ISL to explore demand for business incubator space

ISL to explore demand for business incubator space

(PRESS RELEASE) – As the official agency responsible for investment generation, promotion and facilitation, Invest Saint Lucia (ISL) is constantly seeking ways to improve upon the entrepreneurship landscape on Saint Lucia.

The agency’s latest initiative in this regard is geared towards encouraging the growth of micro and small businesses by exploring the demand for shared incubator space.

Recognizing the importance of micro and small businesses to job creation and overall economic development, ISL is considering the use of one of its factory shells for this purpose and has met with relevant stakeholders to discuss this idea.

While the project initially targeted the manufacturing sector, ISL soon realized that there is utility in extending this to all other sectors, particularly those untraditional areas being managed by mainly young entrepreneurs who are looking for more cost-effective ways to operate their businesses.

In an effort to conduct the related market research to ascertain the precise needs of micro and small enterprises, ISL has launched a public survey, the results from which will help determine the extent of the project.


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  1. This is a very weak and anemic response to a critical deficit facing our nation. It is past the time to be taking positions of just exploration. We are not even in the game of playing catch-up. We must our talented to work and to exercise their innovative skills.

    The young fellows in old LPM pressure group were talking about leap-frogging, as a means of achieving our needs. Each and every passing day, this country is simply falling behind and failing our youth.

    We are seeing almost daily, the deadly results of past administrations' failures and inaction.

    We have the murders, the drug gangs, and the chopping of limbs. Our elite still show a studied indifference to all this, by adherence to the selection of party faithfuls, instead of people with the talent and the knowhow to help this country, going into the future. When will we ever learn?


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