Government of Saint Lucia endorses and sponsors Dennery Segment US promotional tour

Government of Saint Lucia endorses and sponsors Dennery Segment US promotional tour

(SNO) – On the morning of Monday, August 13, the Office of the Prime Minister and the Department of Culture held a press conference to announce the Government of Saint Lucia’s endorsement and support for the Dennery Segment August 30-October 10 promotional  tour of the United States of America.

The six-State promotional tour to the United States coincides with the 2018 West Indian American Day Parade celebrations (Labour Day) and 2018 Miami Carnival.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet met with some of the Dennery Segment artistes to wish them well as they embark on the multi-city US tour.

The artistes will perform in Hartford, CT; Brooklyn, NY; Houston, TX; Atlanta, GA; Boston, MA; and Miami, FL.

According to the Office of the Prime Minister, “the aim is to showcase our high quality Saint Lucian culture and music to international audiences with the hope of attracting major investments”.

The following artists supported by their managers will be embarking on the tour:

– Keenan, Krome & Nasis
– Lance Montoute (Mac 11)
– Mighty & Surbance
– Kurd Leonce (Blackboy)
– Brendon Thourille (Umpa)
– Big C, Migos & Mata
– Cooyah
– Shemmy J
– Seebo

Local company, Empire Media, is collaborating with the Government of Saint Lucia on the tour initiative.

Also endorsing the tour are the Saint Lucia Mission NYC, Ministry of Culture, Export Saint Lucia and Saint Lucia Tourism Authority.


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  1. Well when you look at these top celebrities most of their songs had fowl language and they do make it to the top. I dont see why these boys are trying to make something out of themselves and we want to look at all the negatives in it. We can advise them to try be careful with the other song that will be coming out but we can't fight them down. Well done boys.


  2. The dennery segment music is pulsating and makes you move. As a musician the vibe is irresistible. Some of the lyrics are too raw and the videos too crass. A visitor said the people acted like monkeys. In the videos. The guys need to be more subtle.We need to raise the standard of lyrics and videos before promoting it overseas. First impressions are important. We need to make a good first impression or we lose out.


  3. Recently Sarah Flood Beaubrun created a storm in the media and in parliament about the Dennery segment being played at a school's sports meet. Despite all the evidence showing that this never happened, she demanded that the Ministry of Education discipline the principal and Staff. She was relentless in her efforts. I really wish to know how she feels about the government led by her Boss and hand-holding- partner-in -Mexico supporting the promoting of the same thing she called filth. Or will she subdue her holier-than -thou -art moralizing on this occasion.


    • please it was not sarah who made the noise and asked that the principal be sanctioned was aron alexander the ras turn politician who first made the call to news spin making the claims and how he was pushed out of the park for making his feelings known .... sarah just brought it up in parliament


    • Lmfao... well the government is promoting it. Also, Dennery segment does promote debauchery.

      As you can see maam, you have 10 dislikes. If its one thing you must learn, its that most St. Lucians hate the truth and accountability. We will promote this filth as part of our "culture" then express genuine shock and bewilderment when children engage in those very acts we so enthusiastically promote.

      At this point, I don't know if its mass delusion or just willful stupidity.


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