Jamaica: Policeman allegedly ‘drapes’ woman, exposes underwear, private part

Jamaica: Policeman allegedly ‘drapes’ woman, exposes underwear, private part

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) — A young woman accused of assaulting a police corporal and damaging his uniform shirt was near tears in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last week as she recounted an incident with police officers in which she was “disrespected” and told about her private part before she was allegedly “draped up” by one of them by her mini skirt, causing her panty and genital area to be exposed.

The accused, Kadian Campbell, who is also charged with indecent language and resisting arrest, was arrested on October 7 in Park Lane, St Andrew, following the alleged incident with the law enforcer.

The court heard that Campbell told the officer “Mi naa let go off a him b #$$c…,” when they were arresting her.

However, on Friday when the accused appeared in court before Chief Parish Judge Chester Crooks, she denied all of the charges with the exception of the malicious destruction of property.

“Why you do that, maam?” Judge Crooks asked.

An emotional Campbell then told the court that on the night of the incident she was in the community “hanging out” with some friends when she asked one of them to purchase a drink for her until she returned home to repay the money.

After going for the money, upon her return she said she noticed policemen near where she had been, carrying out an operation.

“Hey gal, hold the road. Nuh bada stop yah suh,” the accused said one of the policemen told her.

Campbell said she told the policeman that she was not the only person there and that she was not a criminal, and that they should have asked everyone to leave.

“He was there keeping up him antics and another officer called him and they left, go inna bar,” she said.

The accused said one of her aunts who was in the bar came out and complained that they should deal with people better, and told her that they were down there cursing her.

“They were down there disrespecting my character,” Campbell said. “Dem no know nothing about my private part, ’cause at one point they were talking about my private part.

The woman then identified the arresting officer, who was present in court, as the one with, whom she had the confrontation, and reported that he had called her “stinking, bleach out face gal.”

She also reported that while he was in the service vehicle he flung open the car door and caused it to hit her on her knee.

According to her, the officer then came out of the car and said: “’Hey gal you know a who yuh talk to? And him drape me up and wheel up mi skirt all up under mi breast.

“Your honour, I started to cry and try and get him to let go of my skirt, and same time him take out him gun to gunbut mi and me grab him inna him shirt,” she said.

“I am not above the law nor am I against the law, but if you come to arrest mi don’t drape mi up like a hog and have all of mi panty and private showing, and everybody was saying ‘officer you don’t have to drape her like that’.”.

The judge, after listening to Campbell, told her that based on her explanation he is going to accept her plea as one of not guilty, and assigned her a legal aid lawyer.

Her bail was then extended and she was told to return to court on November 28.


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