First Officer of St. Lucian parentage touches down at UVF for the first time

First Officer of St. Lucian parentage touches down at UVF for the first time

unnamed-1PRESS RELEASE – History has been made.

“I’ve imagined flying into St. Lucia as a little boy and it’s now become a reality,” said Neil Justin.

Yesterday afternoon First Officer Neil Justin of Jet Blue landed at UVF for the very first time. Although it was an overcast day, this historical moment made the weather seemed anything but gloomy!

Neil was born in the United States of America of St. Lucian parentage (they are Soufrierians) and it was always his dream to become a pilot

In 2006 he began flying with Expressjet Airlines for three years, then he became a secondary crew member at CAE Simuflite. Two years later he became employed with Skywest Inc as a First Officer for four years and fours month. In 2015 he then landed his present job with Jet Blue.

First Officer Justin also spearheads a project called “Inspiring the Youth” together with a local Aviation group where he visits schools on the island to speak to students about his life as a pilot and working for JetBlue.

These speeches also includes what it is like to have a passion, pursuit of purpose and ways to overcome obstacles to their dreams.







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  1. The dude is not st.lucian there r man other ppl who deserve more recognition who r actually st.lucian who is flying or going to pilot school so yea yea with this story


  2. While I'm proud of you young man, you're not the first St. Lucian to land here. Stephen Feverier, St. Lucian born was before you.


  3. While I'm proud of you young man you're not the first St. Lucian to land in St. Lucia. Stephen Feverier was the first.


  4. Heh! Neil my Son: I'm a mom of three and we all (my family) have also watched you deliver powerful sermons at Calvary Cathedral of Praise. Your mom indeed is being a great example to you-- and I would like to let the world also know you are first a Prince of The Most high God and Savior Jesus Christ. Whenever you are in St. Lucia check our my brother who is a well known Pastor and Licensed Psychologist/family counselor: Pastor Phil, PhD: He is online on Radio Helen every Monday at 9am. Love, Gen


  5. That's nice especially always wanting to come to st .Lucia, am proud of u and I don't even know you, keep it up son,


  6. Great achievement, Neil! I am sure it was a proud moment for you. Keep aspiring. Your perseverance and accomplishment may inspire someone, especially our youth.


  7. Welcome to St Lucia Neil! Great achievement! Rest assured, Hewanorra is by far not the worse airport.


    • To tell the truth, Anon, for a moment there I thought you either wanted to use another "not" to cancel the compliment, or not use any "not" at all so that you could seem more level-headed. I thought I was wrong, but then you had to bring Hewanorra into it, a place very local to the you-know-what SH. ???


  8. Why do you St. Lucians have to bring Politics into everything. You guys like to Show the world how ignorant you are.
    Young Man I'm proud of you; I'm a mom. Enjoy fling cause I love to be in the air!
    Hope when I'm travelling this year I meet you personally. God Bless you and always make him your No1 Captain/Officer.


  9. To me, this so far is the story of the year. Nothing wrong in being proud. Think big, work hard
    at school and you all boys/girls can achieve even greater things; have faith in God.


  10. Party politics is the venom destroying the minds of the people who are unable to see beyond their affiliations for whatever reason, whether it's perks or kickbacks that they receive as a result of their loyalty to the party or individual who wins power.I am referring to St. Lucia my homeland, I think the late Compton started this and it not easily erased from the people up until now.


  11. This is what our focus as parents should be making sure we give our kids the tools to become productive citizens and give back to our roots. Sir you made us St Lucians proud I could not stop smiling if your parents where instrumental in you up bring thumbs up to them too , Soufriere take note I know we can productive more productive people. Maybe the next astronaut or next President of the United States.


  12. Welcome to your roots! Your family must be super proud of you...first generation from an immigrant family.


  13. Despite all the negatives, in five short years we will have grown into a better people, as long as we always put people first, and all party loyalties take a back seat, no matter who is in power. When we fail in this, we fail our country, our children and our children's children. Put Saint Lucia first. It pays huge dividends.

    Put all our party hacks to pasture. All our a-beh-beh-beh wooden party-hack brains need a good long retirement break.


    • The airport is not the best..but still not so bad to be ashamed of. There are worse...


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