Independent senator calls for repatriation strategy

Independent senator calls for repatriation strategy

(GIS) – Independent Senator Hon. Dr. Adrian Augier has called on the government to consider an aggressive repatriation strategy, in order to address the country’s brain drain.

Dr. Augier lamented the fact that too many Saint Lucians are finding their future outside their homeland.

In his presentation to the Senate during the debate on the 2018 Appropriations Bill, Dr. Augier called on the government to compile a database of Saint Lucian expertise residing overseas. He said an aggressive repatriation strategy may help to curb Saint Lucia’s constant reliance on borrowing institutions.

“I would like to see the creation of an environment that attracts not only our brightest and best young people back home, but an aggressive program developed by the government which encourages just that. One that seeks to find out where are human resources are located around the world, young people, mid-career and senior career Saint Lucians who are capable of assisting with the development of this country. I think we are losing out very rapidly, and what we are going to have left in this country is going to be less than optimal in terms of our young nation.”

Meantime, the independent senator has suggested that the mandate of the Saint Lucia National Lotteries Authority be expanded to include support not just to sports but to the creative industries.

“There is absolutely no reason why there should be a dearth of direct support to the arts and creative industries sector,” he said. “Right now there is absolutely nowhere to go for the proponents of our creative genius to be able to get support to express themselves and to express the values of their nation and their community in art and creativity. So I am making a specific recommendation to this honourable House. I am considering a private bill, but I am hoping that wouldn’t be necessary, so that we could have the mandate of the NLA expanded to include not just support for sports, but for arts as culture as well.”

Independent Senator Adrian Augier’s contribution to the debate focused primarily on the importance of maintaining balance and sustainability.


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  1. If you are going to want the skilled back, then the economic environment will have to have to capacity to use their skills. No?

    Question: Do we have such a marketplace? Why can't we use their skills through the internet?

    People who are underemployed get into political mischief. Witness the number of misguided underemployed graduates we have involved in politics today. They have loans to repay, you say?

    The goodly doctor has the cart before the horse. Why waste money on such a useless study to be pigeonholed and collect dust in limbo in a government office? Mate may be bright be he is not shining.


  2. I am tired of our 'best and brightest ' making suggestions but never coming to the root of our problems so we can say that in 1 year or 2 or 5 we have solutions.
    In our dysfunctional environment where we have a dismal work ethic , a poor social environment with so many perversions out in the open, with indiscipline it is time for all these talkers who have already buttered their bread on both sides to actually DO SOMETHING to make a difference. Instead of all the talk do something about poverty, about youth crime and lack of descipline . Get out of your self centered comfort zone , stop the verbage and make a difference by actually putting your easy life on the line. All the politically correct play acting has become nauseating. Reminds me of the fire at the FRC where nobody has taken responsibility for that disaster. Birds of a feather.


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