IMF predicts 1.5% growth for St. Lucia this year

IMF predicts 1.5% growth for St. Lucia this year

castries-slf6-mosaicSt. Lucia is expected to see 1.5% growth this year according to the IMF.

This is slightly up from the 1.44% that was experienced by the island last year.

This is one of the lowest growth predictions for the Caribbean as the country continues to recover from the 2008 economic crisis.

St. Lucia has seen anaemic growth for the past 10 years with a gradual increase YoY.

This increase however has not been sufficiently large to get the country out of the 1 percentile growth figure.


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  1. It is achievable now, this 1.5% growth. It to a certain extent reduces the siege mentality that overtook the SLP. There is a growing sense of change, if not optimism, and a desire to do things better than what obtained in the past. We still need a population that relies more heavily on facts rather the hubris of politicians. We must become more data-based in our deliberations for planning and execution of projects. This will serve us well going into the future. The next four years will show our level of seriousness in tackling our domestic problems. Resilience is the word.


    • Imagine a man wrote a good piece on optimism in the economy and the way forward and he got thumbs down. What type of people are we dealing with here? Are they part of a sect which sees progress as something that is only achievable by them? Now I see where our problem was. It was between a schizophrenic emperor and his die hard jihadists. Remember Jim Jones and David Coresh? We have to be very careful who we give power over our affairs.


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