First-time visitors robbed hours after arriving in St. Lucia

First-time visitors robbed hours after arriving in St. Lucia

robbery-1A reward of $1,000 is being offered for the return of items stolen from the room of two visitors at a Castries villa over the weekend, according to reliable sources.

The incident occurred on Saturday, May 6. The victims, who are here for the first time, arrived on May 5.

Among the stolen items are two cameras, two go-pro cameras, four laptops, and two cell phones that were in backpacks.

The visitors, who are university students, are particularly desperate to retrieve the laptops which contain school notes for upcoming exams.

According to the sources, the manager of the accommodation, Anthony Walcott, is very disappointed and hopes that his guests will recover their items, particularly the laptops.



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  1. To inject any kind of real demonstrable seriousness about combating and reducing our crime rate, the government has to seek external technical and financial assistance (if necessary), to establish a drone unit (perhaps, with at least two drones) with this action meaningfully supported with the creation of an effective Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Unit (say) at one of our key hospitals.

    Efficacy and effectiveness must be the hallmark of this new government, if it going to differentiate itself from previous administrations both SLP and UWP. This is critically important.

    Such a balanced investment will pay huge dividends.

    These visitors should not at all and in any way be blamed for being the victims of The Accident of Geography, because they chose---in a very real sense quite unfortunately---to visit Saint Lucia.


    • What do you mean by "Drone Unit"? If you mean Drone Aeroplane units we do not have the money. Drones will be too expensive both to run & maintain. Too high tech. That is basically confined, is it not, for use in warfare. It is also very intrusive & it can be evaded. Within a short while of this happening, if it happens, the Govt could be slapped with law suits. Then we will be back to the original question of the costliness of the project.


      • But how comes it that ordinary people can buy drones to capture sporting events? Is that warfare? Not too long ago on SNO there was someone showing drone pictures of development projects.We did not hear of any lawsuits.

        Who will file those lawsuits? Over what issues will they file those lawsuits, pray tell.


    • Do you mean something similar to the Dominican team getting robbed outside Kentucky in Castries a week/two ago??


  2. bad the crime happen, but it may just be me but 4 laptops for 2 people vacationing? 2 go pros and 2 cameras... nice over stating your misfortune. and 2 cellphones which everyone carry with them they didnt and the theives took time to go through bag and take the cameras but not the bags... come on


    • Is addiction to technology some kind of sin that "offenders" must atone for if they come to Saint Lucia? Some computers have different capabilities, based on their operating system.

      Some pieces of software work better on some operating systems, and worse on others. Is it conceivable that some people would travel with both?

      Computers allow for one's creative juices to flow. What if Saint Lucia was NOT the final destination before going home? What if those persons were aiming for some downtime where they might have been able to process some of the data or information gathered?


      • Right on. I'll expound by pointing out that they both had GoPros which indicates that they are more of the outgoing/extreme type and would have a computer specially designed for multimedia and being students they would have one to run programmes related to their studies.

        I don't know why Lucians love to vilify victims or blame them for the acts of the criminals then wonder why St.Lucia sweet no more.

        God don't like our vibe that's why he not putting a hand.


        • GoPros are specially designed for the outdoors/ariel and underwater photography and low-cost movie making. We are destroying those people's memory and work. That is not fair bandits.

          You thieves are giving the country a very bad name. The rest of us will pay for it.


  3. Why two people and four laptops sound strange .. I see nothing wrong with at. Let me see. I have a computer. Three laptops, two kindles a note book, four phones. That's strange. Come on. I choose to have. Does it give a thief the right to steal it. No. It should be law that small business put up cameras on their premises.


    • We are a communist country. One laptop per person, if you have two give one to your comrade who has none. It could be worse comrade; one laptop per village.


  4. As an investigator first question to the victims is by what chance did u leave not one but two cellphones down..cellfones are made portable! this day and age my cellfone comes like a body organ if you think im kidding wait til it get lost or stolen..i carry it every and anywhere..the only place i dont go with my cellfone is whilst showering.


    • They probably had two phones each. I have 2 cell phones, a rugged outdoor plum for work and a fragile smart phone for apps and non work related. The smart phone is in my car or at home for most of the day.

      Not every one is like you or shares your attachment to cell phones. So don't use your life style as a yard stick for investigations.


    • If your cellphone is like a "body organ" and the only place you don't take it is in the shower, you might want to consider getting a life or a real-life in the flesh companion.

      Let us guess... your cellphone "helps make you feel complete"?...


  5. Once upon a time and that could have been five years ago, you could leave your windows and front doors unlocked. The time of honesty and trust has gone. Nowhere is safe. Businesses as well as the tourist industry have a responsibility to make their establishment safe for tourists. All tourists must be made aware of crime and be informed of ways to protect themselves from being victims. Sadly, many St Lucians under play the level of crime and dishonesty as though they are shame face at their fellow St Lucians’ criminal habits. Given that the island’s major income earner comes from tourism, treating tourists appalling is killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

    I hope St Lucians are growing ground provisions to sustain themselves and eat their fill because any tourist industry under sustained attack will eventually diminish. Time will tell!


