Daren Sammy supports Dugard, Micoud

Daren Sammy supports Dugard, Micoud

(PRESS RELEASE) – Daren Sammy, an international cricketer and former West Indies captain, donated household supplies to 25 families in the community where he grew up as a child.

In times of a global pandemic, Daren Sammy believes that we all should do whatever it is in our power to give back to our local community and to support St. Lucia in its healing process.

According to Sammy: “They say charity begins at home and the community of Dugard helped raise me. From the lady by the road, whose windows I used to break while playing cricket, to my family members. I may not live there anymore, but this place is very dear to my heart and I must admit that I feel so good being able to help the people from the community.”

This is Sammy’s third charitable contribution in the past month in Saint Lucia. Two weeks ago he donated thousands of dollars worth of essential supplies to 23 medical workers from the Saint Jude Hospital in Vieux Fort. The following week he donated laptops to the Ministry of Education to contribute to St. Lucia’s COVID-19 relief efforts and support young students in having the tools needed for virtual learning.

The former West Indies cricket team captain and two-time T20 World Cup champion is the founder of The Daren Sammy Foundation which is a non-profit, charitable organization set up with the mission to empower young people from St. Lucia through education and sports so that they too can become world-class professionals.

To find out more about the work and the mission of the foundation visit https://darensammy.org/.


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