Heavily armed gunmen exchange fire in Shanty Town, Vieux Fort: eyewitnesses

Heavily armed gunmen exchange fire in Shanty Town, Vieux Fort: eyewitnesses
Shanty Town
Shanty Town

(SNO) – Not me again in Shanty town. That place is too dangerous!

That’s the sentiments expressed by a number of people who reside out of Bruceville (Shanty Town), Vieux Fort after they witnessed a shootout earlier this week that sent some people diving for cover.

No one was injured.

Eyewitnesses to the incident said it was the first time they saw so many weapons, and non-military personnel exhibiting military maneuvers. They described what they saw as a scene from a Western movie.

“I heard pow, pow, pow, pow… and saw a man hiding behind a vehicle firing shots at another, who was lying flat on the ground,” an eyewitness to the incident, who reside in Vieux-Fort North, told this reporter on condition of anonymity.

“Not me again. I will never set foot in Bruceville. The place has more guns than the police force,” another witness who reside out of Vieux-Fort town said.

In several interviews over the years with police officers attached to the Vieux-Fort Police Station, they described Bruceville as a “terrible” area with all sorts of social problems.

Residents of Bruceville are usually tight-lipped on violent incidents in the area. They all declined to comment on the incident, even on condition of anonymity.

A male resident of Bruceville, who is well known to the police, and some members of his family, were reportedly involved in the incident.

One man was reportedly in police custody assisting with the investigations.


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  1. The residents can be relocated to another area independently, by placing them at different locations that is.


  2. The police force is responsible for security. Bruceville is a stone throw from the police station. What is the problem ?


    • If the Police gun down the troublemakers most of those who are accusing them of doing nothing will be very quick to condemn them.
      The fact is however this kind of fire will only be quelled by more fire which is disproportionately hotter.
      When you have individuals with reckless disregard for anyone else and they will do that kind of shooting in a heavily populated area, they need to get a taste of their own medicine. That is the only language they will understand.
      We are a very hypocritical society so many will want to condemn me, but rest assured that until the correct solution is applied, the situation will continue to escalate.


  3. Relocation from Ciceron to Grand Riviiere was a huge mistake . It's a prime example of giving a pig a nice bath, with Juicy Couture perfume and lotion, Vince Camuto hand bag, and pumps, and that pig will go right back to the mud, please let them stay where they are because relocation is not the answer. Let the authority take control and deal with that plague. Rezidan Shanty Town yo cey an gal bwapen.


    • Any body who advocates relocation to solve a crime problem is in effect suggesting nothing. Is it the land area that they inhabit that causes the crime or is it a matter of their own minds. Will they leave their bad minds at the former area and create a positive mind because they live in a new area? I doubt.


  4. The police of Vieux fort know all those who have the guns ...u would make your report and they still wouldn't make any move..even if you say who you see ..that's why vieux fort have all those gun crimes ...because it's a mother, father ..thing ....who has the money talks


  5. The police is more corrupt .they lie and steal more.trust no police.especially don't that have the position to the South he know himself.


  6. You find someone else's comment rubbish..i find yours to be rubbish to .what do you mean by your wanna be.your wanna be rubbish here


  7. Can you imaging after 3 life threatening floods at Shantytown the then PM and MP for VFort, Kenny D Anthony, instead of relocating his people to a safer location, he install free water meter for them, hence encouraging the to stay in there, even if he knew they were not in a position to pay a cheap water bill. Relocating the Shantytown people would have somewhat empower them which may have caused a depletion in his already decreasing support in this stronghold. Relocation would have assist in curbing the social ill, like gun violence, prostitution, drugs etc at the area.


    • Relocate them to where exactly?????? In your area I take it. to bring these kinds of behavior to your community?? Leave dem where they are and they will sort out themselves!!!! And like u correctly said, MAYBE it will help the issue, which is the main word in your entire comment.

      P.S. not everything is politics...
      Before an article come out your wanna comment no matter if your comment is rubbish!!!!


      • I guess you are agreeing that after 3 life threatening floods we should live them there and die by the floods. Please read the comment again to understand it. Yes they are still there because of politics. The votes.


    • That was a real ... comment. so relocating them to create the same Ghetto in a new area. haven't you seen in the past what relocation has done???? for some maybe it helped but the handful is the same shit fast money life.


    • People from shanty town were relocated to my area a few years ago, and sorry to say, they brought theirjorrible behavior with them as well. A once quiet, peaceful community is now plagued with robberies, break-ins, fights, etc. Relocating them will not get rid of or change their behavior.


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