Famed Jade Mountain in St. Lucia will launch a new sister resort, Jade Sea: article

Famed Jade Mountain in St. Lucia will launch a new sister resort, Jade Sea: article
Jade Sea resort in St. Lucia
Jade Sea resort in St. Lucia * Photo credit Jade Mountain

(FORBES) – A spectacular new development will be launched in 2020 in St. Lucia as the new sister resort of Jade Mountain will be unveiled.

Jade Sea will be a dramatic property located on a ridge near the famed Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet and offering up more direct views of the Pitons.

Located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, Northwest of Barbados and South of Martinique, Owner, and architect Nick Troubetzkoy’s legacy continues with the new Jade Sea property.

A perfectly planned expansion from Jade Mountain, the new Jade Sea development includes 24 Sanctuaries, with hopes to expand the property to 48. The five-star amenities will offer outrageous sea, valley, and mountain views, as well as more than 8,000 feet of stunning Caribbean waterfront.

Jade Sea blends into its natural environment Photo credit: JADE MOUNTAIN

Ranked among the world top 100 hotels by Travel & Leisure, Jade Mountain consistently wins every year as one of the best honeymoon hotels by travelers as well. Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet Resort are owned by the supremely talented Nick and Karolin Troubetzkoy and they are launching the new property above their existing iconic locations.

Anse Chastenet is located amid a 60-acre estate with two beaches and spectacular views of the twin Piton Mountains. Rising above that resort is Jade Mountain which I consider my favorite hotel suite in the world. Nick Troubetzkoy utilized organic elements to his design including bridges that lead to the resorts private infinity pool sanctuaries and truly one of the most stunning properties I have ever visited.

I remember on my first visit to Jade Mountain dining on the outdoor terrace under the crystal clear skies with Karolin years ago and she said they had been planning the new development for a long time. Taking full advantage of the massive property they own, they wanted to create a hillside of cascading suites that disappear into the lush greenery. With its striking architecture, unique location and attention to detail, this new development will for sure become the most sought-after destination in the Caribbean.

As with Jade Mountain, Jade Sea’s sanctuaries will be fully open on their south faces with no walls, bringing inside the cool Caribbean breezes as well as dramatic views of the Pitons. According to Troubetzkoy, “The line between man and nature is further blurred at Jade Sea, with sanctuaries that will incorporate indoor and outdoor gardens, waterfalls, and natural stone clad walls covered in a fern jungle. Each sanctuary’s expansive infinity edge pool has been designed for the utmost in relaxation with stepping stones, shallow water seating areas, a floating lounge, and jacuzzi spa.”

Enclosed within each spacious sanctuary is a glass-walled, air-conditioned inner sanctum, a vault-like, sound-proofed oasis to isolate the guests from the entire world, allowing them to escape with a high-tech communication and entertainment system without disturbing the natural outdoor sounds and surroundings on the other side of the triple-glazed glass.

Jade Sea’s other amenities will include multiple sundecks with built-in fireplaces, a large dining and lounge area with state of the art kitchens, and generous proportions of more than 3,000 square feet of indoor-outdoor living space. I can’t wait to return to this amazing Caribbean paradise to witness firsthand the birth of a new legend.


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  1. Anonymous I couldn't have said it better, hope that there's a town council and that they will seriously consider your views. Soufiréré does need a make over surrounded by the most beautiful hotels on the island. Someone needs to speak to the representative of this district.


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  3. Man you can't higher people to build or work at you resort who aren't qualified so first thing first most of the lazy Soufriere people have to get off their asses and get qualified for this opportunity. All the other points you have are good but there must be development and most of the times it's the people with money that are doing the buy and developing so it is what it is.


  4. Ms or Mr Anonymous ?? to your coments. Words well written and spoken. I hope the responsible authorities are reading and listining .


  5. They could have all that as long as (1) A tourist enhancement fund is set up for the town below or they adopt a project. Revitalization of the water front or town square, built a new police station house or library. Add a wing to the hospital name it after themselves we don't care. (2) All labour for this project must be done by St Lucians, folks living down below should have first preference the same should be done for positions when doors are open for business. ( 3) Waste disposal must be discussed and planned and shared with the sourounding community (5) There must be a singed treaty to purchase twenty percent of produce from local farmers(6) They must disclose their water source.(7) The roads during the construction fase must be protected or enhanced.(8) The government will demand two percent tax increase every ten years only exception for this will be waved if any of the above 1 2 5 are been met on a satisfactory basis especially number one. If none of the above cannot be met have a nice life. Over to you. "Guy" and leader. Sell out st Lucia for nothing . AGAIN. !


    • But this new government has inherited this. You talk about sell out St Lucia again? Who started the "selling", and who becomes accountable.All the requirements you stated sound fair and reasonable. But this government has inherited contracts previously dictated by their predecessors.. "come again "


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