  6. Yes and even if they catch the thieves the magistrate with put them on probation and not sentencing them saying because of their age like seriously an offense is an offense you get caught u have to pay the price probation don't help at all , while on probation they break more rules ...typical example of the incident that took place last week.


  7. I am pissed at business and the government for not securing castries for our visitors . It is not the first and it will not be the last. Put cctv all over castries and around your business , in that case you may not catch the culprit but you will have a fighting chance or both. IT IS TIME TO SECURE ST.LUCIA.


      • Simply stupid, that is there role. They are paid by way of "your vote of confidence" and the fat salaries they give to themselves that you and I are powerLESS to moderate. Do you recall how the SLP government gave themselves multiples, before driving one stroke of work? Don't be and live your life like a bone-head dummy.


  8. Vitalis either cheap partisan politics has befuddled you or you do not understand the role or purpose of the city patrol police force.

    That incident was a robbery outside the ambit of the city patrol force. That will fall under the regular beat and patrol of the RSLPF. The city police have a special function to establish a street police presence so as to maintain law and order on the streets to the benefit of citizens and tourists. it is hoped such would act as a deterrent to people wanting to create mischief and rob people on the streets.

    Vitalis your comments should be more directed to the owner of the villas since as a money making venture he should be held responsible for adequate security measures at the villa and strict and proper vetting of his villa staff.


    • I would like to add that there have been a vast decrease of tourist harassment in the city since the introduction of the City Police.


    • If so, if it does not have any connection with the streets, what then is the name of Castries' villa? You may be the one with a political beef against the owner 'cause that is only way you lot can function - within the confines of 2 designated party colours. And even if your designated party goes wrong, you dare not point it out. That is your version of fair play.


  9. As a visitor for up to 4 weeks a year to the island I keep telling everyone I know, don't go to Castries, don't stay in Castries, shop or even stop there when visiting St. Lucia.


    • Yea! Yea! Yea! But why do you keep coming back? Is it because you are so selfish that you do not want anyone else of your imaginary countrymen to share the unique exquisite beauty of this gem country?


      • The writer simply said AVOID CASTRIES not AVOID ST.LUCIA. Failed comprehension? CAMDU didn't much for you.

        I'm a Lucian who lives in Castries and even I avoid certain areas and have even witnessed a tourist have his camera stolen near the Anglican Church, so I don't advise any visitor to visit certain areas without police presence. I have even volunteered my time to accompany a couple who really wanted to see the Anglican Church which is better than taking a chance by telling them it's all fine and dandy to hide the issue.


    • I agree. The only bad experiences we had while vacationing in beautiful St Lucia were in Castries


  10. come Lucians continue to put us on the map in a negative way.,,,very soon no one will want us to visit their countries, as our criminal elements continue to make it worse for us all...very sad


  11. If its St.Lucians that did's very shameful an give us an our country a bad name..the people or person who did the act why dont u'll look for something too do to get money to buy what ull need instead of disgracing the people an country..Poor Helen..what has become of the thieves.pls do the right bringing the students stuff back..or drop it in a safe plc where they can get it..


  12. eze e seguro un negrito e la villa por q el brayant ahora tiene plata y el era pobre


  13. The man was speaking out in general. What he said is true. When things idiot snatched up my phone two of them was standing there as couples and not workers. May the thieves return the students item to them not only the laptops but everything. Go work for yours. Volaire.


  14. 2 students 4 laptops hmmmm.was it just a vacation or were they dóing some kind of project? were they on the compound at the time? if no y would u live ur cam n cell phone. st.lucia has theives yes but these students need to be ask some serious questions.


  15. This is a regular occurrence,those lazy ass flat foot theifves are targeting mainly visitors come on so called city Police yes this crime occurred at a villa but the thieves are the same ones operating around Castries I am sure the authorities know who they are,it does not take Rocket science to know who they are.
    No point in recruiting more City Police if they are not performing their duties,instead of looking good and showing off.


  16. Well they need to install security cameras at the the security service technologies can do it just call 1855-357-2101 it's sad to hear this is happening in st.lucia


  17. I think security of this villa was slack or this may have been an inside job, done by employees at the villa itself, now these University students have lost all what they prepped for their exams, their hard work and sleepless nights all of which will have to be done all over again. I plead with the thieves to return the Laptops to the students, please. I also think that the hotel should be held responsible for this act. This is very bad news for the island and the villa in question.


  18. Where are these black-trouser-and-silly-white-rugby-shirt tourist bobbies on the beat? Were they not hired for the very purpose, to alleviate/eradicate crime and fear of crime against visitors? Are they coordinating properly with ship & port to do a worthwhile job? I do not think so. Most of the days I see them paired off as boyfriend-&-girlfriend walking in areas of Castries which has absolutely nothing with tourists and whispering or listening to sweet nothings from accompanying colleague(s). A boyfriend-&-girlfriend force!!!


  19. Wat the hell is wrong with u lazy ass Lucians . find something constructive to do. Come on man
    Dats pure bull shit.


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