“I was possessed!” – a YPG story

“I was possessed!” – a YPG story

unnamed-8PRESS RELEASE – Drinking, smoking, womanising and partying. This was the kind of life I was living at the age of 15.

I grew up in the community of Shanty Town, Vieux-Fort.

I was living a life of misery and poverty. I didn’t have hope for the future and my life was a mess.

I had the desire of killing people; I also wanted my own gun. I wanted to have power like my friends used to have. I was already cursing like them and disrespecting people as well. I didn’t want people taking me as fool. I wanted to show them that with me there was no joke.

At the age of 18 I realised I could sing very well and my desire was to be a singer and I made it. I started singing soca music.

I was recording my songs and putting them on the radio stations. Everybody used to love them and they called the radio stations asking to play over and over my songs such as “Whatsapp and BB”. They named me “Mad Ele”. This name came up because of my lifestyle. I didn’t care about nothing and nobody, all I wanted was to sing and get my money.

But at the end of the day all was going down the drain with smoking, drinking and women. I starting make money and with that women came as well. One day I had a relationship with a girl and she set me up, saying she was under-aged and that took me to jail. My life was a mess and I was thinking I was enjoying it to the fullest.

People tried to rob me, to kill me because of jealousy. Before I got to the stage, I used to drink and use drugs just to have the confidence while singing.

I was singing but before me looked like there was a dark cloth. The drugs made me blind. I used to perform and people used to ask me how I could dance and move so well, but not even I knew because I was possessed. My songs were dirty and it used to promote promiscuity. I regret that life!

I saw death before me many times. Once someone tried to rob me. He wanted my cell phone and I didn’t give it to him so he took a knife and pushed it to my heart. Thank God it just tore my shirt. I wasn’t learning the lesson. I knew my life needed to change but I stopped that change from happening.

Once I wasn’t on the stage, drinking or smoking, I was unhappy, stressed out thinking my family neglected me and had low self-esteem. One day my girlfriend invited me to the YPG (Youth Power Group). I came but my mind was not on that at the time.

My girlfriend wanted to marry me but she wanted my life and my behaviour to change. She knew that only God could change me because she tried to talk to me, people tried to give me advice, but I didn’t listen. She wanted that I give up on that kind of life and turned to God.

For me it was a great sacrifice because I was wondering what people would say about me and about my new decision. But I gave it a try and today by the grace of God I changed. I stopped being womaniser and I got married with the same girlfriend that brought me to the YPG.

Today I am happy and I don’t care about what people say. I sing for God now. I am serving God and helping others.

Chris Henry


N.B: We will have on Sunday 7th of May the YPG Football Fundraising, we will be selling the tickets and all the funds collected will be used to help the youths of the project.

The YPG Football Fundraising will start at 12 noon on the Vigie Playing Field. We would like to invite you and your family for this great day. If you need more information on how to buy the tickets and give us the support, call one of our numbers:

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  1. Y'all keeping praying to an invisible sky wizard to fix your lives while doing nothing yourself.


    • The YPG is perpetuating the "sad movies" syndrome. Let the people live their lives , whatever their earlier experience. There is absolutely no good that comes out of these testimonies. The stories revolve around the same themes: guns, drugs, sex, abuse, bad company, and so on and so forth. Let us all stay tuned for the next testimony, and let us see how different it is from all that we have. read before. Let the young men and women move on with their lives and praise God for his divine intervention. The YPG should not take credit for the change that has taken place in the lives of the children of God. God always gives us a second chance. The YPG is only out to make money. No wonder the group wants us to come to its football match. So much football we have already! Let's go to Blackheart football instead. Now, stop these public testimonies. Just thank God for his mercies, and move o to a more positive endeavour.


  2. You mean church people are that naughty and promiscuous? Think of the kind of social garbage with which GOD will, allegedly or presumably be making up His so-called holy kingdom. I know some people of the world who are never so naughty, never so indulgent, never so promiscuous.


    • Vitalis, I do not think you read the piece properly. The gentleman made the point that he lived a promiscuous lifestyle BEFORE he came to know Christ, and NOT AS A CHRISTIAN. We must read to understand and not read to respond.


    • Vitalis , I want to sincerely say to you. ..shut up! Idiot. People can change, that's the point that went above your head. Even if you are not a believer, be happy that this young man has chosen a more positive lifestyle. Some of y'all just love to spew negativity.
      Anyway. Thanks for sharing your story, Chris.


    • Please read the bible. Some of the persons whom God used mightily in the past have terrible past. One eg is Saul who became Paul. We all have have a past. It"s just still hidden in the closet, in an effort to criticize others.

      There are lots of persons masking hurt by exhibiting behaviours like this youngster.. Keep the faith my brother and great story.


    • And who are you again? God? The bible didn't say that he would come and judge people on St Lucia news online. Go save your soul and allow others to do the same as well. You're doing very good Mr. Henry, May God continue to guide you and lead you into the path of righteousness. One youthful soul saved, many to go. We will get there by God's grace.


    • You must be a dumb ass or english must not be your first language because he clearly stated that was his life style before he gave his life to God


  3. God changes lives and perform miracles,what a great God how great thou art.God takes time,because he's patient.And loving.He want soldiers for his army to defeat Lucifer satan Good Souls.Great job young man.You now are santified by the Holy spirit.A soul saved for the great ONE.GOD bless you and keed your faith as solid as a rock.


    • Why do you people always have to put a negative twist?

      Keep living a positive life young man and continue to be strong and focus on your goals.


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