King proposes new housing initiatives to government

King proposes new housing initiatives to government
King. Photo credit: Jamaica Gleaner.

Castries North Member of Parliament Stephenson King has proposed two new housing initiatives to government aimed at assisting the poor population in realising their dream of owning their own homes.

King during his presentation to the 2014/15 budget debates on Friday said that for too long the poor population has been left out in the development agenda of the island.

As such, King called on government to consider a lease purchase arrangement and a private and public sector partnership for housing development.

“What is happening is that too often people would like to build their own homes, but the first burden they must cross is to get the necessary capital, to purchase land, once that is done they do not have the money to get another loan to build a house,” he stated.

King said he is not proposing that government give land people for free, but noted that they should instead use the lease hold system of being able to allow people to lease a piece of land for a number of years.

He suggested 50 to 60 years and in cases where it is necessary to have an extension that could fall between 80 to 90 years.

He said, “Once they have a lease that burden of purchasing a piece of land will be removed and will have capacity to access the loan and build a house on a lease hold property.”

Further, the Castries North MP suggested that government look at developing a public/private partnership with a reputable housing developer, to assist with providing homes at a reasonable cost to locals.

King said this will not only help with creating housing for locals, but employment opportunities.

“It is an effort to try and meet our housing needs and fulfill the needs of every Saint Lucian that may want a home for themselves,” King added.

The UWP MP said while much has been said about housing in this year’s budget, the new initiatives he proposed could assist to stimulate growth in the sector.

“I am of the view that as a nation we need to be mindful of the less fortunate and cater for them, I speak of the underprivileged, the casually employed and the low income earners who may not qualify to obtain a loan from a commercial bank or a development bank in St. Lucia,” he lamented.

King reasoned that there are many people who cannot afford to pay a commercial bank or even a credit union because they don’t have the equity or a steady income to do so.

“We need to look at areas there are many poor Saint Lucians in this country that may never be able to build a home for themselves … but they squat and they find the means of getting the material to build a shack and eventually they get a mansion. Once we have the sites it gives them an opportunity so they can build those homes in an organised way.”

King said housing in the island will help to improve the standard of living.



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  1. To make it simple Dr. Anthony has his work cut out for him cause thats what we pay him for. The opposition has its work in varifying whether what Dr Anthony is telling us is actually true (audit) cause we can't trust politicians. As for me and you we have our own work to do to earn a living and pay our taxes. In addition we audit the work of both government and opposition. Now those who want the opposition to do the government's work are being nothing but being creative in their politricks and devices. Dr Anthony we gave YOU the job because you said that you would have produced better days. The problem is that people have trouble in coming to terms with the fact that DR Anthony and his crew had no concrete plan before plus they knew how things were before they accepted the job. THEY HAVE FAILED MISERABLY because we are now living in BEGGAR Days. So now lets move on. The faster we realise this the faster the country will return to normalcy. Why ask the people who created the problem to solve it?


  2. The most difficult and troubling aspect of it all is to determine who is poor and who is not. Too many times the rich disguises as being poor and deprieves the truly poor of the opportunity to excel.


  3. Politics in St. Lucia never ceases to amaze me. Here we are faced with a sitting Government with many PHd advisors which is a burden to the tax payer just sitting there enjoying huge salaries. But then some bright politicians combined with party hacks decide Since we are bereathed of ideas why don't we put pressure on the opposition to suggest their ideas. Well At least they will get a thank you but we will get re-elected. In the end its a win win situation for us although we suggested nothing during their tenure in government. But then again we (SLP) are an opposition party and we found ourselves in government and since the only thing that we know how to do properly is oppose and spread propaganda so why not let them come up with the ideas and then we oppose them.

    It is quite ironic that when this government was in opossition they suggested no ideas and declared plain that they were not associating with the government of the day or even coming together on helping their country. Remember the Caricom Legislation where the help of the present PM was sought? He chose to remain on the sidelines and criticize and say that the ex PM would find himself in problems. At times this present government even boycotted the house on numerous occassions to prove their point. Nobody criticized them on their stance, now the shoe is on the other foot they have engineered a magnificent way of blaming and shaming, dividing and disguised reuniting under their veil of a very reactive propaganda machinery. The people are once slowing being conned again into letting interlectuals at deception have their way into believing that it is the opossition who should be are the ones responsible for running this country while the government willy nilly reject their contibutions. Do you remember it was made to look like it was Dr. Rigobert was the one who had suggested that it was necessary to cut public officers wages. The most this opposition could do is to let Dr. Anthony do his work as we were the ones who elected him. He recieves a salary for his work, he presented himself so all responsiblity is on his sholders. IF HE CAN"T HANDLE THE HEAT THEN GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN. PLUS REFUND US OUR MONEY.


  4. I suppose this idea only came to you now Mr King and not when you had the highest office in the land


  5. I guess his minister of housing did not allow him to do it when he was PM. His housing minister was in charge and not him.


  6. S KING mind is in the right place but leasing land puts family members in trouble years late when the one who lease the land is dead an some one else bye the land and the person who on the land never new the land was not owned by the dead relative I think KING should have told the GOV to make the banks lower the %rates for less fortunate people to accommodate their finances in specific cases or give option to bye after or before lease expires


  7. Take notes Guy Joseph and be productive, instead of that nonsense you spitting all the time. We all agree that current government does not have all the answers, so it is quite refreshing to see the opposition being positive about the future of Lucians.


  8. you know what King is the only SINCERE politician!!!KING YOU WILL NEVER MAKE IT OUT THERE IN THE POLITICAL WORLD!!!HOW SAD!


  9. I love it, but it should also include current squatters. Looks like Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition is finally doing it's's should not only be about opposing, but also proposing. We're all in it get that Allen?


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