a "men's pagent" then why the talk about diversity? This is clearly a ploy to try to get this sickness acceptable in Lucia. This is a bullar pagent plain and simple. If it looks like a duck, dress like a duck, pose like a duck, then it is a bullar.


      • I understand the meaning of "sort la" bullar. You curious, go to the show we know exactly what you are. Man and woman, what diversity you talking about? You mean your sicknesses and perverted mentalities that you want to force people to accept as right? You want to find all kind "labels" for your sickness and make it seem like acceptable alternative identities? From pedophila to transgender to bisexual, to curious - ah sickness dat. Now take up that convo with your mamma.


    • Keep your little backward Dominican mentally to yourself. If you think your little island if free from gays and lesbians I have the Brooklyn Bridge for sale.


      • who ever said that Dominica did not have Gays?? i surely didn't...i personally don't have a problem with Gay people. However, this is way past too much attention, way too many gays in Lucia! and what does that teaches young boys growing up in st. Lucia? that its ok for all that to be happening??




    • People like you need to mind their own business! Gay/Straight why do people cares so much about sexuality?
      Why does gay bother you so much? are you harassed by gay people ? Are you insecure about your own sexuality?
      Live your life and stop spreading hate!


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