GoFundMe account set up for children of Jamaican ‘Shottas’ actor Louie Rankin

GoFundMe account set up for children of Jamaican ‘Shottas’ actor Louie Rankin
The late actor/deejay Louie Rankin and his children (left). Rankin died in a car crash.
The late actor/deejay Louie Rankin and his children (left). Rankin died in a road crash.

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) — Julie Sykes — executive assistant to late deejay/actor Louie Rankin and mother to three of his children — has set up a GoFundMe account to raise money to assist them.

GoFundMe is an American fund-raising platform where persons make donations to people or a cause. Up to press time, the account raised US$11,500 of its US$30,000 goal.

According to the GoFundMe account, Louie Rankin left behind one-year-old twin daughters; a three-year-old daughter and two step-children, ages eight and 11.

“Louie would want his children to continue a good life and have a good education. At this time we are asking for support with funeral expenses and for his youngest children’s future. Even if you just share to help keep his memory alive,” read a paragraph accompanying the account.

Louie Rankin, given name Leonard Ford, died on September 30 in a motor-vehicle crash on Highway 89 in Ontario, Canada. The 66-year-old St Thomas native lived in Toronto for several years.

He became a popular figure in dancehall music after the release of his song Typewriter in 1992.

Louie Rankin achieved even more fame in Belly, the 1998 low-budget movie directed by Hype Williams. He was cast alongside hip hop heavyweights DMX and NAS.

Belly was panned by critics in the United States, but brought in over US$9 million at the box office, earning a tidy profit on its US$3-million budget.

In 2002, Louie Rankin appeared in Shottas, another urban drama with a cast that included Spragga Benz and Ky-Mani Marley.

At the time of his death, he was filming a movie in Toronto, funded by iHouse Records.


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  1. Why are they asking for money when he has a networth of four hundred and fifty thousand dollars .($450.00) and im struggling livi3 from pay checks to pay checks and i have to give then?????????????


  2. He had the jewelry for a long time and he can't sell it if he's gone. Some people leaving comments should not be so harsh.


  3. For the family to be asking for money is very unfortunate when you have health and strength prepare for you feature when I look at the way he uses to live driving top of the line vehicles wearing designer clothes shoes and wait what about those rings and chains sell them and start a small business to help with the children education talking about for children to continue having a good life notting is wrong with them growing up not having it all obviously they did not have a good life before they have a make believe one if he dont have money to be bury in life going around and showing off like you have it made is not reality this is reality I dont think anyone should give money to the go fund but put a scholarship together for the education of the children if you want to give those children a good life get a job and do it yourself go find yourself and the life you want to live


  4. When people have health and strength the should think about tomorrow are what if all these years going around showing off in these top of the line vehicles gold chains designer clothes and boots you want to tell me he cant bury himself what a disgrace dont but your responsible and the public go and find yourself


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